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What's the most recent ship you've got into?


Bayonetta x Jeanne is a fantastic ship in my opinion. I tweeted Hideki Kamiya, the man behind the Bayonetta games and he agreed with me when I said they made a cute couple.
I've started shipping Loki/Tony (Avengers) and Moriarty/Sherlock.
I tend to ship villains/heroes mostly because I find the dynamic of the hero turned villain utterly fascinating. That along with the process of manipulation and seduction needed for them to join "the dark side".

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I've liked the pairing for a while now, but it's been recent in catching up on the anime and reading the manga that I really now am getting into Tora/Mayuko from Ushio and Tora. Like it's a pairing that shouldn't be, and yet it's too cute (and one-sided in canon) to ignore.


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I think I'm warming up to Mimi/Izzy despite years of supporting Mimi/Joe & Izzy/Yolei. Helps that I was never all that strongly into the older ships so they're easier to let go.


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Now that I've finally started watching some of the MCU (mostly just the stuff for Captain America, but hey XD), that also means I've been picking up some new ships. The one that I'm the most into though is Steve/Bucky. I just....I can't even with them. Also, Sam's devotion to Steve makes me cry too, as does the amazingness of Peggy Carter. XD


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The most recent ships I have got into are YadomiXAnaru and YukiatsuXTsuruko from AnoHana:The flower we saw that day!


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Let's see, the prominent ones for me right now are...

Marinette/Adrien (Adrienette) Ladybug/Chat Noir (LadyNoir) from Miraculous Ladybug. It's interesting, because... Well, they're superheroes, but don't know each others' secret identities (somehow; it's really freaking obvious who they are, and the biggest flaw in the show is that it makes no sense that they haven't figured it out). So, Marinette is a sweet but kind of awkward girl. She's in love with Adrien, but she's too shy to talk to him very much. He's cool and kind, but seems kind of lonely. Because his rich dad is so controlling, he doesn't feel free to break out and be himself, so that's where a lot of his reserved nature comes from. He's in love with the superheroine Ladybug, whom he works alongside as Chat Noir. Marinette is much more confident and brave as Ladybug. And Adrien feels much more free to cut loose as Chat Noir, joking around a lot, coming onto Ladybug... But she's having none of it. It's awkward and adorable.

Also, Star/Marco (Starco) from Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Star is just... Well, she's Star-- enthusiastic, hyper, wild, just kind of out of control, but with a cheerful outlook. Marco is more grounded, and I like how sarcastic he can be. I like how close they are as friends, how they know what to say to encourage each other. For me, friendship is the most important part of any ship. And they have good chemistry besides that, I think. In the episode "Blood Moon Ball"...Its not the dance scene that I liked the most, but afterward, when they keep saying the same thing at the same time, and then they were all awkward about it... That was what made me think, yeah, this is gonna be canonized.


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I've recently gotten into Cardcaptor Sakura (and no, not the Americanized Cardcaptors), and I have become a HUGE fan of Sakura x Syaoran/Shaoran. They are so adorable together, and their qualities compensate for the lack of qualities of their respective counterpart: cheerful with stoic, extrovert with introvert, naive with thinker, Pollyanna with tsundere, hopeful with determined, and much more. They really click together in a way that not many other pairings can rival, in my opinion.

Another pairing that I support is Tomoyo x Eriol. Weird implications aside, I think these two would be a great and dynamic couple, due to both being very analytical people. They also seem to be trolls, so they could very well troll many other people together. I also really liked Touya x Mizuki, from what I have seen about their past. It's too bad that this is a hopeless shipping, but I liked it regardless.
Boruto X Sarada; I mean they're both Friends, and they have Problems with their Fathers(Sarada doubts her Father even Loves her, and Boruto cannot Stand how his father ALWAYS neglects him and his Family), and Plus they could have the Merging of 2 Clans together; I wonder what their Future Child will look like and what powers he or she may or may not have.
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I've been watching How I met your mother, so obviously I would start shipping some new ships, am I right? I really got into Marshall X Lily, they're such a adorable couple, love their relationship and it almost impossible to hate them, two other couple I got into the show was Ted x Robin and Barney x Robin, I can't help, I love both couples so much. Ted is madly in love with Robin, but Barney and Robin make such a great couple, sadly, there's only one Robin


Got back into Lucci/Kaku from One Piece. It's been an on-off-on-again thing for the past decade or so. I live for their relationship dynamic. And Jabra's misery--j/k, love you wolfman. ;P

I'll probably pick up Saint Seiya's Shura/Aiolia as well soon. Goat-Lion complements aforementioned Leopard-Giraffe too splendidly. >.<

And I guess a couple of Undertale ships...? Aside from the awesomely amazing F/F pair that is Undyne/Alphys, I mean. Stuff with Gaster, Grillby, and Asgore? Precious goop, fire, and bara goat dad need love, too.

While we're on the topic of indie games, ehhhhh... ditto OFF's Batterie (Batter/Zacharie).

Hoping something revs my love for Kars/Wham (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) back in gear. Also, can I actually get some Nobunaga/Ranmaru from the nearly!dead Sengoku BASARA fanbase with that? I'm really not asking much; it was an honest-to-goodness thing in 1500s Japan after all, people.
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Probably the most recent ships I've gotten into are probably KentLyn from Fire Emblem 7, and KanaYou from Love Live! Sunshine!!

I've seen so little fanart for both of those ships... I once again descend into rarepairs hehe


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MalvaxLysandre. PaulxAsh. GuzmaxLusamine. LucemonxLilithmon and AmethystxPeridot (Steven Universe)


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I've been watching Sym-Bionic Titan recently, and I really like IlanaxLance. I wasn't too interested in their characters in the beginning-- Alana was too much of a noble princess type, and Lance was too serious and emo. But... I've already got a thing about people who don't really get along being there for each other in difficult circumstances, and they do have chemistry. And I became more invested once they started showing their less serious sides; Ilana can be such a dork, and Lance is a total kid sometimes. I love the episode "Love Lessons," where they hang out and have fun together. Ugh, so adorable. I'm gonna be kinda bummed when I finish it, especially since the show never got a second season.
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