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What's the most recent ship you've got into?


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Zack X Melissa: They are cute together and get one another.

Oh, yeah, they're cute! At first I wasn't getting much shipping-wise out of this show, and I try not to ship for shipping's sake... But Zack and Melissa have developed a good chemistry as the series has progressed. I like their teasing mannerisms.


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So, Bojack Horseman season 4 just came out. I'm 4 episodes in, and so far, I'm feeling Bojack and Diane more than I did before. Yeah, they can both be selfish (especially Bojack), and they hurt each other sometimes... Diane's certainly got more scruples than Bojack and works for the things she cares about... But even so, they feel like they're the same kind of person inside, emotionally. Bojack definitely doesn't like himself, and I get the impression that Diane doesn't like herself much, either. At least, she learns that she's not the person she wanted to be and thought she was. But they obviously care about each other, and it seems like... they're the only ones who really get each other. It's like, who's the one person you want to talk to when everything is just falling apart? Who would you really want to be with if the world was ending? Now, is it going to happen? Well, I'm pretty sure something's going to happen. I don't know if it can work out at this point, because it'd be messy. Plus, while they could be really good for each other, they could also be bad for each other, and I could see it going either way. While I don't see this series concluding on a total downer, the ending's not gonna be all sunshine and rainbows, either. But... No matter how it goes, I feel a real sense of connection there.

I also like the chemistry between Princess Caroline and Ralph, but judging from the blurbs from upcoming episodes, yeah, shouldn't get too invested there.

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I'm finding Priest Seto x Kisara from Yugioh: Duel Monsters adorable lately as Im rewatching scenes from the series. I also like Kaiba x Kisara as well.

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Alto and Marie from Stella Glow. Still salty she didn’t get an ending considering she pretty much had confirmed feelings for him. Seriously though they have the most adorable interactions in the game. (Also anyone who’s never played this game, play it! It’s amazing!)


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After playing Puyo Puyo Tetris recently, my first Puyo game, I learned that I really like these characters, so I really wanted to ship some of them cuz I just wanted to.

Ringo Andou X Tee- This is the ship the game pushes towards, and it's believable and cute. I just really like it and want to see more of it.

Rulue X Dark Prince/Satan- This is canonically one-sided, as Rulue has a crush on Satan (and he has a crush on another character, the former main character of the series, Arle Nadja). I can see these two happening, even if maybe he shows some feelings to her but still doesn't wanna give up pursuing Arle.

Schezo Wegey X Amitie- This is more low-key, I don't normally ship characters that don't have much interaction with each other or even for the hell of it, and I kinda still don't. Schezo and Amitie are a couple of a my favorite characters in the game. Amitie is the sweetest character in the entire cast and Schezo is the main comic relief. Imagine a character who's main gag is that they have they have terrible wording so they say things as if he wants to have sex with someone. It's hilarious. Anyway, I'd probably buy these two as a ship if I see some good fics about it, they don't seem that bad of a pairing.


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It's not really a ship I've gotten into but it's one I kind of have a hunch I think is going to be canon in One Piece and that is Luffy X Robin. Okay Okay lol, just hear me out. A lot of people like to ship Luffy with people like Nami out of age-wise or Hancock because she has just the biggest crush on him right. However, ever since I saw who Gol D. Roger's wife was, who looked like a serious woman, I can't help but imagine if Robin would be Gol D. Roger's wife counterpart. For those who don't know Gol D. Roger's history and even personality and character is very similar to Luffy's. Another thing is that Robin is one of the few people who seems to enjoy Luffy's antics albeit subtlety and if you read the manga or watched the anime, Luffy means a lot to Robin after what happened in the Enies Lobby Arc. Personally I wouldn't care that much if Oda debunked it but another reason has to do with the fact that Oda can blow people's minds, he doesn't really make things seem obvious in the end and at the same time it does make sense to an extant. This is all just a hunch in the end but he just seems like the kind of person who wouldn't make a Luffy shipping with Nami or Hancock canon because it just seems way too obvious.

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The most recent one I’ve gotten into is Edward Elric & Winry Rockbell from FullMetal Alchemist. This is a canon shop, they did get together in the end. Winry was shown to have feelings for Edward early on and it took a while for Edward to return her feelings but they got married and were shown to have children at the end of the series.

Note: I am referring to Brotherhood. I haven’t watched the original series made in 03 but I do plan on it


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I have two, actually. They are Edward Elric & Winry Rockbell and Ling Yao & Lan Fan from FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Edward and Winry, along Alphonse, are all childhood friends. Winry also happens to be his automail mechanic. All throughout Brotherhood, we saw that Winry had developed feelings for Edward, which he returned at the end at the series. The epilogue in the final episode shows that Ed and Winry got married and had two children.

