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What You Want to Read and What You Have to Offer

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Dias, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Dias

    Dias Fenrir

    (Please pardon the long title, it is subject to change).

    As you may or may have noticed, Non-Pokemon fics seems to be less active than it could be. Well, let’s face it, compared to Pokemon Fics, this place is a wasteland. Not that it isn’t to be expected, this being a Pokemon Forum, but for those of us who don’t write Pokemon Fics, or for those who do both, I’m seeking to get some more activity in here.

    So, the purpose of this thread? Well, in Pokemon Fics, you know going into it that everything written there is going to be based on or involve Pokemon in some way another. To some extent, you know what to expect. In Non-Pokemon fics, you don’t know what to expect. Of the billions of books, movies, television shows, video games, and comics, all of them are crammed into this one forum. With a standard showing of about twenty threads a page, you come on looking at, at the most, twenty different examples of those aforementioned billions of possibilities. And that’s assuming none of those twenty threads are based on the same thing. And there’s no telling if anyone will be interested in any of these fics, solely based on the subject matter the fics are written about.

    So in this thread, people can find out just what kind of non-Pokemon fics others are interested in reading. An author wanting to write a fic about ‘The Matrix’ can make a post inquiring if anyone who frequents this forum is interested in it or would want to read a fic about it.

    Likewise, anyone can make posts telling others what kind of fics they would like to read. Maybe someone would like to read a Star Fox fan fiction, and in this thread, they can say so. Perhaps even give a comment or two on what specifics they would like to read.

    Furthermore, people who have a Non-Pokemon fic in the works or have one in their mind, they can post it here (with a brief description of the idea or work in progress) to see if it peaks anyone else’s interest. And yes, advertising a fic will be allowed in this thread, so long as it has a link to it, and a few details perhaps about the genre and what the fic is based on (or if it’s an original fic).

    My main hope for this thread is that people can interact and find out just what other people would like to read. I don’t intend it to become something where people will think “well no one wants to read a Metroid fic, so I guess I can’t post one,” nor do I want this to turn into any sot of mandatory guideline or anything. But perhaps someone is browsing through the tread and sees a couple people interested in writing a Star Fox fic and will think ‘hey, I like Star Fox… Hmm.. This gives me some ideas.”

    Another goal is to sort of build a sub community within the Non-Pokemon fics section; people with similar tastes or those who write fics of the same game/movie/whatever can share possible ideas and discuss concepts and such things (note, any plagiarism/stealing of ideas will invoke some serious wrath).

    You may be thinking “this could go in the authors’ café” and that is probably true. In fact, there may be some other threads like this one in there. The Authors’ Café, though, is mainly dominated by Pokemon, and this has at least a marginally different goal.

    So, I encourage all Non-Pokemon fic scribes and readers to come forth and say what they’d like to read, what they’d like to write, and find some fellow fans of everything non-Pokemon.

    Rules for Posting:

    General rules really, no double+ posting, no spam, flaming, et cetera. I’m pretty serious about the concept of the thread and I’ll be monitoring it closely. If you don’t like someone’s idea, that’s fine, but unless you can be civil and constructive about it, don’t post at all.

    Questions about this thread are permitted here, but I’d like to see more of the posts outlined in the description than anything else. Feel free to PM me with any questions are concerns, and if I feel the answer could benefit everyone, I’ll add a FAQ.
    Also, if you do find someone to chat with, swapping ideas or discussing a certain fic topic or whatever, please take it to PM. This thread is here to plant the seeds of such conversation, but once it actually arises, I’d like for the thread to not be bogged up with it. Swap instant messenger screen names or PM each other so that the thread isn’t commandeered.

    I think that’s all for now. Hopefully it works out and makes the Non-Pokemon fics forum a more active and communicable place.
  2. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    In Production

    Name : Legend of Zelda: Battle for Hyrule
    Genre : Adventure
    Rating : PG-15

    Storyline : A shadow from the ancient past threatens the existence of all life and a cataclysmic battle awaits. As the three avatars of the Triforce search for a means to stop this evil, they will face not only the dangerous of a new land, but the shadows of their own inner selves.

