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What would you evolve an Eevee into?

What would you evolve an Eevee into?

  • Jolteon

    Votes: 12 21.8%
  • Flareon

    Votes: 7 12.7%
  • Vaporeon

    Votes: 4 7.3%
  • Umbreon

    Votes: 15 27.3%
  • Espeon

    Votes: 16 29.1%
  • None, I like Eevee as it is!

    Votes: 1 1.8%

  • Total voters
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Generic Human #8192
What would you evolve your eevee into? i'd evolve it into jolteon, as it has only one true weakness: ground

Talons Fury

espeon its my fave poke my fave colour and my fave type also it looks cool and is my fave animal Espeon all the way

Flying Tropius

Vaporeon! the beauty of water........JK =D It can become apart of water and when you thrash water nothing happens so I value "Soft" Strength

Dark Maltos

Espeon. Coolest eeveelution, IMO. Jolteon comes close, though. Espeon makes a cool BPer too. :)

Deoxys & Jirachi

ill pick umbreon because i like how his body looks like in the dark.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Espeon, a Strong Psychic and gets a Dark Attack (Bite as an Eevee) to become a threat to Ghosts and other Psychics. You can't go wrong.


I don't know!
Umbreon. It's my favorite one, and i like Toxistallers ;)


The first evo I choose depends on the situation with my team. I'll try to get all 5 eventually, however(horray for breeding?). I picked Jolteon just because it's the first Eevee evo I got on my Fire Red. :p


Jolteon, my favorite eeveelution(and 3rd favorite pokemon overall). It's cool looking, pretty strong, and fast. ^^


Back I guess??
*points to avatar, name, sig, and first option of the pool*

I think it´s enough

espeon is my 2nd option, and vaporeon is my 3rd almost tied with umbreon, but I´ll never evolve my eevee in the fire evolution, it´s the worst eeveelution ever and possibly the worst evolved fire pokemon.
sorry if I hurt flareon lovers, but that´s the awful truth (with michael moore XD) IMO.
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Vaporeon is my choice. It Hazes well and is useful or passing Acid Armor plus a Sub, something I always seem to find a need for on my Comp. Battling teams.
I would go for Jolteon or Espeon. That's a tough decision.

but when it comes right down to it, I think I'll take Espeon. It's a Johto Pokemon, looks hella cool, etc. Espyjump plz.

Flame Sabre

Jolteon is my favourite Eeveelution, so yeah, Jolteon would be my choice. But Umbreon and Vaporeon are close substitutes.


true love
Eifi/Espeon. Mainly because it's cute, and very much like a cat if you ask me.. as some actually called it a dog. o_O And it's also purplish-pink.. I love that color, though it's more the pink that's appealing.

But yeah, and the psychic type. ;3 So cool.. especially the XD: Gale of Darkness one with Bite at such a low level.

And then Vaporeon and Umbreon. Jolteon is pretty cool too, with good moves and all. Same goes for Flareon, but I usually have other fire Pokémon in my party to use.. soo.. yeah. Oops, I went over myself. XD;
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Flareon, because the entire thing is yes. Well-placed Stats, first off. Marvelous Attack, impervious to Special Attacks, and able to wield Special Attacks of its own, coupled with STAB. What more could you want? How about it being one of the two Eeveelutions(Umbreon being the other) that doesn't need a pinpoint Hidden Power to be good? Sure, it helps, but there's always Substitute, which will keep it alive and killing even longer.

I like Jolteon a lot, though. Stupidly huge Speed and a great Sp. Attack to complement it. Nice Special Defense, too.

Vaporeon is also nice. Doesn't die very easily, and has a nice movepool to work with.

Espeon, though having a frighteningly small movepool, is still cool because of enormous Special Attack and the Speed to use it. Best BPer of them all, IMO.

I don't like Umbreon as much, as it's a tad overrated. Still decent, though. needs more Offense, IMO.

The 8th Champion

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
Umbreon because it can withstand alot of attack before going down. But it move set need some work. Eevee is also strong unevolved.
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