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Whats so good about Blissey?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Garbs, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Garbs

    Garbs Well-Known Member

    Title of thread says it all. Why are so many people putting Blissey on their teams now? Has it got some sort of amazing move pool that i dont know about or is it because it has lots of HP?
  2. Cipher

    Cipher Nothing to be done

    It has loads of HP and an out of this world Special Defence. It's no good offensively, safe for the adequate Seismic Toss, but it's an amazing tank. That is, as long as it doesn't take a physical hit of any kind.
  3. Garbs

    Garbs Well-Known Member

    Ah right. So what sort of situations would it be useful in? Sorry if that was a noobish question but hey, that's what i am :p
  4. legendary pkm master

    legendary pkm master Water Pokemon Master

    it also gives u a rack of EXP for killing it
    my frend has one and we mixed records so i can fight him in his secret base and it gives you 8756 EXP if you kil it no matter what
    my Flaafy was at level 20 and blisey was at level 79 and it only had like 5 HP left and it died cuz of the sand storm and my Flaafy went all the way up to level 32 just for being there
    (blissey was a lready weakened by my swampert lv 92)
  5. Strike!

    Strike! Well-Known Member

    Stoping special sweepers and healing your party of special conditions.
  6. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan Old Fogey

    Blissey was my reason for winning gold in battle palace and was also part of my battle tower team when it reached the 100-win streak.
  7. starterlover1

    starterlover1 Emperor Coordinator

    It is an excellent special wall, can heal your party pokemon's status, can also annoy. I think that with that massive HP it has the power to survive a physical attack, even with that atrocious base 10 defense. That means that a counter will beat anything whose physical attack it survives.
  8. TogeticTheRuler

    TogeticTheRuler Well-Known Member

    Yeah,great special wall,best counterer(wobbfet is getting jelous)and an amazing movepool like most normals
  9. Knuffy

    Knuffy the gift giver

    I use my Blissey for the softboiled attack after I use doubleteam on her six times. Then it is almost imposible to hit her, so softboil will restore the energy if she gets damage, and I have thunderbolt and ice beam to complete the attacks because she has higher special attack then physical attack.
  10. kirby

    kirby Guest

    Subpunch combo 2HKOs most Blisseys for me though. =/
  11. Tazzler

    Tazzler Well-Known Member

    Blissey is great because of her being the best special sponge in the game. 255 base hp and 135 base special defense and no special weaknesses means that she can take any special attack. Her hp and max defense makes her take some physical attacks as well. She can counter for an ohko. She also uses aromatherapy to heal status of your team, softboiled is superior to rest, and natural curse means she can take status.

    She has no offense though relying on seismic toss to do any damage. She often loses to pokemon that can regain their health. Snorlax and Regice, the two other common special spognes, has some offense in Stab body slam and ice beam as well as other moves like thunderbolt and earthquake to take advanatge of their good attack and special attack stats.
  12. Kodan

    Kodan Master Breeder

    The good thing about blissy is the Amazing Sp.Def stats and the HP, Also, Its move like Softboiled can really help. But it is very poor on the offensive side..

  13. folgore

    folgore Master of Attacks

    If you have a LV100 Blissey, a great move to teach it is Seismic Toss. Not only will it have super high HP, It will deal damage by 100 every time. Another great move is Softboiled. A high HP creature almost taken out... when suddenly it recovers.
  14. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    Blissey is Excellent. Max 405 S.Def with S.Def+ Nature and Max 714 HP is nothing to scoff at. Even with that HORRID defense, it can take a T-Tar Focus Punch, with like a strand of life left(Max Def, Bold, Max HP.)
  15. Ballade

    Ballade Ultimate Destoryer

    just make sure and don't have Blissey against a fighting type or a ghost time, since Seismic (sp?) Toss is it's best attack and it's a fighting move (which means a ghost-type won't be affected), and a well-placed Focus Punch, Superpower, Break Brick, Sky Uppercut, or some other powerful Fighting-type attack from a powerful Fighting-type pokemon will usually send Blissey to the grave with one-hit (low defenses + fighting attack (which means double damage) + the STAB that the attack gets (which is x1.5) = one dead blissey)

    If your oppenent, however, is free of any ghost-types and fighting moves, then Blissey can take a hit and dish it out with Seismic Toss.
  16. Prince_PJ

    Prince_PJ Infinity's got 23

    So, in a very unlikely situation

    That's even less likely than, oh I dunno, getting a critical hit on said Focus Punch
  17. AJ kinova the psychic

    AJ kinova the psychic Saffron gym leader

    in looks blissey isnt as good to chancy but in stats blissy rock hard
  18. Poke'Blaze

    Poke'Blaze That THAT!

    Blissy's a solid tank. Fighting pokemon tears it apart like a missle. Sofboiled is annoying but is really helpful.
  19. Jay Fredo

    Jay Fredo Thunder Trainer

    Blisse is much better than Chansey in everyway. I like Blissey. I own two of them. Level 81: One has like Psychic, Counter, Softboiled and Metronome. The other one is at lv 50 and its better with Seismic Toss, Softboiled, Flamethrower and Defence Curl 6x to boost that defence of 51 upto 204 so I can make it a tank in defence and already a sponge in special defence. It's also good to either have leftovers or brightpowder/lax incense
  20. killerkyogre14

    killerkyogre14 Well-Known Member

    it has alot of HP

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