    Status : 9 Chapters of the old fic. This was closed due to me needing to make some major changes in the history, so that the chapters flowed together better.
    Link : http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=67987 (Closed)

    New Status : The remastered version is fast approaching the same amount of chapters as the original, and will soon be entering new unseen territory.
    Link : http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=166513

    Name : Legend of Zelda: Equinox
    Genre : Adventure
    Rating : PG-15 / R

    Storyline : Link's reputation as the Hero of Time takes a wild turn when he is trust into a battle that will test his faith in his own abilities. Set approximately fifteen years after Battle For Hyrule, Link finds himself in a new land, lost and alone. New allies and enemies await him at every turn, and the mysteries surrounding his prophetic title will be unraveled.

    Status : Pre-production, Prolgue has been written
    Link : Contact me for suggestions

    Name : Legend of Zelda: New Beginning (Just made up title)
    Genre : Adventure/Sci-Fi
    Rating : PG-15 / R

    Storyline : A totally new kind of Zelda fic, but featuring characters old and new that will put a whole new face on the series. I like to think of it being the opposite of a well known RPG cliché.

    Status : Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-production.
    Link : Prologue has been written. Nothing will be posted until BfH is nearing completion.

    I'll update soon with what I'd like to see, so I can have a little more time to think about it.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2007
  3. JoshYEAH

    JoshYEAH ???

    And I'll just borrow Dan's stuff here because I'm lazy.

    Type : Original Fic.
    Name : Apotheosis.
    Genre : Action/Adventure/Fantasy.
    Rating : R.

    Storyline : A small group of mercenaries get themselves locked in conflict with the worlds strongest power - A religious group known to all as the Planetist Faction. With the dawning of a new angel, the Planetist faction is set to enter a new age, and change the world forever. Only the people that know the truth will be able to stop a new evil conquering the entire planet.

    Status : Complete.
    Link : http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=7876604


    In regards to what I'd like to see, I've always been interested in a fic that is set in a Final Fantasy world, specifically IX, however follows the tale of a different character. Perhaps even a minor character like the owner of the Lindlbum Inn for example. A good story based on a character that someone can take from a game and strongly develop is what I'd love to see, and perhaps even be inspired from.

    I love fics with strong characters, and I always feel that if you can make a strong character, then even if the setting is God-awful, the story can still be extremely well told.

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2008
  4. Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix

    Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix rEvolutionary INC.

    Type: Original
    Name: Both Night and Knights fall.
    Genre: Fantasy (Medieval)
    Rating: PG-13

    Storyline: A young knight attempts to rescue his princess, only to face his own conflicts when faced with her captor.

    Status: One-Shot
    Link : http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=151473

    Type: Final Fantasy
    Name: Final Fantasy I Advent Children
    Genre: Fantasy (Medieval)
    Rating: Probly PG-13

    Storyline: A ragtag group of adventures arrives intime to stop Evil from consuming the world again. Based Prior to, during, and after the events of the Original Final Fantasy, with a larger cast and broader story.

    Status: Chapter work in progress
    PM Me with Ideas, I'm running a bit dry in the "Extra" Department
    Type: Final Fantasy
    Name: Final Fantasy XXX
    Genre: Fantasy, Parody
    Rating: PG-13

    Storyline: After being forced out of his peasant village in a series of horribly clichéd events, young Gale is forced into a journey to save the world from the corrupt empire, and, potentially, an even greater threat...
    A long haired pretty boy!

    Status: Chapter work in progress
    All I need is to finish the "Basic Story"
  5. Mimori Kiryu

    Mimori Kiryu Well-Known Member

    On Hiatus [But still in production]:

    Type: Kingdom Hearts
    Name: Kingdom Hearts: Second Horizon
    Genre: Fantasy, Action-Adventure, Mystery, Romance
    Rating: PG-13


    The Keyblade has chosen a new master in a new realm. Her destiny is prewritten and now her journey must begin with new friends, new allies and all new villans.

    The Abandons...the denizens of light.

    She may not realize it, but she fights for the dark.

    'Light isn't always good and Darkness isn't always evil. Sometimes the roles are switched.'

    Darkness has a new defender. Mishi Takamura.

