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"What's This Ship Called?"

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Toran Frostbite, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Max and Mira are both cheeky (it's a personality trait), Max when he wants to be and Mira half the time she was around. I was suggesting in my reply to you, to consider the term Cheekyshipping for Max/Mira (among the other three: Telempromptshipping, Psytrainershipping, and Extrasensoryshipping, all suggested for Max/Mira's 'ship name).

    Stoke is fine; we'll take it~

    Because the only time we allow 'ships of the same species to go through are when the Arcanine aren't just random. If it was Gary's Arcanine/Tucker's Arcanine, we'd take it. Surge's Raichu/Kay's Raichu? We took it. If it's just two your-own-Arcanine-or-any-other-species, that counts as an OC 'ship, and we don't do those. Arcanine/Growlithe is fine (infact, that's Shisashipping), but Arcanine/Arcanine doesn't get names without a specific reference. You understand.

    Ah, I'd take FourEyes for the novelty of the consideration toward the glasses and their Elite positions, but it might be insulting to someone, but FirstPsychic isn't as clean cut, since Lorelei's an ice-type trainer.

    As for James/Tucker...I might just shorten that to Bowshipping. And ooo, Tucker/Jessie as Showboatshipping. 8D Woot.
  2. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    I looked all through the list and I can’t Ash, May, & Drew as a ship by itself anywhere. I’m surprised I thought it would have been named by now. Oh well that means I get to try it so…

    I suggest Arcshipping.

    Why? I played around with the first letter of Contest, Advance, and Respect and I got Arc, Car, and Rac. Car doesn’t sound as good to me and what do they have in common with a car? And Rac makes my mind go into the gutter as sounds like Ash and Drew are interested in May for her coughs you know. Plus Arc reminds me of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, a famous horserace in France, which is called sometimes called “The Arc” and then there’s Joan of Arc, but I prefer using the race.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2008
  3. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    Goodness me I thought of this name long ago... but... I ctrl-f'd and saw naught so...

    UndershippedGalacticshipping - Cyrus x Jupiter

    Back when D/P came out Mars and Saturn got all the ships and these two were left in the dust... I counted it was like Mars and Saturn around 40 each and Jupiter 7 lol. Hasn't changed much haha. So the name fits... if anyone would like to submit this on Bulbagarden or add it to the list.
  4. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    We can takes it.

    Sure you want a name that long? There's not a big grace period to change it if you suddenly feel like you hate it.
  5. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    Yes, it's awkward enough already, why not make the name fit? :p
  6. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    I do but some of them i don't understand but i like two of three.
    "telempromptshipping" as both their pokemon know teleport
    "If this is wrong then please tell me."
    "Cheekyshipping" now that i understand it, i do like it.
    psytrainershipping doesn't really belong with pair as should be for people who use a full team of psychic type pokemon
    Extrasensoryshipping i don't get.
    also i thought up another one "Liershipping" as both of then have lied from time to time. (AG003 and AG017 for Max and DP47 for Mira.)
    I try to pick one later as i'm busy now but is there any other name for this pair (I don't want to be a pain or anything.)
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2008
  7. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Intergalacticshipping. :p Metisshipping. Europashipping. Rumshipping (personal choice).

    Extrasensory is just another word for having psychic powers (dictionary.com is your best friend). It's also the name of an attack in the games, though the Ralts and Abra families can't learn it.

    If you say that about Psytrainer, then you need to admit that YoungPsychicshipping would imply that Max and Mira were the 'psychics' and not the pokémon themselves, which is incorrect.

    We already have a Liarshipping, but a word that means the same as 'liar' is 'fabulist' (a person who invents or relates fables OR a liar, and that's certainly Mira at least).
  8. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Yeah I pick Cheekyshipping for Max/Mira as it best decided them as both have trick Ash and his friends. The other ones i didn't really like. (telempromptshipping what dose this have to do with then plus i can't even say it.) It also easy to remember. thanks Toran Frostbite for the help in thinking of a name.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2008
  9. Awesome, a shipping list 'em thread.

    I searched for Ash's Bulbasaur X Ash's Turtwig and came up with naught. Thought that'd be something good.

    That and Bulbasaur X Heracross appeared twice. As blowjobshipping and bulbacrossshipping.

    Anyone got 'ny ideas for bulba/turt shipping? I keep drawing up blanks.
  10. sanjay120

    sanjay120 ?(???)?

    Some old ships have multiple names. I know there are at least four for Pokeshipping.

