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What's the story behind your avatar?


Not thinking twice!
I wasn't so zetta slow about using a halloween avatar, I'm just almost a year ahead of the curve


Eh, ragazzo!
My avatar needed the passion; it needed the gusto.

Meanwhile, be sure to recruit monsters for the Monster Arena, it would be how-you-say a good time.


Mwa ha ha! You scared?
Rhyme like a rolling stone
Comin' a crowd
Watch out,
they move,
they diss you loud
Guess what this sound, it bombs whole ground
(So round up)

Don't ease your pace, 'cuz enemy's brutal
Moment of truth
There ain't no truce
You're the only one,
one world,
one love
But the battle goes on,
Shadows of
mass destruction!

Or: I was reading the Persona 3 manga and reached chapter 29 where Minato is signing and rappin'...and bein good at it too.

So headcanon confirmed! :V


Silence is Purple
It's Momo from Idolish7 because I have a feeling a new story part is going to drop soon, so I'm preparing.


Not thinking twice!
My avatar is the reaction to whatever is going on here

Divine Retribution

No war but class war


Generation 4 was how I got into Pokémon
This is Sora for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4 game coming in the future and me being a KH fan it has me both curious and a bit excited.


Ace and Aspie, for life and light!
This coming Thursday would have been Robin Williams' 71st birthday, and his daughter Zelda has her birthday on July 31. I'm starting my annual Robin Williams movie marathon Thursday, going through the anniversary of his passing on August 11.


It's not a game Kate.
I like Lego and I like Torterra.

It's a digital render as sadly the parts don't exist in the right colours, but I might try to make one IRL someday soon.