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What's the rarest piece of Pokémon merchandise in your possession?


Sir Aaron's Lucario
Uh, some of my old pokemon cards. I also have a limited edition dsi with Reshiram and Zekrom on it but I don't think it's that rare.


Well-Known Member
I have most of the 1998 Hasbro Pokemon bean filled plushes, all have tags except Raichu but the tags are bent and creased.


I have some old school stuff, i have a coupe of base set holo charizards and most of the earlier cards, I also have a little bit of 35mm film used in cinemas for the pokemon 2000 movie. But i would say the rarest thing is 2 pokemon comic books i have which are signed by Eric Stuart (voice of Brock), Veronica Taylor (voice of Ash) and Addie Blaustein (voice of Meowth), both comics are sealed and have certificate of authenticity ^_^

I really want to start collected those gold plated cards though because they seem pretty cool :)
I honestly don't have much pokemon merch, so the rarest would probably be a 3DS game holder shaped like a pokeball that I got for pre-ordering pokemon X.


Fluffy Eevee
I don't know if it's really rare or not, but people have told me it is.

It's a sitting eevee plush with a fuzzy "Brushable" mane and a somewhat flat tail.

Ditto B1tch

Well-Known Member
I had a Pikachu plush toy that I gained when I was child and kept it until I became a teenager. Pikachu was round and fat, but I liked it a lot. It wasn't a big push toy, I could be grabbed by only one hand. When I became 20, I donated it to the poors in the Chirstimas time.


I had a Lugia coin when I bought a starter Pokemon TCG starter deck. My sister, being an older sibling, stole it. To this day, I believe it's in my house somewhere. That counts right?


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Pokemon Green version and the whole collection of the first shiny pokemon cards(mewtwo, raichu, kabutops etc.) :)


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My Nintendo 3DS XL Pokemon X and Y special edition? Maybe?

If not, maybe some of the old school Pokemon cards but they can be acquired quite easily on ebay.


New Member
Hmm... I have two novels from 1999 of the Pokemon Season 1 episodes: "I Choose You!" (Very first episode) and "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon" by Tracey West.

I also have a Gengar Plushie from 1998, I think I got it from Burger King o_O

I found a Pokemon Top 10 Handbook from 2006

A Pokemon Fire Pokedex book from 2004

The Pokemon 4 Ever Novel from 2002, and I also have a picture book from the same movie lying around somewhere...

Last but not least, a Pokemon Johto Journeys Pop Quiz #2 Book from 2001.

If I have a look around I could probably find some REALLY old stuff :D


Johto Boy
I have the original 151 Pokemon cards all in nice condition, Pokemon Green and Holo Charizard.