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What's for dinner?


Pokémon Master (Kinda)
That looks like anything my sister cooks


Pokemon Crystal is my happy place
I had gyudon! It was super delicious!
know that feeling, I get to the grocery store twice a week, for work, one item I love is always out of stock (canned tuna)

for now had some rice with tofu and spicy pea curry
just missing was the meat, didn't really like cooking any meat at 11:30 pm
will just make meat after getting back from work


Pokemon Crystal is my happy place
^^^ god that sounds good rn...

We're foraging tonight, so not really sure. Probably just canned soup in the cupboard... Boring :<


An anomaly
Hamburgers, baked beans, and plain potato chips. Nothing too extravagant lol but it was delicious nonetheless.


I'm planning on ordering pizza tonight since I don't have much food at home, and most nearby fast food restaurants aren't open for take-out given the state of things.
(pizza great choice, my favorite is spinach alfredo first and meat lovers second)

as soon as my mom got home, we made home made tortillas, with some meat, potato, and veggies and almost forgot chipotle peppers for heat


Not thinking twice!
I ate cereal yesterday


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
Some time this week I plan on making Goulash (an eastern European beef soup), but I'm waiting until flour starts appearing in supermarkets again, because Covid-19 panic buyers have moved on to flour and baking stuff now. The reason I want flour is that adding a cup of flour mixed with water to your soup really improves the texture in my opinion, it makes the broth thicker and less watery.