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What's the rarest piece of Pokémon merchandise in your possession?


I don't have any of my old trading cards anymore, and I don't think I had anything that rare, but I do still happen to have ALL the Pokemon toys that were released from Burger King during their tie in with the first movie. I don't know how many people actually have a complete set, but I got lucky and won a contest back when it was going on. A lot of them partially damaged though from the sheer amount of time I spent playing with them as a child though...
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I have literally like 4,000 cards up until about Gen 3. I also have most of the gold Burger King cards. I have some books too, and I used to have the real Gen I Pokedex. That thing was the bee's knees.


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Hmmmm..... Probably just Pokemon Colleseum XD I'm not much of a collector


El Psy Congroo
Maybe my copy of Pokemon Box? It was never released in America, and I think it only came with the Pokemon Colosseum Gamecube bundle, which is how I got my bundle. Otherwise it might be a Pikachu promo from the first movie. But, actually, I've been thinking about how few people nowadays actually have the original games, as they're out of print, and it's been a long time. So I guess they're rare for non-Pokemon fans... kinda.
Pogs of the first 151 pokémon.

If you do not know what a pog is, you are too young to talk to me and I fear the inevitable visits from Chris Hansen just by associating myself with you.


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I've got the board game, a golden Togepi Burger King card, and pokemon TCG gameboy. As when it comes to cards... I don't really know what's rare and what is common :\

Well, I didn't know there was a board game, so I guess that's pretty rare...

Mr. L 500

Well, I don't have too much Pokemon merchandise yet, so It would probably be my Snivy figure that I have on my desk... I hope to change that sometime soon though!


I Am The Master
nvm, I just found my gameboy color. The one I started with...
Mint condition base set Charizard. Extremegreen GameBoy Pocket, Pokemon Red/Blue, practically every non-spinoff pokemon game with the exception of the Pokemon TCG video game, pokemon pinball, the original pokedex toy, the original pokemon pokedex book. I know what you're thinking, and you're right. My parents loved me very much.


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Burger King Toys in their Poke Balls from The First Movie.
A 151 Pokemon Poster from the original Pokemon guide
A Burger King Poster telling you all of the Pokemon toys avaliable at Burger King for the first movie.
One of those Pikachu golden chip collector Pokemon thingys.

Yeah. I don't remember what their called. LOL


Binder full of the Pokémon Stadium Tazo collection, was released during 2000 and not sure how many countries it was in.


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A 23k gold Mewtwo card. Not a trading card, but..er...just Google it if you don't know what it is. Love that thing.

Mr. Combover

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I guess the rarest piece of Pokemon merchandise I have would be my Pikachu 3DS XL. I don't think it's even that rare, but that's the rarest thing I have.
A 23k gold Mewtwo card. Not a trading card, but..er...just Google it if you don't know what it is. Love that thing.

I had every single one of those, but i've forgotten where they came from.


Fighting Type Prof.
I have a Dark Arbok misprint card (the one that says 23000 as the date). I'm not sure if it's rare, but I also have a talking, moving Mew plush. She wags her tail, moves her eyes, and says "mew!" when you squeeze her paw. I also have a very old pokemon quilt (bought it from wal mart ages ago, rather sure it's legit) that supposedly had "all the pokemon" on it (mew isn't on it). I still use it from time to time, because it is, by far, the warmest blanket in the house.
I'm a Pokemon merchandise collector. I would say that the rarest merchandise I currently have is a Blaziken Pokedoll. It's missing a tag and it's not in pristine condition, but it's awesome anyway. I also have a few Base Set 1st edition cards, notably Venusaur and Blastoise.