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What's The Last Thing You Bought?

A figure of Kasen Ibaraki. The price for her went down significantly and she'd been high on my wishlist for quite some time.
Still has to arrive though, but I bought her from a seller I trust so I don't expect any issues.



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Evolving Skies Build and Battle box yesterday. Lucky thing I got there early with the line already wrapped halfway around the building, because they sold out shortly after opening the doors.


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Decided to buy Pokemon Crystal on the 3DS cause why not.


Komodo Dragons Rule!
Due to lockdown I can't go to USA for the time being to get me some delicious chips, so I went to a special store to buy em'.

Now I also got a coupon that on the 6th buy will give me a free bag of chips or cookies with my purchase :)


Had to put off on getting my August pick ups at the comic store, but got some recent books from Amazon:

Most recent of the Babysitters Clubs books and Allergic which I gave a shot due to the FCBD site mentioning the Sampler.

Looked cute and while I don't share the extent of what the main character deals with, myself and my mom and brother have minor allergies to our cats.

Here are the previous volumes of the BSC series and it's spinoff:



To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Got a $10 eshop card for my birthday. Got Moonlighter on sale with it and another indie game. Also got a couple of other indie games too.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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The video game on 3DS?

I just bought chips, American cheese, and a 40 pack of bottles of water
Yes. One in the same. Got it for a good price too.

What flavor chips did you get?


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-The very notion that the word "seagarret" is a synonym for the word "buoy"
...oh, to "buy" in the sense of to acquire or purchase, not to believe or attest to... /s
Snax & cardboard []
Going to use the cardboard for a canvas in an artificial world project.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Bought Joker for Smash Ultimate. Now to consider getting a pro controller (still debating on wired or the more expensive wireless) so I can actually play with others in college instead of being handicapped with joycons at the moment (which are basically useless for Smash).