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Whats the first thing u do when u wake up.


i take a piss, spit in the sink a few times because i allways have a dry mouth when i wake up and then i get dressed and head downstairs for breakfast.


TCG Trainer
A) go back to sleep
B) Shower


Coordinator Plus
When I have school or something important to do:
-When at home, I go to the couch and go to sleep temporarily, or, I wake up immediately.
-When somewhere else, I get ready immediately.
When on my break:
-I go to sleep for a few hours, waking at 9 or so when I first woke at 6 (meaning I get extra rest)

After I get up, I usually maintain how awake I am, checking if I'm fully awake or not.


Psychic Enthusiast
I usually try to go back to sleep.

If that fails, then I get out of bed and brush my teeth.


Grass Trainer
I normally wanna go back to sleep but I wake up late. But then I fall asleep anyway and then get angry at myself for falling asleep again. Then i normally take the dog for a walk after all the other business.


Turn over and peck my boyfriend on the cheek or forehead, and tell him it's time to get up.


Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter
Go back to sleep.

Or chuck my phone across the room to stop the alarm. Then get back to sleep.
At school: put my alarm clock off and wash myself at the sink in my boarder room.
When I'm home: keep laying down for a while, then go downstairs and have breakfast.


BugBite Leader
wake up , shower , dress get bus
honestly going back to sleep is bad for your mental health when your a kid (Well it sound like it could be think about it )


Holier than thou
Stretch my arms, wash up and all, have breakfast, then open my laptop.


Busy with School
I stare at the ceiling.


I yawn, stretch, shower, change, then I head on over to the kitchen and have myself a cup of coffee and a slice of pie~