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What's allways in your toolbox?

What items do you allways take to you in dungeons?
For me, it'd be Reviver Seeds, Max Elixers and Huge Apples. I take all 10 of my Reviver Seeds and I often never use any xD

I also allways pick up any Allure Seeds I see. The effects are hilarious because it's like the Pokemon is drugged or something =]


Trust..Bond of heart
Reviver Seeds, Apples, Oran Berries, Gravelerocks, Max Elixirs and Escape Orb.


Well-Known Member
I always have a tight belt equipped and often bring a friend bow. If I go to a dungeon soley to recruite Pokemon, I bring an Escape Orb.


Always Searching~
I usually have an escape orb, whether I'm recruiting(I rarely do anymore), or at least just for backup. I have some food, always. Emergency. And I ALWAYS have a Friend ribbon


.:~Silent Strength~:
Escape Orb, Tight Belt and Max Elixirs.


Piplup Master
Apples and Reviver seeds usually, some other useful things to.
One escape orb, two apples, two oran berries, a ton of gravelrock, a max elixer, and a reviver seed for every dungeon I go to. But before going to a hard dungeon, I bring along more items and add in a lot more reviver seeds.