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What would you choose if you had a choice?

Mighty Arceus493

I'd definitely choose the Truth. I would love a world where everyone is honest, but not everything can be perfect, so the truth is what I prefer.


Shade in Shades
im not sure, i dont tell the truth but i like others to tell me the truth but ideals would be awesome.....

truth i guess

Dragon Trainer X

Truth. I see it as the only way to go, honestly.


if i choose the truth we live like animals because we have nothing to advance for, but if i choose ideals we act like animals because we cant come to one common realisation. truth and ideals cant live without eachother no matter if people choose one choice its still wrong no matter if its an opinion or not. they're like two sides of the same coin. you cant split a coin.


Reputable Trader
I would choose ideal because the truth will set you free and most of the time that isn't a good thing


Well-Known Member
I would love to live in a world full of truth and honesty from everyone. I can't stand and not tolerate liars. Ain't lying a sin from the bible?


This... Is my Buddy.
If we lived in a world of Truth, I feel like there would be less friction in a way.
Without truth, any ideal becomes misguided. Truth is always the way to go, even if it is less beautiful and more painful at times.


clearly ideals are wrong without truth but truth has no purpose if there aren't any ideals to succeed it. im agine a sort of race where you use 2 people. there is truth which has good starting speed but absolutely terrible stamina and ideals which have excellent speed and stamina. you use the best of both to win the race
I'm a realist, so the truth. Besides, a perfect world would be boring. It's why I stopped a being an idealist a long time ago; being so frustrated by the world was extremely stressful.


Anyone that chooses ideal would rather play the role of escapism than actually deal with any problems that make life so interesting.
i disagree there truth is something like where you have it but you dont know what to do with it. ideals live on forever you cant be branded as an escapist for liking ideals. but as much as i like ideals better though, the more mature person says go for purity. purity isnt found in one thing but is found in the balance of both

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
Assuming a world of ideals is a world in which everything is ideal (so a world in which everything is perfect), why wouldn't you chose it?

I don't think there's any downside to being happy forever.


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We either have both Truth and Ideal or we don't have either. If we had just Truth...well, the world won't be perfect 'cause we wouldn't be able to pursue our Ideals. If we choose Ideals, we'll have no Truth no start with,.

I sound like N from BWB2W2 :p