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What's the most recent ship you've got into?

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I'm playing Hyrule Warriors, I tried to ship Zelink so hard, but i just can't, Now I'm in love with Link x Lana, I think that Lana likes Link for some reason, i'm shipping them so hard


I'm playing Hyrule Warriors, I tried to ship Zelink so hard, but i just can't, Now I'm in love with Link x Lana, I think that Lana likes Link for some reason, i'm shipping them so hard

There's few but very good Lana/Link art and fics out there. Hopefully there will be more of it to come. Though Zelink will always be my OTP for the LOZ fandom.

I just discovered Sakukarin from Naruto. I saw an edit of Sakura and Karin together and I'm like, why did I not think of this before!


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I'm playing Hyrule Warriors, I tried to ship Zelink so hard, but i just can't, Now I'm in love with Link x Lana, I think that Lana likes Link for some reason, i'm shipping them so hard
Lana indeed loves Link.It gets revealed more in the story.

I'm played the Megaman Zero series again,and I've fallen more in love with Zero x Ciel.I mean seriously,a remix of Zero 4's theme,with it's lyric's translated,state Ciel's love for Zero.

I've also read some stuff about Fire Emblem:Radiant Dawn,and,though I have yet to play it,I am shipping Gregory x Elicina so hard.Ike x Elicina,come at me.

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Gravity Falls in general, while one of my favorite shows, is not one I really ship in, but Dipper and Pacifica in that last episode... Especially funny because Pacifica started out as my most hated character in the show.


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A pairing I have recently got into is Lucina x Dark Pit after having read a few fanfics about said pairing on FanFiction.net. I can see them sympathising with each other since they are usually victims of bashings for being clone characters, particularly Dark Pit who is canonically a clone in Kid Icarus: Uprising.


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I've watched all the available episodes of Aldnoah Zero and I kind of like Inaho/Asseylum though sometimes I find Inaho a little boring for a protagonist.

I also like Slaine/Asseylum, especially in the earlier episodes, but now, I'm just waiting to see his downfall considering the choices he's made so far in the series...

On the Pokemon side, Volkner/Morty is completely growing on me more than before.

EDIT: After finishing Kill la Kill, I'm adding Gamagoori/Mako to my most recent ships. lol
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Like most of the Steven Universe fandom after Thurday's new episode, I really like

Ruby and Sapphire. They are a cute couple and their devotion to each other makes it practically impossible to not like them.


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Okay, I can't remember if I've said it already, but I'll say it again: I am soooo all over Okita/Kagura from Gintama! Reading doujin and looking at fanart probably did it, but I don't care. It's probably the one Gintama ship I'll ever really fangirl about. :p And what's great is that the Gintama anime resumes with a new season in April, so perhaps more OkiKagu teases? xD LOL!


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i don't have any new anime ships beyond a couple Naruto ones, but newest ship overall would be Oliver and Felicity from Arrow. That shows loves to mess with the shippers though (according to what i've read of interviews, both actors support the pairing too).


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its got to be yuri kuma for me, and i'm anticpating on what awaits lulu at the end

so the pairing i found to support was lulu/ginko, kureha/lulu and of course ginko/kureha

- they're threesome is also what i find most adorable to me -


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Plenty of Type-0 ships are popping up for me from what I played so far (haven't finished it yet). Machina/Rem is pretty obvious since they have that 'childhood friend' trope, but I also like Nine/Deuce and Trey/Cinque; especially Nine/Deuce. You have the impulsive tough guy and soft-spoken girl who, so far from what I've seen, appear in a cutscene together. Not to mention, when I play Deuce, Nine seems to save my butt from time to time. lol Same can be said for Trey/Cinque; they have cutscenes together that are very adorable to me. xD I might even like Kurasame/Seven, just because they both have a 'frosty' theme to them, but nothing's happened yet.

FFXV demo: Gladiolus and Prompto hitting on Cindy is pure win. Can't say I can really ship anything since the game is still not finished, but I know I'll be shipping something in this game!

Skylander Sylveon

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Natsu x Lucy and Grey x Lucy from Fairy Tail! :D

(as for other things... i guess Nami x Zoro, or Nami x Sanji from One Piece. Luffy is too much of a weirdo to score lol)
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Oh, I actually now have some new ships, and so I can contribute here XD

Anyway, so I just recently finished reading the last Wheel of Time book (lol idk if there even are other fans of the series on this site XD), and I surprised myself with becoming attached to some ships in the eleventh hour, so to speak. XD Egwene/Leilwin was the one I latched onto with the most vehemence, but I also got a kick out of the (un)holy trinity of Min/Mat/Tuon, and I completely dig Elayne/Mat/Birgitte and the mutual respect and friendship they've got going on and they're just so satisfying and fun and refreshing (and omg, bbys, they've come so far *sheds a tear*), and the fandom's introduced me to the light that is Perrin/Faile/Bain/Chiad/Gaul. XD Oh, and also, Nynaeve/Lan/Moiraine, because apparently that last book has just inspired ALL OF TEH POLYSHIPS in me XP

But yeah, Egwene/Leilwin was the one that jumped right out of the text at me, practically screaming at me to ship it especially since egwene's canon love interest was just bound and determined to be as stupid as possible, and I just....Leilwin was THERE for Egwene, and Egwene comes to trust her too, and I just can't even with them. so obvs, heartbreak forever XD DX *headdesk*
So, I've recently been obsessed with Steven Universe, and my favorite ship... is Older!Steven x Pearl. I know, I had to pick the weird ship, but I can't help it. I just think they'd be great together.. At least I'd only ship them once Steven's an adult. I guess that makes it a little less weird, right? ... I regret nothing.


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Gangsta. is an anime that is totally up my alley--dark, crime drama, bits of humor, and action. In concerns to shipping, I have a fancy for both Nicolas/Alex and Worick/Alex.:) Actually, just make the entire thing a threesome and I'll be over the moon because I also like Worick/Nicolas... LOL


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Check my sig. :D

*realizes that my sig will probably be different later*

Okay, Fedal (Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal). I just recently got into tennis (and watched Roger Federer lose to Novak Djokovic in the U.S. Open 2015 final, sad times), but upon searching TV Tropes for tennis I came upon the (b)romance/rivalry known as Fedal. Man, I barely knew who these two guys were but I fell for the ship HARD. Roger's married and has kids, but his relationship with Rafael is just SO CUTE. Even if it's just a friendship these two really make me fangirl like crazy. Plus they're both hot so that's a nice bonus xDD
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