    Status: Event Three // On Hiatus // To restart in October

    There's no current link to this, because the old one is too old to bump, but, it will be restarted soon! =D
  6. coolcobra77

    coolcobra77 Your Worst Nightmare

    Type: Original
    Name: Soulblade
    Genre: Fantasy,Action-Adventure
    Rating: Pg-13

    Storyline: A blade with a million souls absorbed into it, the one who hold it can control any of them at will. The power in the sword is unmatched, limitless strength, ifinite magic powers, and the power to take souls from any person they meet. Then one day a person finds it... and hell will break loose.

    Status: Chapter 1 Completed, Chapter 2 coming soon.

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2006
  7. Literate

    Literate black cat, black cat

    Oh well. Let's see.

    Type: Original
    Title: Assassins
    Genre: Historical Fiction (Medieval China), Mystery
    Rating: PG-13

    Storyline: There was once four assassins. A vengeful prince, a depressed princess, a suicidal prisoner, and a blind assassin. They were played by a insane mastermind in their past, and one knew what was behind his disastardly plots. And that was enough to make a difference.

    In this quest for survival, each of the young assassins learn about their emotions, form their dreams, and to understand the world.

    Before their time ends.

    Status: Chapter 6 posted, currently on hiatus. >>
    Link: It's been over two months already...

    Type: Original
    Title: Eternity (Title Pending)
    Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, and hopefully Comedy. >>
    Rating: Probably PG.

    Storyline: It was the year 1498 A.D. Chaos laid out a blueprint of disruption, symbol of disaster. One after another, Cosmos had destroyed all his plots for world distruction. But this was beyond control. On the blooming of the year 2000, the Keeper of Disorder and Disaster would unwind time.

    And there was only one Keeper who could stop it.


    And apparently, he disappeared, long ago.


    Go ahead five hundred years, 1998. Modern technology was at booming level and the world civilizations were at its peak. Under the aliases of Yukusue and Kiun Shukuen, Destiny and Fate, Keepers of Absolute and Chance, respectively, were commanded by Cosmos to search for Eternity.

    Status: Currently writing II.III. Eternity (Not posted yet)
    Link: None, didn't post yet.


    Well, what I want to see is more of the adventure type. Fantasy adventure type, roleplayed ones. That could be an RPG in fanfiction form.

    I don't have many expectations. Just give me any one of Mystery or Fantasy genre and I'll be there. :D

    Last edited: Oct 8, 2006
  8. Draco Malfoy

    Draco Malfoy -REaction

    Well let me see what I have:

    Type: Digimon Adventure Season 1/2
    Name: Digimon Adventure 03: Destiny of Infinity
    Genre: Action-Adventure, Suspense, Comedy, Mystery, Romance
    Rating: PG-13


    Those of the Vaccine and those of the Virus fight bitterly with one another. Some may say it is necessary, others say it is stupid and pointless. But soon, they will be forced to be reunited, for what the future holds for this planet is beyond my imagination- and my nightmares. The Reign of Devimon, The Legacy of the Dark Masters, The Return of Myotismon; all of those are horrible, terrible things that would happen. But what I have seen is more terrible than all three of these combined. Long ago, when the world was still young, an entity of pure evil emerged.

    It had powers beyond people’s imaginations. It was almost invincible. Soon this evil spread throughout the worlds like an epidemic and consumed the hearts of people with evil and corrupted them. People were in despair; they did not know what to do. But the Five Legendary DigiDestined, humans, actually children in fact, emerged. The Five fought in a climatic battle against the evil. The Five won but were only able to seal the evil away, for the cost of their lives.

    The Five then in their dying breath, transformed themselves into pure magical entity, and were to be reborn, reincarnated, resurrected as another person, different yet with the same soul, to save the world; when the time is right. Their souls became dormant, hidden in the chasms of time, to be reawakened when the time is right; when their digimon partner has reappeared.

    The Evil then waited patiently for the right moment to strike. When it comes, people will die, women will scream, children will cry. It will summon a disease, more powerful and deadly than all the diseases the world has seen combined, to prepare its way; to ease things for itself. All hope will be lost but this prophesy is the answer, the only answer, to this evil:

    Five strange fingers form Fate’s hand,
    Each one plays part at Fate’s command.
    A clouded past, the answers it keeps,
    Until its time each secret sleeps.
    When pain is truth and truth is pain,
    The Evil of The Past shall be freed again.
    Five shall go but five shall not return,
    Vain hope and pride in terror burn.