Ling and Lan Fan is another FMA pairing that I can’t help but love. While it was never confirmed that they got together in the series, I strongly believe they did. Lan Fan and her grandfather, Fu, were Ling’s bodyguards since he is the Prince of Xing. You could see how devoted she was to Ling all through the series, she even cut off her arm to prevent the homunculus from tracking him. What else is there to say?
Sooo, it’s been four months (nearly five) since I first played Akiba’s Beat, and around 2-3 months since I finished my New Game+ run. Something which I find pretty interesting about Beat is that none of the main characters canonically get together whatsoever, but there is a lot of tease for a good few ships across the board. Asahi gets tease with a few people in the game, but mainly Mizuki. Going into Beat, I was expecting I’d end up either shipping Mizuki and Asahi or they’d pull a Saki x Asahi out of nowhere. Neither of those happened and now I ship Asahi with my favourite character, Yamato, instead.

I shipped this ship a little during my first playthrough, but I didn’t realise how genuinely cute it was until I replayed. Out of every character in the game, the only characters who stick with Asahi from near the beginning until the very end are Riyu, Yamato and Moé - Riyu and Moé have a much more platonic relationship with Asahi (Riyu being pretty young and Moé not showing any romantic signs whatsoever), but ohhh my god, Yamato’s all but confirmed to be crushing on him. When Yamato first meets the party he’s stubborn, lies about himself constantly and is incredibly blunt. He hates mentioning his interests and personal life to other people because he thinks they won’t take him seriously if they do, and puts on an attitude to reflect that. However, as the story goes on, he becomes more open about his emotions and interests, and despite some of his stupid statements is an incredibly valuable member of the team. Who helps him get there? Canonically, Asahi. Playing through his Sub-Event quest (required for the True Ending) is what reveals all of Yamato’s character development, and Asahi being there with him helps him to go through that.

I know that simply helping someone doesn’t equal romance, but there’s more. So many events in the story involve Yamato trusting Asahi entirely, and there are a surprising amount of events involving just those two. Some time after Chapter 4’s ending, Asahi gets a call from Yamato where he hurriedly says thank you for helping him before hanging up without waiting for an answer. When Yamato becomes suspicious of Reiji, he confides in Asahi and Asahi alone since he trusts him so much. Near the very end of the game when Asahi is feeling low about something, Yamato tries to say he cares for him and blushes as he can’t bring himself to. The two of them are basically inseparable by the end of the game, and I haven’t even gone into specific incidents in Sub-Events. Interpret it however you will yourself but I love the dynamic between these two so, so much. Akiba’s Beat does have flaws but god, character dynamics is not one of them.


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Janja and Jasiri from Lion Guard, and it actually ended up canon! Was so happy to see that in the end, those two started off as enemies but it was clear Janja liked her, the writers even confirmed it! Then in the final season Janja joined up with her, and it was clear in the final scene that they ended up together like Kion/Rani, Fuli/Azaad, and Bunga/Binga(?)
I love that a ship I supported ended up canon for once! Naruto and Hinata's the only other one that did


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I finished watching 3 animes recently, namely
  • Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (We Never Learn)
  • 5-toubun no Hanayome (The Quintessential Quintuplets)
  • Senryuu Shoujo (Senryuu Girl)
The first 2 are harem, while the last one is slice of life, and all 3 are quite popular. If you haven't watched or read these and you're planning to, better stop reading this post because the following contains spoilers.

Ships that I'm into in ...

We Never Learn
Rizu is someone who is unmatched at mathematical calculations and science, but bad at understanding human emotions. She wants to study Humanities and Social Sciences to overcome her weakness. This ship is the one I'm most into because Rizu, despite having a hard time understanding other's thoughts and emotions, shows genuine emotion towards Nariyuki e.g. jealousy. This is also the first ship to shine in both the anime and manga due to an accidental kiss. Rizu's feelings grew unknowingly for her until her own arc a hundred chapters later, where she discovers it, and had unique ways of showing it to Nariyuki without the latter finding it out.

Fumino is a writing prodigy, able to create essays (maybe even books) so great that her professors are moved to tears just reading them. And yes, she's bad at mathematics. And yes, she wants to study Science to overcome her weakness. She's the only girl who knew of the fact that Rizu and Uruka (someone I'm not really into) has feelings for Nariyuki. In all her interactions with Nariyuki, she displays reactions to seemingly inappropriate approaches to Nariyuki in a way that she deems it a betrayal to her 2 friends' feelings, but knew that she does not have any intentions at all. She does have an arc where her relationship with Nariyuki truly shines. Eventually, she becomes more open towards Nariyuki, and isn't ashamed to approach him more than what is necessary between friends.

