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What's happening at school?

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It's pretty fun, not so much homework as last year it seems. Although I am having trouble with proofs in geometry D:
I made my friend peanut butter cookies for his birthday tomorrow, I'm excited to see his face nom nom them cookies. C:
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Today my teacher wasn't feeling very well, so we basically had a free day. The funniest part was, it seemed only a few of us actually "got the memo" of this, seeing as everybody showed up.

I got to go to a few places and just in general "hang out". What fun!



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At the moment its school holidays for me no reports this term anyway on the last day of the term my teacher said I did the best work in Maths.


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Well, I'm in my sophmore year and I am taking Bio 1, P.E 2, French 1, English 2,Civivs/Free enterprise, Band, and Geometry. I find the English teacher a bit mean, and my Biology teacher makes suggestive jokes, if you know what I mean. I get a pretty decent amount of homework, and it does not interfere with my schedule much.
My homework isn't bad, except for Latin 2. I'm getting swamped, and the worst part is I have a hard time understanding it. The teacher goes very quickly, with quizzes every day, and I've failed more than one. Besides that, I'm doing pretty good so far.


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I almost fell asleep in class because of the heat...


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well lets see...

i dumped my boyfriend cuz he was cheating on me. i went out with someone and he dumped me within 2 hours! and now im trying to tell my ex that he's very..
how should i put this?
ANNOYING! and that was the only intresting thing in school today... but im gonna punch someone in the head tomorrow....maybe


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Progress reports just came in. I got an 82 in Algebra 1, 86 in English, 98 in History and 99 in Science.

(8th grade btw. Explains the algebra thing.)

Anyway, this is how my schedule is (and what I do to make the teachers hate me :D)

1. Earth Science
Eh, the teacher's kind of funny. I'm not a morning person, so she calls me Sir Grumpsalot. -___-

2. English
My high school friends tell me that this english teacher was supposed to be in rehab for weed. A rumor, perhaps? I don't think so, she's got all the withdrawal symptoms, oh and she's boring as hell so I just talk in her class.
(my friend also suspects she brought a vibrator one day. O_O It does explain the "Ms." when she's like, 50. Eww.....)

3. History
Stupid student teacher. My regular teacher gives enough homework, but my student teacher needs to act tough infront of his proffessor and give us a packet, an essay, and some retarded poster to do that's due monday, and gave it to us monday. I've started the packet, but I really don't feel like doing an essay or making a poster.

4. Computers/Careers
On A, B, and C days I have computers with a dramatic and loud teacher, who yells at me for not typing in 'home row'. Screw homerow, seriously, no one cares. Oh, and on D, E, and F days I have a careers teacher. This class is seriously pointless, we basically watch movies from the 90's when they still called flip-flops 'thongs', which made me laugh out loud for like, 10 minutes (oh, and get a detention). Just the atmosphere of the place makes me wanna talk, and some of my best friends are in that class, so it's natural.

5. Lunch
Disgusting school food. I swear, I'm going to start bringing my lunch everyday. Srsly.

6. Algebra
I really don't know what goes on here most of the time, I usually put my sexy long hair over my eyes and just go to sleep and put myself in a position that makes me look awake. (Mainly the reason why I grew it out)

7. Gym
the first part of my cycle for seventh period then Swimming, then retarded Music class taught by Mr. Stagerwalt (I call him Mr. faggerwalt, no offense and stuff.), then Art (which is something I also don't give a damn about) for 36 days each.

8. Wood Shop
I'm terrible at anything that involves with art, so I pretty much have average projects. We're making some candy dispenser thing now, (which could be pretty useful, since halloween's coming up) and we just finished making some box thing. Luckily this class usually fly's by, leading me to..

9. P.M. Homeroom
Hang out at the best homeroom teacher in the world's room where a lot of my friends are in. Sometimes I finish the sh*tloads of homework I have, or listen to my ipod and talk to people. Which she lets us do, which makes her cool B)

That's basically my cliché school life.


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Progress reports just came in. I got an 82 in
7. Gym
then retarded Music class taught by Mr. Stagerwalt (I call him Mr. faggerwalt, no offense and stuff.),

Don't be hating music because you can't play your scales.

As for myself, it seems being a junior is much harder than being a sophomore. Physics, while hard, is becoming my favorite class. My teacher is eccentric and plans lessons well. English and Social Studies are nothing notable for me, but they are grouped together in my schedule, which makes my morning long. Band class is always good fun.

On top of those, I'm also playing in the pit band for my school's musical, Into the Woods. The dialogue in the play is great; it's quite amazing how the playwright put a much darker tone on all of the fairy tales.


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Don't be hating music because you can't play your scales.

What we do in there is hardly anything related to instruments. We all learn about Beethovens 'exciting' life coupled with Mozart and the like.

They might as well call it 'Music History'.

Anywho, there's a dance tomorrow. Something to do, I guess.

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For some reason, I cant seem to Ace a test so far this year. I have had 6 tests that I know the grades for, none of them As. I am hating this year so far.


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Well... College has actually been going pretty well. This week: 2 classes were canceled due to both teachers being sick. Which meant that only Monday and Friday I had classes (mainly because Tuesdays I don't). So, I had ample time to get some assignments done (however, I still have another assignment due on Monday, nothing much to fret over, mind you).

