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Whats a good move set for my Gengar

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by HazeShot, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. HazeShot

    HazeShot New Member

    I dont know what to give him right now my Gengar knows
    Confuse Ray
    Shadow Punch
  2. Tonguetyd

    Tonguetyd Well-Known Member

    -Giga Drain
  3. embryopocket

    embryopocket New Member

    I currently have:

    - Shadow Ball
    - Psychic
    - Night Shade
    - Giga Drain

    He's holding Miracle Seed to boost the power of Giga Drain. I don't like Grass-type Pokemon and don't have any on my team, but wanted to give at least one of my Pokemon a grass-type move.
  4. corrosive713

    corrosive713 New Member

    Would this be a decent Elite 4/Rival moveset for a Modest Gengar?
  5. Gengar
    Modest Nature (+Sp. Attack -Attack)
    Ability: Levitate
    @ Leftovers
    ~Ice Punch
    ~Fire Punch
    ~Giga Drain
  6. Raijingeki

    Raijingeki Have at you!

    -Shadow Ball
    -Shadow Punch or Dream Eater
  7. xXCobalionXx

    xXCobalionXx Cobalion. Yeah.

    I'd go all technical on it.
    Gengar @ leftovers
    252 sp. atk/ 252 speed/ 6 hp
    Dream Eater
  8. Tommy Botham

    Tommy Botham Member

    Dream Eater
    Shadow Ball.

    The point of this set is, when your whole team dies whilst taking on the Elite 4, Gengar will be the last poke standing. Hynosis, Curse, Dream Eat to get the Health back. Fire off Shadow Balls until the pokemon dies.

    Curse is one of the best moves in the game (not competitively though). If you're getting totally raped by an OP pokemon in the Elite 4, send it back to hell by using Curse.
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