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What's The Last Thing You Bought?


Got these at the door:


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I just bought Pokemon Scarlet on the Nintendo eShop. I normally prefer physical copies, but I'd like to play the game on launch day & I like the eShop's preoder bonuses the best


Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
Bought pokemon pack one was the very first sword and moon series marked slightly more cost than the newest packs and a astral radiance pack. The good draws were Celebi V (worth 25 for PSA grading 10) and a Galarian Ponyta respectively


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Got a $10 eshop card and got Cat Quest 2, Limbo, Inside and Dadish.


Got a few good TCG card draws from 2 Chilling Reign packs.

Single Strike Urshifu Holograpic (Not Urshifu-V or any full alternate art versions) but its attacks do not work (I have Tower for Ward or Rapid Strike Scroll of Swirls) My brother has the Urshifu.

I also got a Cresselia regular holographic version.
It's just a matter of chance. I received 1 FA, 1 FA trainer, and 1 Alt art VMAX in my first box. I'm expecting 2 more boxes, and it wouldn't surprise me if I only received 1 FA in each. There is only one constant after opening tens of thousands of packs, and while some sets do have better inherent pull rates than others (battlestyles is atrocious), it all comes down to luck.


Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
I've had a several good pulls from a local store called Poke Palace that can sell each card individually for very low prices. They Include from this list.

Inteleon V (Today)
Rillaboom V(Today)
Cinderace V (Today)

Reshiram (25 Anniversary)
Zekrom (25 Anniversary)
Xerneas (25 Anniversary)
Kyogre (25 Anniversary)
Groudon (25 Anniversary)
Solgaleo (25 Anniversary)
Lunala (25 Anniversary)
Cosmog and Cosmoem (25 Anniversary each)
Rillaboom Reverse Holo

Entire Goodra Line
Torterra (Ground/Fighting version)
Tapu Lele (Lost Thunder series)
Naganadel (Lost Thunder Series pack)

Poipole (Lost Thunder Series pack)

Satoshi & Touko

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Iphone charger cause I thought I lost my old one but I just found it in my mum’s drawer lol
I think it's a pretty good thing to have a spare phone charger available, so don't feel like you wasted any money. :)

Anyway, last thing I bought, which was weeks ago funny enough, was a big bottle of Pepsi.

Captain Jigglypuff

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A blonde wig and bald cap to finish my costume for Halloween this year. I’m being Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs and the two are perfect as the bald cap is in a completely different skin tone than my own and with 5he wig on top of it it looks like I’m wearing a scalp.


Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
Several new buys last weekend and 2 were a gift
Mimikyu V (Battle Styles 62) I love this card
Zamazenta V (Brilliant Stars #105 card)
Hisuian Decidueye V (Astral Radiance #83)
Ice Rider Calyrex V and Calyrex V-Max (A gift from my friend, he bought himself a big Calyrex Deck set which has 3x Calyrex V's and 3 Calyrex V-Max's. He doesn't play it, he just loves cards he doesn't have yet)
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