Today, mainly just learning to do coding in Flash with Action Script (surprisingly easy I might add), and continuing with 3DStudio Max 10 with our other in class assignment (which, I might add, I'm learning about the idea of "low polygon" use in terms of creating a small object for use in a game... which does explain why some in game items don't necessarily have to be uber detailed).

So, that's pretty much it, in a nutshell.



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Well ironically I hate religion class. Why? I got a 75% just by getting 4 true or false questions wrong(-12pts!!!) I got the front part perfect which was harder and it cost less points than the true or false.
Physical Education sucks even more. I was taking volleyball, which I hate, and wished he would change the curriculum. Guess what?, it changed. Now I am taking a dance lesson and in two weeks I'm supposed to be dancing "Thriller" in front of the whole school -_-
Also, History is fun, since the teacher has no group control students do pretty much anything, including burning stuff. I don't do any of that so I shouldn't have much problem. In fact the teacher gave us a special project worth 60 bonus points o_O this will certainly give me an A.
In English, I'm a reporter for the School Newspaper, which is cool.


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H1N1 is spreading around my school very quick..at this rate, I may catch it too... Yesterday, we have a day off so they can clean the school and the students apartment...


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I am hating my spanish teacher for real, he is THE worst teacher you will ever see. He messed up my midterm grade and then made a joke to me about it...like I'm supposed to laugh that my parents are gonna kill me now? Not to mention I'm always about to fall asleep in his class, since it's not that entertaining.


I just finished 1st quarter yesterday lol. 1 week of fall break!

Don't think I did too well this quarter though... I didn't understand my chemistry test AT ALL! I took notes during class, but the essay for the test was about the one guy I didn't pay attention to. I zoned out during class... I didn't care about asking a friend for the notes because how was I supposed to know the essay was gonna be on him D:

And there was a quiz one week later on a different chapter. I was absent the day before, so I didn't understand poop :(

On the upside, I aced all of my math quizzes and tests (But I might not get an A because I didn't do too well on these homework portfolios we do on each section), definitely getting an A in English and Japanese, and I might still have time to make up my science grade :D

And if I can't then my parents r gonna KILL me :O


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Hey, dragon-dark-master, I go back to school tomorrow too :) ...*checks your location* ...ah, we're both in Australia, of course. :)

Well, I'm going back, with very little of the holiday homework done. Teachers never check it anyway. First lesson back is French, which is going to be horrendous because two weeks without practicing it is going to make me...well, less than fluent XD


Ooh! I goes back tomorrow too! We don't get Holiday homework at my school (I fail to grasp the concept anyways)

DAMN! I only wrote about HPC and Japanese work and it still turned out way too big!

However, due to my being lazy, hating the subject of HPC, and having really good timing (or I suppose bad...) I ended up not having to turn in an oral assignment (with "additional visual stimulus"). Now, I gave the impression from the day it was due that I was completely finished however, this only worked because: On The friday, I went on an excursion as part of Japanese class (there ist only two students in this class! (and the other person that went only used to be in Japanese class >_> ), and then the next monday when we have our other lesson, I stayed up attempting to do the assignment till the point that my mother felt it was necessary for me to stay home, and then I didn't run into my HPC teacher again until that wednesday before form where we decided that I would do it thursday morning before school. I'd gotten a cold on the tuesday and was unable to attend school on both the thursday and friday. Thun the end of school came and so I never handed it in. I'm supposed to be presenting it tomorrow and I haven't fully finished the "visual stimulus" (power point in my case) and I haven't even gotten a title for the Oral... I'm concerned as to whether or not Period three tomorrow will be the death of me...

In anycase that was my fault since I was too lazy to do it during the holidays!
Plus, mother decided that I should complete Japanese workbooks 7 - 12 (with each unit being two parts) in the span of the two week holidays (6 units is designed to last 6 months however due to my school's being the exact definition of complete and utter fail relative to the class of Japanese*, I'd already done them because my mother attained them from my distance ed teacher last year prior to the rest of the class. Anyway I still slacked off because I spent the holiday getting prepared for HG/SS via serebii and was paying more attention to learning phrases that would appear in HG/SS rather than the ones we get that talk about in class based learning ("I walk my dog to the beach" "Let's eat ice cream" etc.)

*At my school this year, we began with teacher number 1 that after about one term became transition teacher 2 which two weeks later became teacher number 3 whom decided to change jobs about five weeks later thus bringing teacher 4 who left at the end of the semester. We then had transition from school based teachings to distance ed based teaching which brought up teacher 5 whom dudn't know japanese for about three weeks and then finally we were switched to distance ed phone lessons (teacher 6) a 7th teacher whom was just about to finish her uni teaching degree came up for teaching experience (well actually it was half because of that and half because of the fact we received sympathy due to the large number of teachers we had to deal with leaving and so she stayed for a bit and was the one that organised the excursion which got me out of hpc ^_^. But due to my school for some reason not following the Japanese is mandatory in grade eight, it's questionable as to whether or not they will actually hire her to teach us next year... Anyway... At the beginning (teacher 1) there were 15 students I believe, but by the time we reached teacher six, all but three (including myself ^_^) had switched out to other classes (food studies, business tech etc.) This was useful though because we didn't have a single lesson go by without someone saying konnichiwa even though our class ended at 10:50 which is ten minutes before the use of konnichiwa becomes practical...

Needless to say, the teachings of Mount Isa are severely lacking...
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