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Whats the most popular pairing in Journey's?


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Normally it would have been female lead x Ash but I never see Ash or Go interact with Chloe alone. Is Ash x Go the most popular or I don't know. I guess Journey's is not very talked about with shipping. Any one know? I've looked around out of curiosity but found nothing.

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Probably Ash/Goh, it's the one I see talked about on Twitter. It's not a ship I personally care about (and most Ash/Goh shippers are a strange bunch, even by shipper standards) but I can't deny that it's far more popular than either of the characters with Chloeharu.


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>Ash x Goh
When Gary returned Ash x Goh couldn't even catch up with the Ash x Gary

Ash x Leon hands down


I shouldn't be surprised but for some reason, I am.

Shippers always outdo themselves, I guess


Well tbf it being from the game helps a lot and it also helps fujos are like rabbid sharks when it comes to fanarts.
I was refering to the Chloe/Chrysa pairing lol


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Pixiv sez:
SatoGo: 372 + GoSato: 109 = 481
GoKoha: 82 + KohaGo: 4 = 86
SatoKoha: 55
DanSato: 40
KohaKiku: 16
RenKiku: 1

and of course:
DanKiba: 3697 + KibaDan: 2311 = 6008
Please tell me who Dan is, is he Leo in a different language? I'm surprised that ones not the second most popular since yaoi seems to be liked in Journey's more this time around.
As for ones with the main cast: AshXGoh and it’s not even close


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Dan is short for Dande, the character called "Leon" in English.

SatoShige is the second most popular Satoshi pairing, second only to (of course) SatoSere. So it's hardly "this time around".
I wonder if the writers are aware of SatoSere’s popularity?