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What will you do differently?


Yes, I'm still alive
i'm going to raise an actual team.


Fire Pokemon Trainer
Definitley not gonna kill red gyarados, lugia, and entei. Ya...... Lame....lol Not teach my starter HM's and Im gonna transfer my legit Pokerus over!!!


Ace Trainer

Well, in Silver, I trained only my Typhlosion-Lv.100, and it took me about five months to beat the Elite Four. I also would try to fill my Pokedex-when I played before, I was five, and I looked recently. I had 62 Pokemon captured and had beaten all 16 gym leaders...


not the color
I won't pretend to be Ash and release all of my Pokemon except for a Box- and Party-full when I don't use the Pokemon.

I only had about 40-something species caught within my Pokedex, and all I had in my box were Pokemon like Pikachu, Eevee, Kingler, Houndoom, and a bunch of random Pokemon that were at level 40 or below.


i will have an even level team and im thinking about naming my character Gold and my rival Silver lol cause im a fan of the manga


Surge loves Raichu
I'll do what ever nature makes me do.

If I catch and train a Pidgey. I'll use it. If I choose Cyndaquil as my starter I'll use it. It's just whatever happens for me.

But I'll try to have a fire, water, grass, electric, flying, and then a random Pokemon.
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Confidence Is Power
Ill probably do alot of the same things, but I'll try to,

-name my rival something I can say alot, probably something random so i can remember better, even if he appears a million times...

-Try to get my other pokemon near my starters level (I literally got my Empoleon in Platinum to be level 100, while everybody else was level who knows what, and if your thinking i didnt beat that game with only that pokemon, think again, i did.)

-Name my char after myself (Used fake names back then, and only recently started nameing them after myself)

-Name my pokemon random names (it makes me remember them more, i did it with my chao (<Random))

-Have a variety of types be near level 100 and not only almost water types! (Milotic, Empoleon, Gorebys(However you spellthat name X_X)

-Not have the radio on all the time (Yes, I loved that radio on. It would be funny if you could tune into a local station :p But that'd be wierd.)

-TRY TO WIN THE LOTTERY! XD JK, everyone wants to win it.

-Go to the casino more (or game corner or whatever its called but i refer it as the casino)

-Go to Blackthorn City more. But then again, that place has nothing for you to go to X(

Yeah, I'll find more stuff to do when i actually get the game. Cant wait til next summer though... I DONT WANNA WAIT ANOTHER SCHOOL YEAR! :(


New Member
This time, I won't waste my master ball on a level 40 Ho-Oh
I will get a water pokemon earlier
I will give my rival a real name (MYRIVAL isn't a good name)
I will enjoy the good graphics.
Try to hatch Togepi at a place with lower level pokemon.
I will not spend forever catching and training Unown.


I'll frkn' save before battling legendaries. I lost an awesome Suicune because of not doing that.
I'll also chose a 'favoraite area' where I'll go to heal my pokemon, train and what not. I have a feeling that it'll be Goldenrod.

Nolan Bentley

i will not run through the game only using my typhlosion and red gyrados. Oh and i will not fall asleep at 11 at night fighting a tentacool on a school night. (i was 8) and try to get shiny legends.
For one, I'm actually going to train more than just my starter and a Dratini. : D' I'm actually going to make a decent team.

Also I'd like to fill up my Pokedex sufficiently before I beat the Elite Four. I'm tired of having something like 230 seen, 25 caught. >>


Life's a Beach.
Going to get a pokemon other then the 3 starters that's avilable toward the begining of the game and use him as my started.


…… …… …… ▼
I'm not going to kill that one Shiny Ledian I came across just outside of Ecruteak City. I still mentally kick myself for that.


I'm not going to spend an hour trying to use Razor Leaf to cut a dead tree next to Mr. pokemon's house xD I was in second grade and Silver was literally the second game I owned after Power Rangers L.S.R. lol.
Not going to accidentally make my meganium forget razor leaf because I pressed A too many times and I didn't save recently.
I am going to do what I have done since FR/LG and catch an abra ASAP then train it like a second starter, unfortunately it sucks with elemental punches now(low attack) screw the 4th gen
Gonna check the IVs of stuff before I put effort into training it, didn't know crap about how pokemon actually worked when I played through the first time.
Not gonna delete my sisters lvl 60 feraligatr accidentally cause i was trying to clone it xD

basically a lot less accidents lol
;152; I will use chikorita and I will like it.


Shiny Tamer
I will have to enter all of my Pokemon to the Pokemon League..all of them hehehe just for a Hall of Fame record and ribbon for all

never ever delete my old file with all the shinies, because I got bored and tried to play a new game (i had a Gold Version before with 5 shinies..but stupid me..due to boredom, I deleted it to play a new game)

Would never charge against the Elite 4 without bringing Healing items and revives
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Shadow Stalker
I will make a decent team.
Not let Feraligatr all the experience.
I will not have a level 36 Graveler and Level 34 Ponyta be on my team when I face the Elite four. For I will have trained.
I will be logical when facing a Vileplume I will not repeatedly use Surf on it.
I will not teach my Feraligatr Surf, Waterfall, Strength, and Rock Smash
I will not keep trying to find an Oddish because I think they look cool.
I will not use my master ball on Lugia when I should use it on Raikou.
I may, however, will get Chicorita and Cyndaquil transfered to my team, one day...

mudkip master

Surf's up Mudkip
choose totodile train a mareep and another pokemon (to be decided) and use corsola and another as a hm slave.