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What will you do differently?


Arting Wanderist
I'll never be able to stray away from Cyndaquil, but my team's going to be a tad more original than last time. I'm still working out which Pokemon I'll have on my team, but I'm currently training a will-be Nidoking, and then I'll definitely be catching a Lapras ASAP. (I've NEVER had a Lapras on my team; I've never been into Ice or Water types, but after Weavile, I've inherited a love for Ice)

But I'm certainly staying away from Legend-Spam this time around. During my first Gold run through, I used to save at least two slots; One for Ho-Oh (even though I already had Typhlosion), and one for Suicune. After that, I'd try to find Raikou to take up a third slot. ._. My originality was a bit poor until Ruby came out.

Trainer Daniel

Rookie Trainer
My starter will remain the same pertaining to the original, which will be Cyndaquil. However, I remain indecisive of the remaining 5 pokemon to be in my first team in SoulSilver.


Well-Known Member
I will do what I usually do, pick the fire type starter, raise it to level 73-80, let it be 50 levels higher than my Noctowl and Red Gyardos and destroy the Gym Leaders with my one man team.

I have always done that, but as I reflect on the original G/S/C, I remeber with fondness the story of that adventure. Of all the pokemon games, I most love Crystal and D/P/PT because they had something a little special, something that differntiated them from the others.
I wont rush through the game like i usually do and at cherrygrove city, i will trade over my weavile to help me get through gym one also because i love him


Pokemon Caretaker
For my imported Heart Gold, I'm going to properly raise a few planned teams of Pokemon but not worry myself too much over completing the Pokedex, as Gold will be my version to play over and over again. Not going to do a lot of SRing for legendary natures, though I might try with the dogs.

Once Soul Silver comes out in English, that will be my main of the two, and I'll trade the Pokemon I want to keep over, along with any items I want to keep like berries, shards and TMs.

In Silver I'll be more interested in completion, since it'll be easier in English, and I'll be SRing for natures and filling the dex.

Soul Silver probably won't ever be my main though, for lack of Pokeradar.

the jman

Ak47 I choose you!
what will i do differently? well I will beat the pokemon league with Legends For 1


Well-Known Member
For one, I'm going to catch more pokemon than just the ones I like. I'm gonna finish the johto dex. Also, I'm gonna use the apricorn balls more.


at least 100
Chikorita, definitely again.
When I was younger, I went for Pokemon that were generally common, I had a Golem and Crobat on my Silver. >< I don't even like them.

My future team is


It's mostly based on favorites.

Fire Type King

Leave luck to Heaven
In the S/G/C version I raced through the game, not taking in their brilliance. I caught about 20 pokemon and only levelled up my Typhlosion.
This time 'round, I want to play the game thoroughly, levelling up a range of different pokemon and choosing a better flying pokemon.(Noctowl maybe). I also want to catch all possible interactable pokemon, e.g red garrados, sudowoodo instead of just defeating them.


Expert Trainer
I'm getting the same starter but this time I'm going to make sure to get a more defensive team. ie; Shuckle, Skarmory. And also trade with more people this time around.
If I haven't said it before, I'm not going to nickname every Pokemon I catch.

And I'm actually going to work on the Pokedex this time.

Polar Star

Getting HeartGold instead of Silver this time. Totodile as a starter, rather than Cyndaquil. I'm gonna catch myself a Phanpy early in the game. Oh, and I'm gonna get some Hoenn/Sinnoh Pokemon this time as well. My team is probably going to be Feraligatr, Espeon, Gallade, Donphan, Flygon, Tyranitar, and HM Slave.



For once I'm not gonna rely on my starter. I'm gonna prob' get a starter at the beginning just to make it my main pokethlon participant while everyone else fights.
Lets see... Not name my rival cat, get cyndaquil, actually WORK on the pokedex, Trade with people more often. How I came up with "cat" i have no idea. O.O


Well-Known Member
not name the rival ???

im gonna know what im doing

im not gonna spend 3 hours with that ****ing wiggling tree


Well-Known Member
not name the rival ???

im gonna know what im doing

im not gonna spend 3 hours with that ****ing wiggling tree


not name the rival ???
i remember doing that

well for starters im going to get both
im not going to quit playing if i get stuck
and just like in my long lost pearl and platinum im going to fill my pc with one of every pokemon from 1-493+unown and special pokemon
and i think ill try to get alot more shinies


Katen Kyokotsu
NOt just train my starter
NOT call my growlithe "fire barn"
NOT think that the man at the shops will catch me celebi when i could jsut do it myself ><

i will actually get through the radio tower puzzle