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What's The Last Thing You Bought?


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Just bought some household stuff that I needed like shower curtains, soap, shampoo, trash bags and toilet paper.


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Mario 3D All Stars. Wasn't sure if I would run into a physical copy or if I'd have to stock up on EShopcards. Luckily, I found a physical copy at WalMart!
Cool. That's where I got my copy too. Walmart is on the ball with this one, stock wise.


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In video games - Xenoblade Chronicles HD
In comics - Sonic IDW #32
In food and drink - some random cider
In other stuff - wet wipes, paint

There's so much stuff I want to buy. List just keeps growing.
And here I thought I could be a minimalist...


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Nothing so far. But it reminds me... I had a PS Vita once. Sold it and got me monies back. Now I want one again.
Such a sad story.

OH YEAH. I got Sonic on my Switch. The First game. Can't get through the third zone without getting hit and losing my rings, so don't have enough rings to get the bonus stage (which is like an acid trip for me).


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Looking into certain editions of the 2DS XL.
Love the Hyrule Shield one, and the Pokéball and the Dragon Quest one. Though they are all Japanese ones, so would only be collectable for me.
Been thinking about getting the Dragon Quest one.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Got some new shirts, one that has a white tiger on it and one has some wolves on it, a small football to exercise with, a Madlibs book (Halloween edition), a Ripley's Believe it or Not book, some groceries.
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I've been buying quite a few things lately and I feel like I should stop... I don't know if it's out of sheer boredom or what, but I keep searching online and wanting new stuff. Since September I've gotten:

Pokemon Trading Card products (individual cards, booster packs, Eternatus card sleeves)
Mamegoma and Sanrio plush from a local Japanese store
Video games (Zelda A Link to the Past for GBA, Yoshi's Island DS, and Super Mario 64 DS out of interest due to 3D All-Stars)
A Cosplay Pikachu plush

I've ordered and am waiting for:
A 2DS system since my 3DS of 9 years has issues of turning off by itself
TCG Eternatus VMAX collection
Eternatus figure

As you can probably tell I really want Eternatus merch. It along with Zamazenta are among my top favorite legendaries (nothing against Zacian, I like them all). I already got the Zamazenta keychain figure and now considering getting the Zacian one too to complete the trio. Unfortunately the Zacian seems to be out of stock, being the more popular one I'd assume.

There was also a limited edition TCG binder for Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus that I've been eyeing since I found out about it in September, and I didn't know about it before when it released in July. I thought I could wait until later to get it, but it ran out of stock around the last week of September. My only chance in getting it now is most likely Ebay when someone will sell it for $100 or more lol.