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What's for dinner?

Captain Jigglypuff

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Edible material as usual.


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Zucchini boats with ground bison and pizza sauce. First time making the stuff, so I hope it turns out well.

Edit: turned out awesome, and it's low carb, too! Definitely gonna be making this more often!:p
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Some pizza, ham, bacon and pepperoni.


A few slices of homemade Mexican pizza. I got myself a pizza oven like this and decided to recreate that eponymous pizza from Taco bell. Obviously, the result differs a lot, but it was still tasty. I'm gonna experiment with more recipes, like good old pepperoni.
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I called it both a “Please Muenster, I want some more” and “Muenster Mash”. I couldn’t choose between which pun I preferred more.

It was basically a “Chopped Cheese” Cheese Burger. I seasoned a pound of lamb. Stuffed that, Muenster Cheese, some really chivy mashed potatoes, a lil cheedah, and some condiments in between King’s Hawaiian Mini Sub Rolls. :oops::oops:

I also had this Carolina Reaper BBQ sauce, that I had made, to dip it in...

I like to cook.


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Leftover jimmy johns from yesterday