    To unravel this mysterious, these Five must travel into the Digital World, into the Ends of the World, into the Core, to undo this evil but woe to these Five as troubled times lie ahead. The war may seem to be won but the real battle has just begun and the true evil was still waiting for the perfect chance to strike…

    And those who face the wrath of the evil shall feel the indescribable pain and may the Gods have mercy on them for I as a mortal soul do not know as only God knows what will happen to them…

    They are the chosen. Chosen from a group of young ones. Chosen based on their traits and characteristics.

    It is unknown who chose these children. Children of light, children of destiny.

    When the time comes, they will be called upon to save those who selected them.

    Welcome to the Digital World, DigiDestined.

    Status: Episode 03: The Dark is Rising // Episode 04 In Works

    Link: Digimon Adventure 03: Destiny of Infinity


    Well personally, I prefer reading Mystery and Suspense; I'm a sucker for the Murder Stories. I also enjoy a good ole' dish of Action and Adventure; mystical and fantastical journeys always draw me in. Also, Romance is a favourite genre of mine; but if it's written badly, I'll deep-fry you.

    Anyway, I don't have many expectations; just give me a Suspense or Mystery Story and I'll be walking in. Write an Action or Adventure Story and you've caught me, sinker and all. Romance is another favourite of mine but unlike my other favourites, if it's written badly, I'll deep-fry you and serve you with Sashimi to Yami Ryu. (Joking :p)
  9. Xatriel

    Xatriel Flying on six wings

    Kinda new to these forums, but I've been writing for quite some time now....

    Type: Original
    Name: Six Wings
    Genre Supernatural (angels/demons), fantasy
    Rating: PG-13

    Storyline: After eons of peace, the 7 Heavens finally face conflict. Xatriel, archangel of fire and retribution, as well as head of the Fire Legion, is determined to find out the reason--yet as he walks about the Heavens, the shadows plot against him. (Ack! I suck at summaries. >< btw, does it seem too...cliche?)

    Status: It's not up here yet, but I've written up to chapter 5 already--I mean, chapter 2 (I rewrote it...), plus the prologue. Just wanna know if anyone here wants to read about it.

    EDIT: It's up here, if you wanna read about it. Review please! I'll post it on here too, once I find time.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2006
  10. Nashua

    Nashua shoosh.

    Might as well stop lurking.

    Type: Original
    Title: Blinded
    Genre: Supernatural, I think
    Rating: PG-13(WILL CHANGE)

    Storyline: There is a popular nightclub and a girl is obsessed with the disc jockey. However, when she finally meets him...strange things start to happen.

    Status: Still a WIP. One-shot.

    Type: Original
    Title: Fallout(will change title)
    Genre: Action, tragedy
    Rating: R

    Storyline: Two females find their lives in a whirlwind after their boyfriends cheat on them.

    Status: Paused. I might rewrite it. However, the original can be found HERE.

    Type: Original
    Title: Catch-22
    Genre: Tragedy
    Rating: R

    Storyline:A girl has delayed long enough, but it has come. She now has to make a life-changing decision that will surely make an impact in her future.

    Status: Done. You can find it HERE.

    I would like to see some murder fics and some action around here. I can go for a bit of romance, as long as it's not too mushy.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2006
  11. flannery lover

    flannery lover I Love Flannery

    Type:based off of Avatar the Last Airbender
    Title:The Price of Peace
    Rating:Rated M(right now its rated PG, but will go to M soon)

    Storyline:Sozin’s War has ended. Five years since the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, the survivors work toward peace. But diplomacy and progress is threatened by the internal strife of the Fire Nation – a distant relative’s claim to the throne. Vicious attacks have been launched against all nations in an effort to discredit Zuko, now Fire Lord. Always shrewd, Iroh convinces Zuko to marry to secure the throne.

    Status:Currently at Chapter 3, Interlude 3
  12. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    Type: Original
    Title: Back to the Past
    Genre: Supernatural/Action (Possible Mystery as well)
    Rating: PG-13 (Mostly for the last chapter)

    Storyline: Five survivors of a ruled kingdom that made earth a personal hell, decides to turn back time to the day when everything went wrong.

