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What's happening at school?

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today one of the people in my grade spit at another girl, and then the spitter knocked her down, but she got up and beat her up with her lunch! it was very dramatic!


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Taking GCSE French and Art early in yr 9
Had to do like the easiest science test ever. I got full marks on it and its on my weak science of chemistry
All my new teachers are nice and I have no evil ones(I am so lucky)


we have hardcore teachers like that too. we have to remember all these locations of south america bye thursday, when he doesnt tell us what the locations are called.
Yeah, I believe that's called "independent study."

This is what's wrong with education these days. All these wankers expect to be spoonfed the information by their teachers and asked to spew it out when it matters. When they're expected to discover the information on their own, hissy fits ensue.

Most universities don't seem to encourage independent study or research either, at least at undergraduate level. Pretty disconcerting.
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I got a 76 on my first part of a three week Physics test last week. This week I got a 62 on the easiest part of the test while everyone else received 80's and 90's. I really have to step it up because if I don't average over a 70 then I would have to go to tutoring and that would cut into my Media project time.


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I got an F on a french quiz today. It sucks, and I rarely get bad grades. T_T


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Well, I'm currently doing pretty good. Today I rushed to attempt to complete an assignment... only to find that we'd received an extension due to our teacher having been sick last week with Bronchitis (oy...).

Also, I have a few assignments to finish by next Monday, but I'm going to have to e-mail the finished product to my teachers due to it being Thanksgiving long weekend (for us Canadians, I'm perfectly aware of the American November Thanksgiving).

Now... I have this suspicious feeling I have at least 1 assignment due for Friday... but I don't know what it is...


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I am on the verge of madness. I'm overworked, and I can't get back into the flow of school. All my GCSE's are getting harder at this point, and school keeps demanding extra hours after school on everyone. Everyone is stressed out.

So, the school has a brilliant idea on what will make things better for Year 11's!
Seriously. Apparently, it teaches citezenship, responsibility, etc. etc.

IT'S A ****ING PUNISHMENT GIVEN OUT BY THE POLICE! WE'RE ALREADY STRESSED OUT! Why can't they just have the patience to wait for half the year to earn some. It won't take long. JESUS!

Ok... Breath Deeply...
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There was a school shooting near my area the other day. It was pretty cool.

How is that cool? That's extremely dangerous and nerve-wracking. I can't fathom why school shootings even exist, let alone that some people find them 'cool'.


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Commercial art: We were working on the computer and photo-manipulate the masterpiece paintings. My teacher was talking about colleges and whatnot, but my focus was on the Photoshop thing. It's due nextweek so, yeah. I finished the one project I have to do over Photoshop. So I'm all done and over with it.

Marine Science: Took notes, it was nothing much but still.

Lunch: I drew Hitler all over my friend's pants. ^_^

English: Watched a movie on how to do projects. Lame. I know.

Government: I took a test, it was really easy and then we did terms. Our subsitute is Jamaican and he was singing us songs at the end of class. 8D
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7th grade.;444;

Tenth grade is much harder(I think, I skipped seventh grade).

Tomorrow's our big history essay. Everybody's stressed out. Almost all of the History AP students think they atomic bombed the test part of the exam. We all hate our history class so much. I mean, our teacher's cool and all, but she doesnt freakin teach us anything. All she does is give us reading. Starting next week, we'll get 7 pages of reading a night. We're all stressed out so much that everybody is pissed in that class, but we seem to get over it after that class(the class is 0 period). kinda weird, but who could blame us?

...that's pretty much it for my rant, I just needed to vent out my feelings about that class. grr.


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I'm in 10th right now. It's pretty easy. I've gotten some solid A's on my tests, and on top of it all, I'm 3rd chair in our trumpet section in the highest band in the school. There are 9 trumpets, and I'm the only one that isn't a Junior or Senior...
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