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what you last desposited into the GTS?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by phantom16, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. phantom16

    phantom16 Member

    So i just checked the GTS on my soulsilver, and was greeted with a japanese raquaza. nothing to complain about, but the thing is i didn't need one, and don't know why i made that trade who-knows-when, or more importantly, what i traded for it. i looked around, but couldn't find an answer, so i figured i would ask here

    is there a way to see what i traded for it? or what i last deposited into the GTS?

  2. Earendil

    Earendil Well-Known Member

    No, there is not, at least in HeartGold/ SoulSilver. In Platinum, however, GTS trades usually show up in your Journal when you do not play the game for at least a day.

    In Generation V, you actually can access a list of your last several GTS trades (among other things) in the Dream World.

    I'd just keep the Rayquaza and be happy with it! That, or put it up and ask for something else.
  3. phantom16

    phantom16 Member

    ok, thanks for the reply, now i know.

    and totally, i'm not complaining at all, i'm just curious what i traded for it haha, must have been something at least half decent :)
  4. MallorylovesVulpix

    MallorylovesVulpix Trainer Since 1999

    I was surprised to learn yesterday that HGSS's GTS still worked...I deposited a Togepi last night, asking for a Poliwag. I'm hoping for a foreign Poliwag so that I can MM a shiny for me and my boyfriends anniversary in a week.
  5. FrozenConstellation

    FrozenConstellation There for grace I go

    They still keep 4th gen's gts for a while, probably because some people still use it

    I checked a while back and got a mew...I don't even remember what I traded...myst have been a shiny because I used fo have 37..there are 36 left...
  6. pug6666

    pug6666 Banned

    well 4th gen didn't fade that much after all some people still play 1st gen games.
  7. Earendil

    Earendil Well-Known Member

    As an addendum to my previous reply, I just went on my Platinum after not playing it for a week and a half. I can now affirm that in D/P/P, at least, the Journal does indeed record both the trader and the traded Pokemon with regards to Pokemon exchanged for something you put up on the GTS. I was pretty sure last time, but now I can say for sure. I'm still not certain if this shows up somewhere in HG/ SS/ though.

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