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What's the best or worst trade you've ever experienced?

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I remember when I was young and oblivious to the value of cards, I traded a Japanese Entei for a Zapdos--thankfully I got it back when I found it on the bus floor; regardless, my best trade was a Rayquaza for 20 Grass Energy cards--I had about 500 more of those.

What about you guys? ;)

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Actually, It was a different experience other than trading in my case. There was this kid with level X's and legendaries that cheaply took me out just for the sake of winning my Sawk, Gengar, Bouffalant, and Steelix. It was a game were we played for keeps, and I never knew what cards to expect before we started to play

Well, I've learned my lesson ( In a humiliating way)


Vae Victis
When I was very young, I traded my Lugia for a Shellder. *facepalm*


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when i was young i got scammed into a game for keeps and the other kid cheated and made off with my base 1 series charizard, blastoise, and venusaur......
well, i have three.

traded a ep whimmiscot for two Pokemon catcher.
traded a b+w scrafty for a donphan prime.
traded my other two catchers for full art terrakion, dialga and palkia top and bottom, and a rotom.

I once got an entire kid's collection of Pokémon cards for 10 dollars and a Snickers bar.
20 trainers for a terakion full art :3
shaymin ex for 3 rayquaza ex


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