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What's happening at school?

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this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
I start high school Tuesday.


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My school is a maths and computing specialist school...

...We spent all of our maths lesson getting the computers to work.

Same as me, then. But I get one ICT lesson a week, on Monday.
But the lunches are AWESOME! (Not cheap)
well is my second year of college (KU Kansas University) and its crazy over here if you haven't been listening in the news the swine flu is at my college is really scary to go out cross your fingers that I won't get the swine flu lol

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Same boring **** that happens every other day and it doesn't help that I have very few friends over there.


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i start in two days im takin : Britsh Literature/Scifi/Fantasy, Oceanography, Media Arts, Ceramics, Forensics, Health (ugh...), Outdoor Adventure (my gym class but waay more fun), im going into my senior year of high school so yeah fun.. : P


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I started my Junior year like 2 weeks ago. Not much has happend, I love all my classes for once. I'm crushing on this guy in my Graphic Design, and also one guy in my Health class. So nothing new really.


I start in 3 days, gonna be shitty.


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I start tomorrow and the new uniform sucks.
Nothing else to say. ;049;


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I'm at my second year of college
so far has been good, and not that hard as I thought To be honest I was getting tired of summer .

dark rift

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I am actually looking forward to it. Mainly because I won't be going to school, and because I'm bored of not knowing anyone around here.


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Well, I ended up with a pretty easy schedule.
Algerbra I honors
U.S History
Language Arts
Language Arts (we have 2, reading and writing)
and Band III


School, for me, is going great! xD
My schedule for first semester is: Psychology, Geometry Honors, Civics & Economics Honors, & Chorus.
I love my schedule & I have at least 10 of my friends in every class <3
This year is going so great.


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I'm a sophomore in high school talking right now:

Biology (boring)
History and Hollywood (boring)
American History (boring)
English 2 (did I mention BORING?)

Pretty boring schedule, but later in the year I will be taking: Honors Algebra 2, Lifeguarding, Chemistry and College Prep Chemistry, Digital Image Design, Creative Writing... but with my favorite teacher

Anywas I run cross country so I have to drink lots of water and I have to go to the bathroom a lot, its not fun :|


But Never Again...
i start in two days im takin : Britsh Literature/Scifi/Fantasy, Oceanography, Media Arts, Ceramics, Forensics, Health (ugh...), Outdoor Adventure (my gym class but waay more fun), im going into my senior year of high school so yeah fun.. : P

Scary...I'm a junior as well and I have a Graphics Class [I'm year two, so I have one year exp...]

Well, for me, my schedule is pretty eff'd up! I have classes with ppl who I barely know, let alone, who I think are WAY too dumb to be in an AP class...plus, I have the latest lunch period of the school! :(

Topaz Archer

I'll just give a run-down on my classes.

1st period: P.E. Very boring class. There's really no one to talk to. Just a bunch of annoying Freshmen. I use it as my class for waking up.
2nd: Spanish 3. Awful, awful, awful teacher. I really don't like him. He's on a power-trip, and I don't even think he really knows Spanish.
3rd: Break. The teacher for my "Advisement" class is a witch. She's on the biggest power-trip I've ever seen. She almost wrote a kid up for acting different. We're supposed to talk to each other in this class, but she doesn't let us do anything.
4th: A.P. European History. I loooove this class. I thought for sure that I'd hate it, because I thought history was boring, but the teacher really makes it interesting.
5th: Honors Chemistry. The teacher is rather dull, but all of my fun friends are in it, so it's really fun.
6th: Algebra 2. It's okay. The teacher is really good, and I have some good friends there. The classroom sounds like a hospital at the moment, though. Everyone's sick. >_>
7th: Honors English: This class is a joke. This class is nothing compared to the one last year. But my best friend sits right next to me, so... *shrug*

Decent year overall. I'll be doing plays and speech and debate.
The workload isn't bad, but I know it'll get way worse.


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Aw, we have Science for our first subject, then comes Math and lastly Indonesian language. Well there's still another lesson between Math and Indonesian subjects but the teacher didn't come.

No, I didn't go off like a wild animal, unless if you want to see my Milotic doodles that I drew since I'm bored ^_^;
Omfg, everyone's so jealous of me. That's what's happening.
I'm not modest or anything, and I'm not really the jealous type.
Just there's so many girls in my grade that are jealous of me. Of my talent, smartness, and look.
Sometimes even the teachers are jealous of me.
But, other than that, schools actually doing well. Last year it sucked because it was my first year but I'm better now.XD


Hail to da king baby
I just started the big eleven...th grade....
please have mercy upon my soul...
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