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What your favorite manga and why?


dancing queen
This might've been created before, so, uh, Mods, you can just delete this if it is. I'm just too lazy to browse the section for it.

My favorite manga has been Inuyasha for a while, but I've gotten tired of it, and now it's Prince of Tennis, granted, I'm only two books in... But I love it so far, so that's a good enough reason. o_o; It's also the first sports-oriented manga I've read, and I think it flows nice.


Obsessive Shipper
I have two, really. I can't decide between them.

First, there's Lovely Complex. What don't I love about this manga? The characters are great, for one. Risa is pretty realistic. She's a bit rough, and she acts overly dramatic and embarrassingly sometimes (which is hilarious). But she really perseveres with what she wants. She's also honest with herself, which I appreciate. I hate it when the heroine spends ten volumes denying to herself that she likes the guy when it's blaringly obvious that she does. And Ootani is good, too. He works hard at basketball, and he's just a nice guy in general. Really, really dense, but nice. I love how he and Risa freak out over Umi Bouzu, their favorite band, together. They fight a lot, but they're still friends, and they have a good chemistry. I don't like shojo romances that are just aboutfighting, but there's more depth here. The side characters are great- they have really big personalities. They're funny most of the time, but they have serious moments, and they really contribute to the story. Lovely Complex also turns around a lot of shojo cliches. Like the romantic rivals. Instead of fighting with her rivals, Risa relates to them, which I find extremely refreshing. And some of the scenes are just so unique... but I don't want to give spoilers. The story stays interesting, though, I've never felt like it was boring or stalling. I like that it doesn't focus on the couple getting together- that happens mid-way through the manga. Instead it focuses on things like the difficulties of going from friends to a couple, and not knowing how to act once that happens. I also like that the relationship doesn't change much once they get together. I hate mush. Lovely Complex is also hilarious, and it doesn't take itself seriously. Plus, the art is pretty without being overly sparkly. It's really one of the best shojo out there.

The other one I like is Skip Beat!. I like it that the heroine isn't all perfect, and she doesn't just sit around crying, either. Kyoko goes into sho-biz, but her motive is to get revenge on the guy who dumped her. It's hilarious how she does this (especially her "curse demons"). I love her idealistic nature. She loses that true, sacrificial love ideal when she gets jilted, but she still loves fairy tales... And when she gets a best friend, she has all these ideas about what best friends are supposed to do together. Along the way, Kyoko really starts getting into acting, and she starts to discover herself. She starts living for herself, too, instead of for other people like she did with her ex. It takes time for this to happen, which I like. I hate it when manga characters have one experience that completely changes them. Ren is also a good character. He's really serious and professional, but he picks on Kyoko. It's not obvious because he does it with a "gentlemanly smile," but he has this cold sarcasm he uses on her. It's funny, though, that he's so professional, yet knows nothing about love. He has sort of a dark past which we haven't discovered yet... Anyway, I really enjoy the story. It always has something new. I really enjoy how the characters try to understand why the characters they're playing behave the way they do, and how they try to figure out how that character would behave in various situations. Skip Beat! is also hilarious. Kyoko's really out there sometimes. She's really... passionate, shall we say? And the other characters do some great stuff, too. I didn't like the art in Skip Beat! at first, but after reading it for a while, I feel like it fits the characters' personalities well. My favorite things about this manga are the complex, realistic characters, and the themes about loving yourself and others.

Flame Haze SnS

That would be Hayate the Combat Butler as of now because of its 'funny-ness'. I would like to see how Hayate progress as the 'Ultimate' Combat Butler, though it has some otaku-esque in it. The art in it was very well drawn.


Candy Apple Red
So far, my favorite manga is Yotsuba&! for several reasons.
- The crisp, clean art. While it seems simple at first glance, Kiyohiko Azuma actually has a very identifiable style. He also creates the best cartoony expressions I've ever seen.

- The story. Yotsuba&! is entertaining practically on the sitcom level, only better because it doesn't have to constantly rely on ridiculously contrived situations. It's believable. Yotsuba--or another character like Jumbo--creates the comedic situation through her own actions. The chapters and panels also well-paced; this manga is very easy to read.

