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What's the weirdest Pokemon commercial you've ever seen?


F&J Manga-Ka
Ronin Shawazuu said:
I remember a commercial that was adversiting a pokemon camera....

Kid *Holding the said camera*: Say "CHEESE"!

Charmander: "Chaar!"

Kid: "Cheese!"

Charmander: "Chaar!"

I remember this waaaay before learning english...it was funny XDD, the R/S one was funny too ^^
Oh, yeah, that was a camera you could send for by mail with UPCs from Cap'n Crunch; that was cute.

I also remember the ad for Pokemon Yellow, which had this kid with Pikachu and they were catching Pokemon in unusual ways (such as Hitmonlee in a pit trap) and the kid was checking off a list of Pokemon... LOL


Property of Jesus
Most of the commericals I can remember have already been said, but one I know hasn't was that Red/Green(Blue) commerical when the games first came out.

If I remember correctly, there was this heavy-set bus driver waiting for all these different pokemon to load onto his bus. Once it was fully loaded, he scrambled out and pulled handle or something, and the bus shrunk down to a gameboy. After that we saw all the little monsters poking their heads out of the gameboy screen in an attempt to get out, as well as the announcer saying "Where can you catch all 150 Pokemon? On your game boy!" Or something to that effect.


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The Colosseum one, where two kids walked into the middle of a Groudon vs kyogre match. There's been good ones, such as FR/LG being two kids playing FR/LG with wireless adapters.