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"What's This Ship Called?"

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Toran Frostbite, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Lagolover456

    Lagolover456 New Member

    thanks for the help.
  2. hanniebanans

    hanniebanans Member

    Is there a shipping name for Dawn x Alan (from the Mega Evolution Pokémon Special)?
  3. Musashi~

    Musashi~ Fiery Destroyer! <3

    Is there any shipping name for JessieXHarley?
  4. Kiryn

    Kiryn Well-Known Member

    Jessie/Harley is CactusThornShipping.

    idk about the other one.
  5. hanniebanans

    hanniebanans Member

    Can someone make up an official shipping name for Alain and Dawn?
  6. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush September 10, 2010 - October 12th, 2019

    Is there a ship name for Gold & Black?
  7. Fjkpwek

    Fjkpwek Active Member

    I don't know..... maybe BraceletsAreAGirl'sBestFriendShipping or PearlyBraceShipping. As lame as it is, the last one is a pun from curly brace '{'.
  8. hanniebanans

    hanniebanans Member

    PearlyBraceletShipping perhaps?
  9. Fjkpwek

    Fjkpwek Active Member

    Yeah, maybe... But if it's up to you or you like it, then it's fine with me. :)
  10. lowlyingcloud

    lowlyingcloud New Member

    Is there a ship name for Professor Rowan and Professor Oak? I can't find any info anywhere. :(
  11. Kirthey

    Kirthey Happiness is a Beautifly

    From Special? PepperShipping.

    It's ColonyShipping.
  12. ShibbleEmpire

    ShibbleEmpire Member

    I don't know if this ship has a name yet, but how about BlackandBlueshipping for Cyrus x Lucas? ( It might sound weird but it is my OTP so I have the urge to get it named)
  13. xEryChan

    xEryChan Ed Claus Staff Member Moderator

    ^ There already is a name for Cyrus x Lucas. It's ChainReactionShipping.
  14. Fjkpwek

    Fjkpwek Active Member

    Is there a name already for Clemont & Eclairisse?

    Another new ship name I'm submitting, Don'tBendAscend/DontBendAscendShipping for Ash & Maya (Sinnoh)
  15. xEryChan

    xEryChan Ed Claus Staff Member Moderator

    ^ TechnopediaShipping is Clemont & Eclairisse
  16. Fjkpwek

    Fjkpwek Active Member

    Thanks. Was thinking that the pairing wasn't present in the list. Furthermore, one of tbe few females I ship Clemont with, the other being Lillia, side from the obvious choice that is Bonnie.
  17. ShibbleEmpire

    ShibbleEmpire Member

    I've been wondering what the ship name for Cyrus x Steven is. (Please don't judge.) If you could inform me what the name is I would appreciate it very much. If the ship doesn't have a name yet, could I suggest Sunstoneshipping or Mayablueshipping? I can't find a current ship name for these two so I would really like to know if one exists already. Thank you for your time!
  18. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    Is there a name for Ash and the Sun/Moon female PC's presumed anime adaption yet? I know, it may be a little early to ask, considering she doesn't even have a name yet!
  19. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Doest seem to be one for cyrus x steven atm.

    SunstoneShipping is already Bellossom & Vileplume. the other one is free

    http://shipping.bulbagarden.net/listaz.html trust me cyrus x steven is no-where near the weirdest

    nothing confirmed yet
  20. JCW18

    JCW18 Go, Explotaro!

    Spoiler alert: it's Serena /s

    Anyways, I'd wait until we get more leaks, either for the anime or the base game, so we can learn her name.

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