- The characters. If I didn't like the characters, the other two factors wouldn't really matter. I can't tell you how many times I've ditched an otherwise good story beause of disliking characters (sometimes all it takes is one--why, hello, Rinslet Walker!). Azuma makes them all believable, with good traits and bad. Each is distinct from the other.

People who like Naruto more often than not can't justify anything.

Here, lemme try. Even though Naruto does not have the prettiest art, I've always liked Kishimoto's character designs. He used to be quite daring with his two-page spreads, and the chapter covers often reflect different aspects of his style and interests that you can't see in the regular story. Well, they used to, anyway, early on in the manga.


Obsessive Shipper
I like Yotsuba&, too. My favorite thing about it is how well Azuma depicts the way children thinks. I remember one scene in which Yotsuba is coloring on her (cardboard) toybox, and then she looks at her dad sleeping. She gets this look on her face, and you just know what she's thinking. Also, I like how random it is sometimes, like with "Hanako the eyeball."



It is my favorite because there is no text throughout the entire series. The art is so amazing and there's so much going on you could spend literally several minutes on just one page. Mind you, no words folks. It tells you several stories and leaves you begging for more after every story. That's talent.

It is my favorite because there is no text throughout the entire series. The art is so amazing and there's so much going on you could spend literally several minutes on just one page. Mind you, no words folks. It tells you several stories and leaves you begging for more after every story. That's talent.

I couldn't say it any better, friend. Gon is awesome.


Obsessive Shipper
I did enjoy Godchild while it was run in Shojo Beat. I liked the episodic nature, the art, and the mysteries. Oh, and the fairy-tale motif. I think my favorite was probably the story about the red butterflies. The end of that arc made me so sad! I didn't buy it after they took it out, though, since the shonen-ai elements seemed to get heavier. Not that I have a problem with it, I just don't like to read about it so much. Unless it's more of a comedy.

Oh, have you read Fairy Cube? It's Kaori Yuki's latest manga. It has a elements of traditional fairy folklore, and I think it's getting off to a good start.


Well-Known Member
Full Metal Alchemist or Naruto. FMA has a good storyline and Arakawa is a good drawer.
Kishimoto is not as good drawer as Arakawa, but the the characters are like more interesting.


Giratina's Emissary
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and XXXholic are my current obsession, and I'm putting them together since they cross over. The plot is excellent so far, and its very deep and it makes you think about things more. The people in CLAMP are geniuses.

Shaman King (NOT THE ANIME) is another one I'm warming up to, because Takei was also a genius when making this story. There are so many questions about some of the characters that will just drive you crazy until you find the answers...if they are even answered by the end of the series.

Hmm Naruto is fine, but its not my favorite.


Obsessive Shipper
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and XXXholic are my current obsession, and I'm putting them together since they cross over. The plot is excellent so far, and its very deep and it makes you think about things more. The people in CLAMP are geniuses.

Tsubasa's pretty good, but I'd have to say that xxxHolic is about my third favorite manga. I love the characters, for one thing. Yuuko is so funny when she teases Watanuki, but later you figure out that she's actually doing that to keep things light... you can tell that she really cares about Watanuki. And she's so... wise. I love Watanuki to death. Sure, he's annoying when he rants, but he has those moments where he's so sweet. Himawari-chan used to be my least favorite character in the series, but after I found out what was really going on with her, I changed my mind. She's got more depth than I thought she did. Doumeki... is ok. He's funny sometimes. I'm just not too big on characters who always make another character look stupid.

Anyway, the story is really good. It was episodic at first, but it's coming together. It says some pretty deep things. And it can also be really touching, like the arc about Watanuki meeting that woman in the park.

And of course, the art is amazing. I love the dark tones, and the play with smoke and shadows. I think CLAMP puts their characters in interesting poses, and I love the facial expressions. They have some really nice panel layouts, too.

Gentleman Skeleton

Well-Known Member
I like One Piece. It's well written, has likable good and evil characters. Even though it's been around for over a decade, it hasn't grown stale (except the Skypea arc, but even that had some truly enjoyable moments.)
Oh My Goddess! - I started with the anime and wanted to see it more indepth. It's amusing.

Get Backers - I like American comics cause I like people with powers. GB is that but as a manga.

Tokyo Babylon - Short but good.