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What's happening at school?

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i just got back from the game i mentioned in my previous post. my school lost 19 to 7. not a surprise. although, we hardly ever score.


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Ugh. I wish this were the case for me. The university re-did the entire schedule to allow students Fridays off. But, being in a specialized branch, the theatre students still have classes. :/ So, I get to wake up in the morning and go to class while everyone else is sleeping off hangovers.

On the other hand, I love my instructor for today's class. Good thing too, don't want to be stuck in a room with someone you hate for 5 hours straight every week.

At least it's a class you like though, right? If there was a music class here offered on Fridays, I'd jump all over that.


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Tonight is our school's Homecoming! It's at 8PM which is in about 6 hours. I am so excited because this is my first one and this is my most exciting weekend of my high school career. TIME MUST PASS FASTER.


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i just got back from the game i mentioned in my previous post. my school lost 19 to 7. not a surprise. although, we hardly ever score.

What's your school's record? Our Varsity team isn't much better, 1-6 (Conference Record: 1-4) They lost the Homecoming game 30-20 or something like that. Oh well, I had a fun time at the dance that night.

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Originally Posted by TomDraco
What's your school's record? Our Varsity team isn't much better, 1-6 (Conference Record: 1-4) They lost the Homecoming game 30-20 or something like that. Oh well, I had a fun time at the dance that night.

i dont really know and i definately dont care. i remember one thursday our band was marching down to the football field to practice and some of the football players saw us and bagan to cus us out and say bad stuff about us. i mumbled to myself "atleast we win trophies." despite how harsh that was, the only good things that come out of my school are band, rotc and basketball.


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Finishing off the week with an enjoyable class is the way to do it.

i hate music lessons.
our teacher is a b***h i have history last on friday this week. ohhh the boredom! our teacher is a bore!


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Ahhh!!!! Today I had the best day!

It all started in Indonesian... My mate was learning backwards of his chair, and I wanted to scare him, so I grabbed his hand and he lost balance, but I kept him steady, the teacher saw all of it. But this is the god bit, normally I would get in trouble, sent to the office or whatever. But the teacher got angry at the kids arm I was pulling, my mate said... "But, miss he pulled me!" the teacher replied " You shouldn't have given him the temptation!" I am laughing so much...

Then at recess, I was sitting down, and one of my friends took my apple and was rubbing it in people's hair, then he gave it back to me, so I threw it his genitals. He did the usual, rolls on the ground hold the crotch. Then he got up and tried to pour choc milk on my head, a teacher came over and asked what was going on, he said "He threw an apple at my nut!" The teacher got angry at him for saying nut, and completely forgot about me, so I just walked off.

At this stage, I thought that I had a pretty lucky day, its not finished yet. At lunch, me and another mate were walking and our SOSE teacher walked past, and told my mate to email his, already late assignment in tonight. My mate said "Yeah what ever." Then we walked off I said "Don't talk about a teacher like that!" And the teacher turned around and gave him daggers...

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Holidays is whats happening.


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School just ended for October holidays over here on Friday, so I'm enjoying my 2 week vacation on serebii :D

Sadly, I still have an english essay to do :(


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Well, I'm just getting over H1N1. Forrealz. There's like a total outbreak in Bethlehem. I live in Northampton, and apparently the first case at my school. Now there's rumors of other people getting it, I hope I didn't spread it. o_O

Then again, how could I? I wasn't at school at all last week. I have off today, and supposed to be going back tomorrow.

Ughh... I just realised the make-up work I'm going to have to do.



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Lucky people, we dont get our holidays till the 23rd. Im excited about our Japan trip. Have wanted to go there all my life. I actually want to go to the pokemon centre in Tokyo, and all the final fantasy Shops. Heehee im gona have to take a load of money with me.

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friday afternoon this girl, whos just a friend, started asking me out, even giving me a note friday night during the football game. today i told her that i cant because i love her as a friend, no more than that and my heart is set on somebody else. now im afraid that i hurt her and she will seek out whom my heart is aimed at and attack her.
thinking a little bit into the future, wednesday all freshmen and juniors have to go to advisment because the sophomores are taking the psat.im not looking forward to it because theres this kid in there i dont get along with at all. last time we had advisement was when the juniors had to take the writing portion of the graduation exam. after we had finished writing an essay on "whether the us government should continue to fund NASA for further space exploration or not" i was reading a book. the kid took my bookmark, ripped it in half and sliced my chin. i said some very ugly things that the teacher heard. he didnt care that i had just been assaulted. what if the kid had gone for my throat? so wednesday will definately not be a good day.

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I was out with the stomach virus today, but got my homework from a friend, a good deal of which I have to ask the teacher about. And I missed a presentation today, so I hope my partner did well. I'm going to have to do an extra presentation, though, even though I did a good deal of the work for the other presentation.

With all of this mention of October holidays, I only wish that my school could get them. Our next major holiday is Thanksgiving and then Winter Break. Kinda hard to believe that my school district is almost completely through with the first quarter of the school year. We've already had plenty of projects to do and we're closing out this quarter with another major project.

I wouldn't mind all of the work as much if other schools in the district weren't going to the Outer Banks and such when they do about a third of the work that our school does. We should be going to Virginia towards the end of the school year, but more than twenty parents have said that they weren't interested in letting their child go, so we may not be going. One upside to this, though, is that ninth grade is going to be a breeze, especially considering everybody from other schools has to relearn all of the basics of the curriculum that we went over in sixth grade.

If only the workload was a little lighter, then school could be much more tolerable.
It's Homecoming week for my school. I like, never participate on the Spirit Days, though. Tomorrow is Sports Apparel Day but uh...I don't have anything of the sort. I don't even watch sports soooo...

And our Homecoming Dance is on Saturday but it's doubtful that I will attend that since I see no reason to as of right now.
today was our first day back at school after our two week holidays, and I'm already in trouble. At lunchtime, there were these two guys and they were calling me gay for unknown reasons (probably Bullies, or they heard a rumour, or even possibly looking for a date?). Then I started calling them names, and one took a swing at me, so I ducked, and hit him, then his friend tried to get me in a head lock so I elbowed him the turned around and roundhouse kicked him in the face, chuck norris style. I got a lunchtime detention for 3 days. The other guys got a band-aid :p Then right after my friend got a lunchtime detention for having his pants too low.

In english and drama, we were in a computer lab. all I did was play games, and the techer didn't really care.

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Someone in my class, during changing for PE, with no obvious provacation, walked into the room, picked up the bin and hurled it at someone else, cracking there head.

Said person (and his mates) seem to think it's funny. The guy's a psychopath, but this take the cake.

He will end up a murderer when he's older. I know it.


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I'm having a Pre-SAT tomorrow :p
Any tips would be gladly appreciated
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