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Discussion in '1st & 2nd Gen RMT' started by Rageman, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Rageman

    Rageman That's real neato

    What's a good team to use at the beginning of Crystal?
    I have Chikorita, but what else is good? Suggestions please.
  2. Pikavee

    Pikavee Eevee of the day.

    Chikoritra is awesome! But try to get something that isn't weak against flying type. Like sentret, or hoothoot, spinarak is good too because it can learn nightshade and psychic!
  3. Rageman

    Rageman That's real neato

    Thanks. :D I really appreaciate(sp?) it!
  4. krymzen

    krymzen <-- Geodude is ANGRY

    but chikorita is weak against ice,fire, and flying
    Spinarak is also weak against fire, and flying 0_o
  5. doomgamer

    doomgamer Meet your doom......

    You should have started with Totodile but that is ok.You could catch a Hoothoot and a Sentret for a start.
  6. ss5vegeta

    ss5vegeta Banned

    i never catch any pokemon and easily beat falkner (1st gym) with chikorita/bayleef
  7. Wesheg

    Wesheg Zigzagoon luv

    Yeah, Get Hoothoot or something, Since Falkners pokemon are flying, Unless you decide to overtrain chikorita.
  8. Tayuri

    Tayuri Lurking as always...

    I find Geodude's Magnitude and Rock Throw to be quite helpful at the beginning.
  9. Aipomobsessor

    Aipomobsessor Trop lover

    Geodude or Onix are good.

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