    Bulbasaur and Turtwig? Fertileshipping? Soilshipping? Rootshipping?
  11. SatoshixKasumi 4eva

    SatoshixKasumi 4eva Legendary Tamer

    I noticed that there isn't a name for Ho-oh and Suicune. Can anyone think of an idea for that shipping, cos I'm stuck. I checked by Ctrl+F 2 times for Ho-oh, and 1 time for Suicune, so I'm fairly confident there isn't one. If there is, I apologise for missing it.
  12. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    Hey, I'm back to name yet another shipping. I'm doing this more often lately...

    Anyway, I'd like to give the name Sunnyshipping to the shipping of Flint (the Elite Four guy) and Jasmine. I checked a few times and didn't find that they had a name, and it looked like Sunnyshipping wasn't taken, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    I picked it because they both spend a lot of time in Sunyshore, even though they don't live there. I didn't use Sunyshipping because of what you said earlier about being chewed out for intentional misspellings. :p
  13. esm8m

    esm8m Pokémaniac

    I am going to submit the names I have coined. It is time to stop lurking...

    Aquaringshipper - Milotic & Mantine
    Sonorityshipper - Wes & Lucy Fleetfoot (Trozei)
    Purificationshipper - Wes & Suicune

    That's it... For now.

    Perhaps BurnedTowershipping, based on the fact that you meet Suicune there and Ho-oh created it there?
  14. I don't believe I saw a shipping name for Plusle and Minun. If there isn't i'd like to call it the oh-so-original name, PlusMinus Shipping. Please correct me if i'm wrong ^-^
  15. MYSharona

    MYSharona Member

    I searched to see if there was a name for this ship, but I didn't find anything on the list, so may I please submit it?

    PianoManShipping - Billy & Joel (both from Pokémon Ranger)

    Because really, how often do you come across a pairing like that? My subconscious insisted that it had to be named.

    Thank you!
  16. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    PianoManShipper - Billy & Joel
    Aquaringshipper - Milotic & Mantine
    Sonorityshipper - Wes & Lucy Fleetfoot (Trozei)
    Purificationshipper - Wes & Suicune
    SunnyShipper - Flint (elite) & Jasmine (Sunyshore could've worked; <.< though yeah, I'm not sure how badly I would've gotten it if somone tried to make a fuss about Suny vs Sunny. I don't need the aggravation anymore ;.;)

    I think it's called CheerSign, though that's without looking. *double checks* Hell, close. It's CheerfulSigns.
  17. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    So Cheekyshipping (Max/Mira) didn't get accepted. but that the best one for that. ow well back to the drawing broad.
  18. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Cheeky /did/ get accepted. That's just me doing a mass confimation of the latest ones, instead of simply repeating the 'taking' bit (proof is here: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showpost.php?p=616945&postcount=3159).

    This isn't like a frat house, where only some applicants get in and some are said tough-luck to. If a slot is open, it will be filled.
  19. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Sorry It just that I check the list and it wasn't on the list and plus i don't go on the bulbagarden very much. Thank you for the help.
  20. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    Ok after consulting with my buds on IRC we've determined some Team G ship names... don't ask about some of them >.>

    Squidshipping: Cyrus & Mars & Saturn & Jupiter & Pluto
    Squid is just a cool word me and the buds like to say... and we made a clan called Team Galactic squids. Only fitting for the fivesome.

    TBHshipping: Cyrus & Jupiter
    Means "to be honest" and at the end of Platinum Jupiter's pretty much like "tbh Pluto you're a squid this is boring without Cyrus :V I'm out"

    Globalshipping: Cyrus & Pluto
    They want to go global. o)

    YouBoreMeshipping: Jupiter & Pluto
    Since Jupiter doesn't think Pluto's fun enough to run Team G.

    CreeperLabshipping: Saturn & Pluto
    They're both in the pixie trio holding lab thing which is sort of creepy.

    CyrusGroupieshipping: Mars & Pluto
    Throughout the game they're both trying to tentacle rape Cyrus tbh. There's no way around their adoration of his gonzo ****.

    /b/lackupshipping: Brock & Rosie [US]
    They're like the only non-white people in Pokemon, and if you've ever seen Habbo get trolled, you'd know /b/ uses black skintones and big afros and /b/lock places and call in /b/lackup... no offense to anyone it was just a lolname.

    TOMUCHABUSEshipping: Pluto & Handsome
    Obviously there is abuse going on here. And a failbot went into a rage and /quit with that from our chan lol.

    ElectricTentacleshipping: Pluto & Rotom
    Rotom has tentacles and so does Pluto tbh so obv. this is a perfect name for their obvious childhood love. :V

    Think that's it... hope they all get accepted lol. :c
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2008

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