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What's happening at school?

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Aww isnt that cute
DONT FAIL thats all i got to say no pressure (in my mind...PRESSURE PRESSURE)
yep no pressure at all

shadow and jolteon

Ghetto Team Rater.
fine some bullies here and there but i have loads of friends but none of them like pokemon or anything i like lol!! their all cool and i'm the wee timid one since i mostly stick with my best friend john who is like the most popular guy in first year. nobody even knows that i like pokemon apart from my two best friends john(the one i was just talking about) and caitlin.


I have my PSAT tomorrow. Of course, I don't, nor ever will, study for these kinds of tests because I'm not that kind of person. It'll probably be easy but I'll probably get a low grade like the last time.


Swing the bat
I should practice, or at least look at, the practice sheets the teacher gave me...


Aww isnt that cute
u know what i dont study but make straight a's its a god given gift i suppose


The Poke-Pimp
Today I had band practice after school ,and I got something for a cookie dough fundraiser we are having for the band.

Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
There was a fight today..

Hardcore Metal Guy vs Fat Stupid Kid

Our Principal walks in while Timothy, Metal guy, slammed "fat guy" on a desk.

Lol the Principal watched the whole fight and the two "brawlers" had no clue.

It ended up with Truemann (Fat Guy aka Falseman) got the crap beaten out of him and the principal handled the matter with care.

Today was awesome.
Sorry i don't have a video = (


Aww isnt that cute
heh me too the fat kid and an equally fat kid except the first one was a green belt in karate and a black belt in brazilian jujistsu heh u know who won lol
I'm having a Pre-SAT tomorrow :p
Any tips would be gladly appreciated

Don't worry about it. Really.
It doesn't count toward your grade or anything, and all it does is serve as a measure for how you may perform on the actual SAT. It doesn't give a perfect prediction of course, as there are other factors that can affect your score... Still, it helps you get a feel for the way the test is set up.
There are some scholarships and honors out there that you can receive depending by how well you do on the PSAT though...

~And since tomorrow is the PSAT for sophomores and juniors, seniors have declared it "Unofficial Skip Day". For the first three hours of the day, we would nothing but sit in the cafeteria. Waste of time tbh. I could be sleeping in working on college apps.

But most seniors (including me >_>) are going out to breakfast before heading to school later, when classes actually start. They're not going to start checking attendance for seniors until 4th period starts so yeah...

Then I get to dissect a cow eyeball in psych!
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Closing this in favor of the new thread I made about school. Better option considering this and the other seemed more poll oriented then anything else.
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