    Status: Finished, you can view it here, http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=4652429#post4652429 Don't forget to review;)

    In fact, I might start reading and reviewing some fics myself (Althought some like a TV show that I never watched I might not read)

    What would I like to see? Zelda, Buffy, Angel and Charmed fanfics are cool. Althought I wouldn't mind reading original stories too
  13. Knightblazer

    Knightblazer Memories in the Rain

    Meh. I've wanted to come back here, but never found the time to do so. >.>

    In Production

    Type: Based off the KH series, but with several twists and additions.
    Name : Kingdom Hearts: Twilight Conflict
    Genre : Adventure/Action/Adventure
    Rating : PG-13, may change most likely

    Storyline : Another AU KH fic, this time involving the most unexpected person ever to wield the Keyblade... Lucifer Leonheart, the Midian. Watch as this anti-hero in his adventures in the confuzzling world of Kingdom Hearts! XD

    - Its still in the works, and only three quarters through the prologue. So this may take soe time. ><;

    Knightblazer ;262;
  14. Clockworkz


    Type: Original
    Name: Cowboys and Demons
    Genre: Science Fiction/Action
    Rating: 14 and up, but will probably change due to graphic content.

    Storyline: In an alternate dimension, demons have somehow invaded earth during the year 1973, and nearly exterminated mankind, save for many people in America. Most of the country was turned into a desert, as entire cities were destroied. However, there is one man who has made a name for himself as an amazing demon hunter and gunslinger. He's on the hunt for these monsters, and he won't rest until they're all dead. But there's more to this hunter than what meets the eye...
    (I'll explain the demons thing in the story. Trust me; it'll be good.)

    Status: I just wrote the prologue and posted it now. Here.

    Side note: I'd like to find the little cockboy who decided to rate my thread a one-star without even replying and shove something steel-toed and in a size 12 up his sphincter.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2006
  15. ImJessieTR

    ImJessieTR I WON'T kiss Ash...

    Type: Original (sorta)
    Title: O Superstar of Nazareth (would like to have it done by Christmas)
    Genre: Satire (note: Satire)/Religious (think something extremely irreverent like Dogma or Saved)
    Rating: Probably over PG13 since it would be extremely controversial (esp. the way I plan to write it)

    Storyline: The Prologue starts with the Anunciation, where Gabriel is a pharmacist where Mary goes to get a pregancy test and tells her that her child is a gift from God. She wonders how it could be a gift when people could stone her for being an unwed mom, but he repeats very slowly, "God ... gave ... you ... this ... child. Jesus, take the hint. Oh! That would be a lovely name for the kid!" The story would then follow Jesus from his childhood, through those troublesome missing years, to his execution. (and possibly his resurrection) Many anachronisms, pop references, barely-researched details and made up stuff. Comedy, even during the Passion. Not for people who can't bear religious satire.

    Would love to get thoughts about it by PM and would I be able to post such a topic here?

    Status: Just begun, but I've been ruminating on it for a while now.
  16. Chaotic Pink

    Chaotic Pink Let the zephyr blow.

    In Production

    Name : Tighten the noose (Working title)
    Genre : Adventure/mystery I suppose
    Rating : PG

    Storyline : Tamara is wrongly accused. Put into jail and soon to face the hangmans rope she must find a way to prove herself innocent. Will her daughter, Jadian be able to help? Or is there poison on the inside?

    Status : 2 chapters writen.
  17. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    TITLE: The signal is broken.
    SUBJ.: TBA
    RATE.: PG-15
    WARN.: Mentions of sex, use of drugs, use of alcohol, minor violence
    STORY: Everyone knows what's beyond the Fourth Wall, but what happens when the Government tries to take hold of it...? (At least, that's the short form of this. It's sort of an experimental/parody/satirical fic that probably won't go much of anywhere. It may just be subsumed into the below.)
    STAT.: In pre-production.
    LINKS: ???

    TITLE: Impulses//Hard Time
    SUBJ.: Various!
    RATE.: PG-15 - R
    WARN.: Allusions to sex, use of drugs, use of alcohol, MAJOR violence
    STORY: A group of soldiers, calling themselves the "Warriors of Truth," journey across several worlds to annihilaate those on the outside of the Fourth Wall who have perpetuated control of the worlds. It is written in several phases which are loosely connected by the threads of the Warriors of Truth exterminating the fanboys, being captured, and eventually slain. It uses pastiches of poorly-made fanfiction pieces to drive parts of the story, and also as an opportunity to poke fun at fandoms. In fact, in and of itself it will be, primarily, a satire of poorly-made fanfiction.
    STAT.: Phase I.a.1 and Phase 1.Prologue finished, but not posted on SPPf yet.
    LINKS: ???
  18. Ash_Fan_#1

    Ash_Fan_#1 &lt;We are unbeatable~*

    Type: Based on the show South Park

    Title: New Students

    Rating: PG15 (for language only)

    Story: Everyone knows the 4 actual main characters, but what happens when they meet 5 new friends, how will relationships change, and will any sparks fly?