Asumi wants to study Medical Science so that her father's business continues, yet she's bad at it. This ship was more like a teasing-kind of relationship due to Asumi being a senior to Nariyuki. The teasing intensifies after an incident with her father finding out about her part-time job, where Asumi plays the "My boyfriend's interests" card and Nariyuki and to play along. During her arc, she develops feelings, but still denial about it to this day, saying something like "He's just my junior. What a show off".

The Quintessential Quintuplets
Miku is the 3rd sister, and among her sisters, she is the shy and quiet type. She tries to impress Fuutarou by cooking for him which she is bad at, but tries her best by practicing. This is the most popular ship out of the 5 due to Miku being the first one (anime and manga) to show hints of affection.

Nino is the 2nd sister, and she's the sassiest and rudest, and she is the best at cooking. People didn't really like her as a character. Even I didn't, until I went through her arc, where there was a drastic change in her character and appearance. She slowly accepted Fuutarou on tutoring them from there, eventually the very first girl to confess, and eventually declaring her feelings openly to Fuutarou and her sisters, driving her sisters on the edge.

Yotsuba is the 4th sister, and the most outgoing and cheerful. She had this one moment where she confessed to Fuutarou (technically the first girl to confess, way before Nino did) and took it back immediately by saying it was a lie. From there on out, there wasn't any significant interactions between her and Fuutarou. Way later in the manga, it was revealed that Yotsuba was the girl Fuutarou met when they were still children. She was seen swinging in the park alone, and says to herself, while crying, that she loved Fuutarou and she always have.

Senryuu Girl
Nanako is a completely quiet girl who has a unique trait. Instead of speaking, she writes senryuu (a type of haiku) to communicate. She spends time with former delinquent Eiji in their club room along with President Amane. This ship is extremely cute, both in anime and manga, because both have feelings for each other, but are not willing to tell the other.

Komachi is a girl who believes Eiji likes girls that are delinquents. She tries to impress Eiji by being a delinquent, but is having a hard time adjusting due to her being a literature girl. In the past, Eiji saved her in a library when some thugs entered and demanded inappropriate magazines. After the incident, Eiji often came to the library to take a nap, while Komachi always looked at him sleeping. During this time, Komachi developed feelings.


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Okay, I recently beat Octopath Traveler and I ended up shipping Cyrus/Ophilia by the end of it. Yes, there's absolutely little to no hints between them while Cyrus gets at one with Primrose and Therion and Ophilia gets (I think) one or two with Ha'anit...but I blame how I played the game for why I ship them. I picked Cyrus first and was so happy I went with that. Originally I was going south towards Tressa, but couldn't quite figure out how to get there and instead went north to Ophilia. I did her first chapter and well...unlike some of the others, I could easily imagine Cyrus wanting to help a distressed lady considering the gentleman he is, and since Ophilia was a healer, and thus very important, I decided to keep her stuck with my team alongside Cyrus throughout the entire main stories... And so I ended up shipping the two and because of that personally think they work well together.

Cyrus is ever the gentleman and can be quite young at heart but is very dense when it actually comes to interacting with women and, if his ability Scrutinize is any indication, can sometimes come off as rude in the pursuit of knowledge. Meanwhile Ophilia is kind hearted and good with others. So Cyrus can learn to be more considerate to others towards others thanks to her.

As for Ophilia? Uh...I just realized I can't think of much except that I can just imagine her being fascinated by his knowledge since she's never traveled much and how enthusiastic he can be when learning. Also, he's a teacher, so though he might be bad at socializing sometimes, when it comes to spreading knowledge, he always does his best to be helpful. And, again, he's a gentleman.

Although I can understand some not liking the ship because of age difference. To my surprise, Cyrus is 30 years old despite looking like he's 20 or something while Ophilia is the one that's twenty.

And one that's not quite as recent but wanna mention it because it's pretty much my OTP: Goro Akechi/Female!Joker. Now this one I completely blame on a fanfic for, but I really don't mind because in that fic, it basically showed what a geuine friendship between the two could've been and it's just so sweet but they still tease each other and Akira, in the fic, doesn't mind if they have differing opinions. And now I really can't see Joker without being female and being paired with Goro Akechi... I can just imagine how similar they are in their values of justice but argue over how to execute it but compromise in the end. And I have a liking for former villains trying to redeem thenselves and I honestly felt sorry for Akechi and wished he at least got a chance to atone for what he did.

