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"What's This 'Ship Called?" v. III

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Toran Frostbite, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    For the shipping of Yellow x Lady Berlitz, I would call it HatShipping because they both have hats? ._.;;

    *gets shot*

    Anyways, does Bill (from Pokemon Special) x Daisy (from Pokemon Special) still not have a name?
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2007
  2. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Hatshipping is Ash x his hats actually. *sighs* That stuff is nothing short of ridiculous...

    And no, BillxDaisy doesn't have a name yet. Sorry, I don't know enough about them to suggest anything. ^^;
  3. Reign G

    Reign G Roggen and Rolan

    For BillxDaisy: Maybe Assistantshipping? No, Bill's not an assistant...Profshipping?

    Anyway, I am astonished to see that JimmyxMarina is nowhere on that list. I'd call it...Cystalshipping, maybe? I mean, they were both in the Pokemon Crystal Special, and they're based on the playable characters in Crystal...
  4. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    @ Orenji-chan: I like your way of thinking... i'll see of any of the foreign words for hat look smexy enough.

    @ Teh Roxxorz: Actually, it IS named... and different names depending on what verse it's from. Hiro x Kris (( game!verse )) is NewBarkshipping, Gold x Crystal (( manga!verse )) is MangaQuestshipping and Jimmy x Marina (( anime!verse )) is Questshipping.
  5. Reign G

    Reign G Roggen and Rolan

    Oh...Well, okay then. Thank you.
  6. WrongedQueen

    WrongedQueen Suspicious Ice

    Is there a name for Harley/Nando? Somehow, I don't think there is...
  7. Jonah

    Jonah herd u liek mudkips?

    Hat is Chapeau in French, apparently. I like it, and would take it if someone hadn't already. So that won't work. Hmm...

    Oh, and looking at BulbaGarden:
    Bill x Daisy - TeaShipping
    Named by...Katsu Koneko?
  8. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Ah, bugger it. I was going to use a foreign word for hat for Blue x Lady Berlitz, but like that fact that the hats they wear both have the Pokeball half circles on... mmm, now to find a decent name.

    @ WrongedQueen: Naw.
  9. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Well, thank you Vycksta-san! :3

    @Johan- Oh yeah, TeaShipping. I named that one! xD
    I just kind of forgot about it...^-^;;;
  10. Cassiel

    Cassiel Goddess of Mischief

    I've been thinking the Wallace x Dawn shipping.

    What's the name? If it's already has a name or a name idea for this ship, just shout it out loud XD
  11. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Wallace x Dawn is nameless.

    You're welcome. x)
  12. honey_clover112

    honey_clover112 tsundere full force!

    Okay WallacexDawn...Aquaticshipping?(Gah, I think this is used already...)

  13. Cassiel

    Cassiel Goddess of Mischief

    Dawn uses Piplup and Buizel, and Wallace uses variety of Water type..
    Wateryshipping? (maybe it already used..)
  14. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Actually, both Aquaticshipping and Wateryshipping are not taken. *nod*

    I was thinking of the fact that Hikari means light in Japanese (( Which I think everyone knows by now )) and that light shines on water to give that nice, shimmery effect. However I know for a fact that Shimmershipping, Shineshipping and Glittershipping are taken. Dawn x Sneasel, Michelle x Alicia and Candice x Dawn respectively. Meh. xB
  15. Cassiel

    Cassiel Goddess of Mischief

    it's fine! I'll choose Wateryshipping! *I think it's a better name!*
  16. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Then I shall go to Bulbagarden and submit that for you. ;P

    *facepalm* Oh yes, I still need to send you that pic of Tucker and Lucy as Playboy bunnies! *makes note to sort that out after work*
  17. honey_clover112

    honey_clover112 tsundere full force!

    I'm surprised...I can't believe Aquaticshipping's free...Is it not a popular name?:O

    Okay...is there a name for Crasher WakexBrawly? Haha...

  18. Cassiel

    Cassiel Goddess of Mischief

    I'm just thinking Wateryshipping is a better name..

    Mm.. Crasher Wake x Brawly? *confused!*
  19. honey_clover112

    honey_clover112 tsundere full force!

    Ahaha, no need to be confused.:D

    It's just my mind that's pairing people, not my body!...I think that didn't make sense, ne?

    Mm, no worries, Big sis submitted the name to Bulbapedia.XD


    Oh yes, is there a name for BrockxNaoshi(sp?/Guy who has Budew)?

  20. sanjay120

    sanjay120 ?(???)?

    Crasher Wake/Brawly? ...yum. I'll go see if it's named.
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