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What's happening at school?

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Uhhh, we did school ****?

Oh yeah and I made the track team.


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i hate school at the moment, well i hate my fellow students, for instance i ask som1 out he said yes, then he dumped two hours later! what the hell? now he just keeps saying he knows why i asked him out in which i just replyed **** you..
but im home ill today whilst my friends have science.. muhahaha...


Thanks SPPf. TTYL
Hey, dragon-dark-master, I go back to school tomorrow too :) ...*checks your location* ...ah, we're both in Australia, of course. :)

Well, I'm going back, with very little of the holiday homework done. Teachers never check it anyway. First lesson back is French, which is going to be horrendous because two weeks without practicing it is going to make me...well, less than fluent XD

LOL, my first Indonesian, a nice little sleep to start the term.

Well, exam times begin soon, and we have a lot of revision to do. :|
Well there was a recent news that our school got into a fight with this one other school. Thats what happened to my school in general. But in my case, well I got my progress report with 4 As and 2 Bs. ^_^ Wee.

fight with the video
My neighbor showed this to me when I asked him for some things so I can study, but he showed me this first, relating to our school with the other school. Weird junk.

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DAMMIT!!!!!! today sucked elephant genitals. i found out that the former chorus teacher of my middle school died last night, my friend's mom died friday night AND my ***** french teacher (see teachers that suck thread) made another friend cry.


Gah........... I can't belive it. I have French last thing tommoro. Craptastic.


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I am really worried RN because I don't know if my Chemistry lab is due tomorrow or the day after. -__-" Hopefully my friend will get on the computer so I can ask her. :(


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Well I have two tests tomorrow and I don't know why I'm still loitering around here.
Oh yeah, I'm loading some photos for my Chemistry binder due this Wednesday


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Wow. There are some amazing movies in that list, I would have loved a class like that when I was in high school..

But, to each their own, maybe one day you'll appreciate them.

I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to read the other 50 pages of my philosophy for tomorrow.. maybe tomorrow morning..

Well I do and I understand what you mean and such, but I actually appreciated Shindler's List and The Pianist, but I didn't like how we are now watching just genocide. I do understand it, but I would kinda like to watch something else.

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Hey, we had a boring day today. track was fun though.

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Boring for me. I didn't get much homework (thank gooness) but class was boring. My math teacher gives us too much work but overall I think it was a good day.


Well I do and I understand what you mean and such, but I actually appreciated Shindler's List and The Pianist, but I didn't like how we are now watching just genocide. I do understand it, but I would kinda like to watch something else.
I see what you're saying. I misinterpreted your last post and thought you were bored because you weren't watching action movies.. I imagine anyone would get bored of watching the same general genre all year though.

As for me, I have a paper to write for tomorrow and I haven't a clue how to start. I'm predicting a long night.


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I have not really gotten that much homework today, I had some french homework where I had to translate a transcript from a video that we watch at the end of each chapter from french into english, which took me about an hour to do at home. Oh and the videos we have to watch have pretty sucky acting.

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on friday i get to dress up as a cowboy for homecoming and in my bible class we get to race electronic pigs for fun!:)
My school life is based around 4 things right now.

In descending order of a complete and utter bombardment of homework;

Maths Studies B
Math Studies C



Almost there, buddy.
We apparently have to finish 12 chapters of history in 7 weeks. Our teacher's gonna make us read 7 PAGES a night. Sure, we're an AP class, but we have lives too. :(

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we have hardcore teachers like that too. we have to remember all these locations of south america bye thursday, when he doesnt tell us what the locations are called.


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I'm currently in my holidays at the moment. I've got five days until I have to go back. Not too bad though, since there's only 6 weeks for year 11's, and week 5 is our exam week. (But I have to go in for longer than most other people, because I have to do a first aid course.)
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