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What's happening at school?

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So, what are you up to at school?
Me? Well, it's awesome! (Although you should've seen what I pulled in Maths)


i'm not at school anymore, i'm a working person so i'm afraid i cannot tell about it myself.

however i do have a funny fact to share, i'm allways chatting here with people but lately i've been hearing alot of stories from people that actualy feel relieved to go back to school while before the vacation they felth tired and had enough of it^^


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I am a sophomore in high school, taking Algebra, Biology Honors, English ll Honors, Geometry, Lunch :), Computers for College and Career, Spanish ll Honors, and World History Honors. I just got home and I am exhausted. In 4 hours, I have to go back to school for the start of Basketball tryouts.

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School is a nasty tumour in my last week of holidays. It starts on a FRIDAY!

Also, they appear to have abolished the fact that all but the new year 7s get an hour off on the first day. CURSE THOSE INHUMAN MONSTERS
^^^Wow that sounds like a lot of work =/

I'm not at school either but college can still count right? Well i started again this week and have been there... one day! There's an exchange visit to India starting on Monday so i've had to sort out my Visa which has been a nightmare!!!!! I'm the only one who couldn't get it right away!! So i've only just sorted things out and will have to miss out half of friday's day as i need to pick the damn thing up.

So one and a half days of college this week lol!!! I'm only in Mon, Tues and Fri! I missed yesterday due to sorting the visa. I'm doing Visual Communication btw or Graphic Design if you want.

And i miss the next three weeks hopefully due to the trip!


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god i havent been here in forever.

UHHH school is starting for me in September, on the 26th. I'm taking me a college class in Texas, a Photoshop class because I suck at PS and i need to not suck so bad. :B I might take other classes while I'm down there. Performing arts and all that crap~


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Right now I'm just running Cross Country I go back to all my sub-par teachers on the 8th...and I still of summer work. On a positive note first race of the season on Friday.


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I started sophomore year, recently I've been hanging out with my friends and my boyfriend (they are all freshmen, even my bf). I don't hang out with sophomores. I love the freshman Cx

I take English 2 Honours, Algebra 2, Dance, World History Honours, Spanish 2 and Biology. Haha I LOVE Spanish 2 and Dance. Those are the best classes. Cx

I have a dance showcase for the school coming in the spring. I'm in the Photography Club at our school.

Next semester, when I get to chose the classes for my junior year, I'm going to audition for a higher dance class, and if I get lucky I'll make it to the dance team at our school Cx But that's far ahead now.

I'm just having SOOOO much fun this year... and it's still the beginning... I hated my freshman year bleeeh.

September is gonna be awesome <3

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however i do have a funny fact to share, i'm allways chatting here with people but lately i've been hearing alot of stories from people that actualy feel relieved to go back to school while before the vacation they felth tired and had enough of it^^

*raises hand* I'm of that category ^^.

But anyhoo, the only exciting thing about my senior year so far is my Government class. My teacher is just AWESOME. He has a sarcastic sense of humor, but it pokes fun of Liberals, and he helps keep us up to date on current events at the beginning of class.

Then there's my technical school I go to, and I'm having the time of my life there, doing 3-D animation and all that.


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I'm taking two dual credit classes that supposedly were "hard" but really aren't and I thought they would be,I joined a Vball class for my final hour to chill with some friends and possible lose more weight XD so far being one of the first juniors to soon graduate fromthe school is fun cuz we fool around alot


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I started it like almost a month ago(august 12th and it was wednesday) This is my first high school year and I´m taking: Spanish, Math, Physics, World History, Dance, Art(drawing and that stuff), English level 6 which is the highest one =D, Geography, Logics, Informatics, Human formation(a.k.a. religion class), Educative orientation(is to improve our study techniques and learn better about our environment at school) And Sport class, where we will be divided in the various sports we are good at, and maybe I´ll be in length jump. It seems it´ll be a good year.


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I'm still at 8th grade right now. School started over a month ago. Well nothing much except for more payments... *sigh* First with some Jakarta Cultural Studies, Social Studies, Break but no food since it's fasting month, Math, English and lastly Art & Craft.

Yesterday some earthquake happened somewhere in Sukabumi (google for reference) and around where I live, we got the light, but disturbing, radiance from it. Shook my school, no damage, but we're frightened because of that being the first time we experience an earthquake.


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Who'd a thunk.


Well, school exams are just around the corner (12 days to be exact), so I am studying. Which makes a change as I hardly ever study for exams.


Swine Flu crisis. Recently swine flu hit our country very hard and numbers are increasing rapidly every day. We have one confirmed case in school and many people are getting fever. My teacher has the flu(dont know if its swine flu). And he's not my school teacher, he helps me with my schoolwork at home. Meaning there is a chance it could have spread to me. School was closed for three days, but the government insisted that there is no need to do this. Unfortunately, things are only getting worse and now we have to wear masks. Teachers are taking assignments, but are insisting that it is okay to miss them and the marks will be averaged.Fortunately, I'm quite fit and there is little chance i would have it.

Plus, this is school-bunking season for me....


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I am Junior in high school this year and I take Biology II AP, US History AP, French II Honors, English III AP, Weights, and Calculus.

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Well, it's awesome!

Wow, that sure is a decent summary of what you've been up to at school.

Got four AP classes this year, one of which I'm not entirely looking forward to. I wasn't even supposed to be recommended for it anyway. Oh well.

Along with my two standards, swimming and water polo, I'm also taking on several creative extracurriculars. I plan on doing two acts in the Talent Show and a few dances and taiko drumming at our international night.

Plus, junior prom is this year. oy vey


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I am Junior in high school this year and I take Biology II AP, US History AP, French II Honors, English III AP, Weights, and Calculus.


I'm not even sure what half of that meant. I recognise Calculus, but I think that was from a film, or something.

I haven't actually started this year of school yet, I start on monday. I'm taking maths, english and science. I think, as well as that, I'm going for a historyGSCE, dramaGSCE, and a frenchGSCE. Hopefully, when I get into university, I want to study psychology. From then, I'm going for police detective/psychologist. I'll see where it goes from there. ^^
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Meh, started 10th grade a few weeks ago, and it's falling into a rut. We have four classes every day (out of eight classes. Four one day, four the next, back and forth...)

I'm an helper in our library, as well taking English Honors 10 AP, Algerbra II Honors, Drawing and Painting, Accounting, Spanish II, Chemistry, and Health & Fitness. English and Algerbra are alright, but boring. Accounting makes me wake to rip my eyes out of my head, Spanish is alright (next to the fact I'm terrible at speaking the language), Chemistry could be better, likewise with Health, Aide is alright. Art is probably my favorite class, even though we're drawing our faces and my looks like I'm 30 years older, high, and getting my picture taken for a mugshot. Yes.

I don't know why I'm taking Accounting...

I have homework everyday, and I don't like it... other than that, school is alright... but it's school, and I hate it :/
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