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What's the difference


Here's what I think Ash needs to do and it is exactly what Paul has done. In DP 131, Reggie asks Brock if Ash has any strategies for the match like substituting his pokemon for the match against Paul. Of course, Brock/Dawn reply that Ash is using the same six pokemon. Well Reggie goes on to explain that Paul has intentionally changed his team around specifically cause of the previous battles with Ash and that is why Paul can predict what Ash does in the battle. For example: Paul didn't swap out Torterra even though Staraptor came out. Why? Paul had Stone Edge waiting for Ash's Staraptor. Or in DP 132, when Pikachu Volt Tackled towards Magmortar, Paul had Magmortar use that move on the ground to slow him down.

In the team Paul used against Ash, his team has 3 members 2x weak to rock. So maybe Ash should start teaching his pokemon rock moves or teach his pokemon moves to counter Paul's counter to his pokemon. Grotle should learn Stealth Rock for Honchkrow. Buizel should learn ice punch, ice beam, or blizzard to counter Torterra. As mentioned by others, Pikachu should learn feint to counter Electabuzz or Surf for Magmortar(yeah right). Anyways, those are just some examples, but I don't think Ash should totally change his style. He just needs to be better prepared against Paul. Paul did his homework on Ash, Ash needs to do the same in order to compete against Paul.

PS: Sorry for the wall of text.

Shadow XD001

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I think Ash should be a little tough on his Pokemon, but not like Paul. Also, he needs to strategize.
If Ash teaches his pokemon different type of moves it would definitely help. We all know Buizel need a new attack. All he can do is spill water. Power is not enough for him and maybe after learning some fighting type or rock type move he could put up a great fight against now permanent ursaring. And Ash also need to improve over his pokemon's abilities. Whats the logic of using mach punch when blaze is activated. He should've known that blaze power ups fire type moves so better use flame wheel or flame thrower. Ash really needs some strategy before the league not just that counter shield.


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Well paul isnt stupid thats one thing light screen is what basically lead to ash,s downfall so flamethrower couldnt hurt torerra and energy ball couldnt hurt honchkrow ash needs to have moves like that like reflect or something but ash never gets those kind of moves
If Ash wants Grotle as a defensive type pokemon then it needs some defensive moves to take some damage before attacking. Moves like Light Screen and protect are apt for Grotle. And he should not use physical attack cause they utilize speed. Some special moves backed by few defensive moves and Grotle could beat plenty of pokemon on Paul's team.

super riolu31

but ashes team is at its peak so far. oncethere is one more evolution i bet there will be a big change in how ash battles

Buck The Bidoof Masta

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Im surprised that Grotle dosent abuse iron defense like Torkoal did(he had it, right?)

Like others have said, the loss was more or less on Ash. Dont be fooled, his game is mental.. Or something like that. Either way he needs to try and get physical with his pokemon, have a reserve come in and help or something.

The way I see it:
Staraptor - Speed sweeper
Grotle - Tank, the core of the team
Monferno - longevity sweeper(will be around for the later battles)
Buizel - not sure, sometimes he shows up, other times not lol
Pikachu - cleanup man
Gliscor - Longevity sweeper

Ash has to learn how to lean on certain pokemon and try and find holes in Pauls stratagies as said before.

EDIT: Grotle

I believe he will be the main component in beating Paul and going far in the league. As said before, defensive moves are a must, but I think offensive moves will help immensely.
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