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whats a thread?

Rioichi Xesta

New Member
im new at this forum thing so whats a thread, how do i change things like my signature or name or things like that, and also where are the rules i think i might have accidentaly skipped over them and id like to know what i can and cannot post and where i can or cannot post it at....


I'd be happy to help you out. The thing you just made is a thread. Whenever you want to start a discussion about something, or have a question about something related to the area you are trying to create your 'thread' in (example, a thread about something related to Diamond and Pearl would be created in the Diamond and Pearl section of the forums).

In order to change your signature and other things, go to the top of the forums and click on "User CP". By going to that, there will be a bar to the left of your screen with links to either "Edit Your Signature" or "Edit Your Profile". You can click on one of those things and follow the instructions on what you would like to fill out there.

Now in order to view the SPPf Rules, go to the main forums board ( www.serebiiforums.com ) and go down a very little bit and click on the link that says "Rules".

If you have any other questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.