    STATUS: Chapter 1 is .up
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2006
  19. pokeplayer984

    pokeplayer984 Banned

    Type: Sonic the Hedgehog
    Title: So in Love
    Genre: Romance
    Rating: M/R/NC-17 (Warning: Will contain sexual themes many chapters later. It is currently PG-13.)

    Storyline: Contains charcters from all universes. Cosmo is back and Tails goes all out with his love for her. See how this new love will affect his life. Many other shippings contained.

    Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=140929
    Current number of chapters: 3 plus a prologue

    Type: Sonic the Hedgehog
    Title: The Seedling
    Genre: Unknown (It revolves around so many different kinds, it's hard to pin-point which it centers on.)
    Rating: PG

    Summary: Takes place after Season 3 of Sonic X. A new child has developed from the seed Tails was taking care of. Tails takes the responibility of becoming the father. At only the age of ten, how will this new experience effect his life?

    Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=140906
    Current number of chapters: 1 plus a prologue (Note: Currently on hiatus due to writer's block.)

    Type: The Powerpuff Girls
    Title: The Shadow Puff Girls
    Genre: Action
    Rating: PG (Note: Rated for increased violence that pushes the PG rating.)

    Summary: Mojo jojo and Him team up, and create three evil girls with the same powers as the Powerpuff Girls. However, Him betrays Mojo, and the evil girls are more than they seem.

    Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=89214
    Current number of chapters: 15

    That's it for the Non-Pokemon Fics. ^_^

    Please R&R them. :)
  20. Dias

    Dias Fenrir

    Well, I realized I actually never put my own works down. Good game, me.

    Title: Codex Anathema
    Type: Final Fantasy Tactics
    Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
    Rating: PG-13 with perhaps occasional R chapters.

    (Link in banner in sig)

    Storyline: Six years after the world-shattering events of the Lion War, Ramza Beoulve, King of Gallione, finds himself leading an empty life devoid of purpose. When an unknown being steals the Zodiac Stones from his castle with someone raised from the dead, Ramza must reclaim them or have his greatest fears relived. Not all is as it seems, however, and there are plots afoot more catastrophic than the king could have ever imagined.

    Status: In-Production (Chapter 4 posted, Chapter 5 in progress, to be posted end of November 06).

    Title: Hell
    Type: Dungeons and Dragons based
    Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Suspense/Action
    Rating: R

    Storyline: In the midst of the Blood War, the endless brutal conflict between the demons of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss and the devils of the Nine Hells of Baator, two great generals are at odds. Two generals who will stop at nothing to drain every drop of life from the other. Meanwhile, Mephistopheles plans to launch an assault on Nessus and overthrow Asmodeus as ruler of all Hell, and the dark deities of the lower planes are becoming restless..

    Status: A reposting/continuing, actually.. though it will probably not return until spring/summer '07.

    And another I may or may not post;

    Title: Circle of the Tyrants Book I: Monarchs of Ice
    Type: Original/Dungeons and Dragons inspired
    Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
    Rating: PG-13 most likely.

    Storyline: When the arctic port city of Glysten is raided by giants on white dragons, a prospective member of a renowned mage guild is sent to recover an item pillaged from the organization. Meanwhile, Glysten's draconic Baron and frost giant militia are put under civic trial in accusation for the attack. To mend a great city torn and prove himself to the mage guild, Artenius Highbarrow must take on a task far beyond a simple raid, one with impossible depths.

    Status: In progress, though it may not be posted, as this is the actual novel I am working on for possible publication.

    As for what I would like to read:

    Star Wars fiction, not having anything to do with the movies/books/whatever. original Star Wars fiction, preferably Sith Wars era.

    Any original fantasy or horror fiction

    Final Fantasy Tactics fiction.

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