But I do know that Akechi can be quite the smug jerk in the game but apparently Akechi/Joker is a surprisingly popular ship despite Akechi being controversial and having a mixed reception for various reasons.

Other ships that're not quite as recent but was recent enough for me because I probably won't get a chance for a while considering activity here:

From Persona 4 and its spin-offs: Yu/Yukiko, Yosuke/Rise, Kanji/Naoto, Yosuke/Labrys

From Persona 3 and P3 Portable: Minako (Female Protagonist)/Akihiko, Junpei/Chidori (canon relationship), Ryoji/Mitsuru (blame fanfic for this one)

From Persona 5: Ann/Joker, Yusuke/Futaba, Ryuji/Makoto, Morgana/Haru, Makoto/Ken Amada (blame fanfic for this one too)

From Fire Emblem: Byleth/Claude (Three Houses), Edelgard/Dimitri (Three Houses), Chrom/Robin (Awakening), Henry/Sumia (Awakening), F!Corrin/Niles (Fates), Azura/Keaton (Fates; yes, you're seeing right), Laslow/Peri (Fates), Rhys/Mia (Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn), Lex/Ayra (Genealogy of the Holy War/FE4), Finn/Lachesis (FE4)
In my younger days, I watch Rurouni Kenshin (RK) anime on television, probably at year 2000's. I shipped Takani Megumi and Sanosuke Sagara so hard in the past, despite being non-canon. Their frequent bickering reminds me so much about pokeshipping, which is also my favorite shipping on pokemon to this date, and to some extent, AsuShin from Evangelion. After RK ended, I kinda forgot about this ship for a very long time.

Recently, reading some RK lores on wikia and listening some of its soundtrack made me ship them again badly.
It's one of the unpopular RK ships, although some people still post about it on pixiv every few months. Glad that I'm not the only one that still shipping them, though.
Googling "左恵" or "Sanomegu" will give you some fanart about it.

EDIT: It's hard to find the fanarts, unfortunately. ryugttl's blog on fc2.com had some and its owner is still active, but you'll need google translate. Oh, and the password for one of its post is "pinkpink".
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Jellal x Erza from Fairy Tale and Shizuo x Izaya from Durarara. I normally don't ship in those series but for some reason those ships seem cute to me right now. :)

Kutie Pie

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Lol, I know it's an old ship and I've seen it around here and there over the years and didn't think much of it, but I've gotten sucked into Godzilla/Mothra (Mothzilla) for a while now xD. Yes, KotM is the reason why. Apparently the Internet thinks so as well, it's been everywhere in the kaiju fandom since the movie came out. I bet the director is secretly so proud of it lol.

Godzilla is best lamp.


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Ever since I’ve been watching One Piece, I came to love Luffy/Nami. You know how Luffy is with his hat, right? Well, he puts in on Nami’s head in the Arlong arc himself before he, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp go to confront Arlong. He also said she was the only one he would accept as the crew’s navigator. What else is there to say?

I also really like Zoro/Sanji, Usopp/Kaya, and Vivi/Koza but my favorite so far has been Luffy/Nami.

Been playing Persona 5 and I’ve really gotten into a few pairings involving Akira or Ren if that’s what you call him but I like Akira more. Akira/Ann, Akira/Morgana, and Akira/Ryuji. Only cleared the first palace at this point though.


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Ever since I’ve been watching One Piece, I came to love Luffy/Nami. You know how Luffy is with his hat, right? Well, he puts in on Nami’s head in the Arlong arc himself before he, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp go to confront Arlong. He also said she was the only one he would accept as the crew’s navigator. What else is there to say?

I also really like Zoro/Sanji, Usopp/Kaya, and Vivi/Koza but my favorite so far has been Luffy/Nami.

Been playing Persona 5 and I’ve really gotten into a few pairings involving Akira or Ren if that’s what you call him but I like Akira more. Akira/Ann, Akira/Morgana, and Akira/Ryuji. Only cleared the first palace at this point though.
Akira/Ryuji is the true P5 ship, Ryuji is max bro-level


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Been playing Persona 5 and I’ve really gotten into a few pairings involving Akira or Ren if that’s what you call him but I like Akira more. Akira/Ann, Akira/Morgana, and Akira/Ryuji. Only cleared the first palace at this point though.

And then watch as you ship Ren with everyone in the team and even some Confidants because he is a launcher of a thousand ships. Just like with, at the very least, the previous Persona protagonist.


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And then watch as you ship Ren with everyone in the team and even some Confidants because he is a launcher of a thousand ships. Just like with, at the very least, the previous Persona protagonist.

So, he is basically everyone’s fandom bicycle?