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What would you do if pokemon didn't exist?


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So what would you probably be doing now if pokemon never existed? I would probably be playing lego (even more) and being mostly bored having nothing to do but Minecraft,lego and club penguin. I'd probably never get a 3DS to, not have some of the friends I have today and more. So what would you do if pokemon never existed?


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"What if"s question are always hard to answer. One could argue that without Pokemon, there could be another franchise similar to Pokemon.

Anyways, assuming there are no Pokemon-esque franchises, I'm gonna guess I'll probably watch more animes or maybe go out more :p


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I would probably have a better social life considering Pokémon forums began to completely consume my life starting in seventh grade.
And I probably wouldn't be such a dedicated Nintendo fanboy without Pokémon, meaning I would have—probably—never played some of the franchises I love like The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, etc.

Oh, and I probably would have been obsessed with Legos a lot longer than I was considering all of my free time prior to discovering Pokémon consisted of me playing with my Bionicles and Legos.


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I probably wouldn't be as obsessed with video games as I am now, and my fandom life would be entirely consumed about Owl City stuff, instead of both Owl City AND Pokémon stuff... X3 I probably wouldn't care about getting a 3DS at all (I REALLY want one, but I am not sure if that will happen or not... for now I will just have to be content with my DSi I guess...) And I obviously wouldn't have all of my Pokémon stuff and wouldn't have as many amazing DS games to play... I wouldn't care about anime or manga at all... and a bunch of other stuff I am probably just not thinking about at the moment! XD


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If pokemon never existed, I would be dead. I have so many friends on here I never would've met if this website never existed... I can't imagine life without pokemon, and this website.

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^Same with the guitar. Be a pathetic COD fanboy


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I'd probably be dead, out of boredom. I don't play much else, although I guess I would probably be way more into legos and minecraft.


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Pokemon not exist, perish the thought.

I'd spend more time with my second favorite anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (MLPFM) and playing survival and farming games.


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If it didn't exist, Digimon would've been so much more successful than what it is today, or atleast any franchise that is somewhat comparable to Pokemon. Sayin this, I'd probably be a Digimon fanboy.

Other than that, I'd probably be one of those obsessed CoD players that plays around 7-8 hours everyday. I do play CoD right now, but probably around an hour or two a day.

Another franchise that I'd be obsessed about would be the Dragon Quest games. I have to admit it, I freaking love the DQ games. However, I just feel like there's something to it that once you beat the games, there's nothing to do. Pokemon on the otherhand has competitive battles, shiny pokemon to hunt, and a full pokedex to complete. I mean, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker was kinda like pokemon, where you could battle people over WiFi, but other than that, once you beat it, you're done with the game.

Dragon Quest 9 was the latest DQ game I've played, and there's plenty of quests to do, but most of them involve grottoes, and I'm just farrr to lazy to complete grottoes.


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I'd probably still be playing Bejeweled Twist or Bejeweled 3. Those games are so addictive... I spent a solid year playing Bejeweled Twist before I boredly decided to attempt Pokemon Diamond.


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Probably would have attempted to hang out with the neighborhood kids at the time (who were terrible influences). I'd also probably not be a gamer. Pokemon is the only universe that has constantly held my interest. I basically grew up on Pokemon forums, and I got my debating skills from the debate forums. So I guess I wouldn't be as mentally sharp.


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Another one of these threads?

Assuming there isn't anything like Pokémon, I'll be playing Mario, Kirby, and watching a lot more Animé.

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Then I would not exist, because I am Mew, a Pokemon.

Well, if that happened, I would not be on this Forum and I would have 60 (With the current statistics of the Friends List) less friends. I would lose one interest, but one could argue that I would gain another one.


I'd be in another fandom and I'd probably be a worse artist than I already amin case you didn't know Pokémon got me into drawing in the first place.


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If Pokémon didn't exist I'd probably be commited into my other favourite franchises like Sonic and Mario, because they are as of now my 2nd and 3rd favourite video game franchises.
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I'd porbablyjust play other games o.o. And spensing more time writing my stories drawing and watching tv. Not much change.