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What's the rarest piece of Pokémon merchandise in your possession?


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What's the rarest piece of Pokémon merchandise in your possession?

Bored, so started a new thread... So, as the title says, what piece of Pokémon memorabilia is the rarest in your collection?

Me? I don't collect much Pokémon related stuff nowadays, mainly just the games... So I would say maybe early Pokémon cards from my youth...


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A 1st Edition Base Machamp, and an Unlimited Edition Base Mewtwo, both holographic.

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I don't know what merchandise is rare and what isn't to be honest, but my favourite merchandise that I have is a Treecko plushie and a Special Edition Yellow Game Boy Colour with pikachu and pichu on.

I don't really get merchandise anymore.


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Other than all of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen Pokemon games. A bunch of pokemon cards.
I believe it's my old, golden GameBoy Advance that features Pikachu and Pichu on the front. But sadly, it doesn't work effectively anymore, like it used to.


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Lets see... A complete stable japanese pokemon deck from the very first few booster packs and the mew card with unknown text.

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Mewtwo card from the first movie or a blown up version of a Darkrai card (no idea what set) that I had bought for me. Or perhaps that one box I got which had Dialga LvX as the feature card and Darkrai LvX in one of the 4 supplement packs.


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I have 5 or 6 Pokemon plushies from 6 years back. I also have a lot of cards that I got from some older relatives, which are about as old as I am. They are from Generation I, but are probably not that rare.


I wish I'd been in the fan base long enough to have anything cool.

But in my mind, I have a First Edition Shiny Charizard and a Raichu misprint.
My knitted Pikachu cap is pretty rare, because it was made by a Native American weaver at the mall. I also still have a ton of my old gen 1 toys, and a couple gen 3's as well.


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I'm not sure..
But I did pull a full art Deoxys from plasma freeze a month ago. It was worth sixty on toywiz.
I pulled a full art Mew last year sometime, that one has more value to me than deoxys though.
(But sells less in the tcg world lol)
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