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What would you do if...

I'd be shocked, but I wouldn't care all that much. I don't have many female friends, and Men can't be raped unless if its gay.

Anyway, WWYDI your whole family got Svine flu?


Bearer of Peace
I'd mourn and hope for the best.

What would you do if I was stalking you? Like right now


Battle Subway
Tell some one or his friends to run the website.
What would you do if the world exploded and you could still breath?


Arukate Énigme
I would breath and then find someway to reproduce.
WWYDI You were left with someone of your sex that liked you, and you two were the only people left alive after the explosion


Battle Subway
Kill the otheer guy and say no words.
What would you do if the explotion came to you and you survived on Mars?


Calm And Hyper
I'd do the migraine skank to celebrate
What would you do if you woke up in the zoo, behind bars


Bearer of Peace
I'd make myself at home and learn how to communicate with my neighbours, the monkeys and the lions.

What would you do if you were being attacked by a USO? (Unidentified Submerged Object)


Bearer of Peace
I'd force it to spill all of its secrets.

What would you do if I was dead?


Shiny get!
Mourn. Why? Because I can.

What would you do if someone asked you for the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?


Bearer of Peace
I'd stare blankly at him/her/it/potato/rocket monster.

What would you do if your hands were covered in monkey fur and couldn't be shaved off?

-Flaming Charizard-

And the cat goes moo
Make some toast :p

WWYDI gordon brown became president again? (I don't even live in the states - I'm british XD)


Girafarigfan #5821.3
Let my charmeleon evolve in the evolution of him if there isn't charizard.

WWYDI you need to pay 100000000000000000 euro?


Girafarigfan #5821.3
Then I have finally a fire type for my Platinum team!

WWYDI you get a bomb in your hands?


Bearer of Peace
I'd throw it to Wario and then run away before it explodes.

What would you do if I was your nemesis?


I tell you to get out and leave me alone, or tell on you.

What would you do if you were a Disney Imagineer?