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"What's This Ship Called?"

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Toran Frostbite, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    There has been no update in 10 months, so nothing is official yet.
  2. Hmm, could SpinachOfTruthShipping work, just as a reference to the meanings of their English names? I can't submit it, but anyone else can if they want.
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  3. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    I can't imagine a way that you're first to file, but this name is hilarious so I'll throw it in anyways
  4. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Well-Known Member

    Is there a name for Paul x Lillie? If there’s not, I would like to suggest IcyStoneShipping for it.
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  5. imamod

    imamod Banned

    What's the ship name for Nanu and Guzzlord? not in a vore way but I think their dynamic could be really interesting
  6. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    There is a name entered as CruelAuraShipping - Paul & Lily (Pokemon 7). I have to imagine that they mean Lillie, but I'll go yell at them about it. The list hasn't been updated in over 10 months, so no one really knows what's named and what isn't anymore.
  7. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    I'm back, haha.

    We need ships for the new USUM characters: that is, Zossie, Soliera, Phyco, and Dulce.

    UltraGirlShipping - Soliera & Zossie
    UltraManShipping - Dulce & Phyco
    UltraSunReconShipping - Dulce & Zossie
    UltraMoonReconShipping - Phyco & Soliera
    UltraReconSquadShipping - Dulce, Phyco, Soliera & Zossie

    That's a whole lot of "Ultra"... anyone have any other, better suggestions?

    (Also, I think Zossie, Soliera, and Dulce are very ship-able. I can picture Lillie & Zossie and Lusamine & Soliera working.)
  8. Meh, I wanna throw one into the ring if nobody minds.

    PlaitsAndHatsShipping - Moon (USUM), Lillie and Zossie

    I can see them be a neat little trio together, especially since all three of them wear their hair in braids (with Moon and Zossie definitely having plaits and Lillie maybe having them), and all three also wear hats, and all three are also girls around a similar age. They just look really nice together, and I think their personalities (or at least what we've seen of Zossie and what we can gather from Moon's facial expressions) would mesh very well together!

    Note: this is platonically not romantically. I'm not one for three-way relationships.
  9. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    I just read a post pertaining to the possible origins of the URS members' names: they're apparently all named after algae and seaweed! I might need to amend my earlier post in lieu of this...
  10. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    Guess what? They're yours. They're all yours.

    Seriously, the list hasn't been updated since 2016. I'm not sure what you want me to say.

    You can submit whatever you want to at this point, but you can wait too. Your call.

    You sound like you're brand new around here lol. Platonic or romantic isn't your call. The community will go to town with it regardless.
  11. Kiryn

    Kiryn Well-Known Member

    I've already submitted these ships for myself a while ago, and I couldn't see any other name suggestions for them on the tumblr page, tho there could be submissions done before me that just haven't been posted yet. Anyway, I did this all around 8/28/17, and I thought that you guys might want to see, just in case. Again, these are already submitted.

    1. OhanaShipping: Mom (Alola)/Wicke
    2. BoneClubShipping: Kahili/Plumeria
    3. PrincessAndThePauperShipping: Lillie/Plumeria
    4. ChillAndClassyShipping: Dexio/Ilima
    5. FairyBonesShipping: Mina/Plumeria
    6. AgentResearchShipping: Anabel/Burnet
    7. UltraEnergyShipping: Sun/Anabel
    8. VolcanicWaterShipping: Kiawe/Misty
    9. FlameDancerShipping: Kiawe/Serena
    10. PoiShipping: Cilan/Kiawe
    11. DragonBerryShipping: Iris/Mallow
    12. ToastedMarshmallowShipping: Clemont/Mallow
    13. SeaDragonShipping: Iris/Lana
    14. DragonShyShipping: Iris/Lillie
    15. SpicyRamenShipping: Mallow/May
    16. SpringLilyShipping: Lillie/May
    17. LemonWaterShipping: Clemont/Lana
    18. BlueLilyShipping: Lana/Lillie
    19. VolcanicEnergyShipping: Clemont/Kiawe
    20. SherbetLemonShipping: Clemont/Lillie
    21. GlowShipping: Sophocles/Lillie
    22. BubbleChicShipping: Lana/Serena
    23. OceanSpiceShipping: Mallow/Misty
    24. PoffinSpiceShipping: Dawn/Mallow
    25. LavaRockShipping: Brock/Kiawe
    26. UnwrittenShipping: Lillie/Serena

    That's a lot, I know...I just got on a roll for a while. XD Anyway, as I said, I submitted these quite a while ago, and I did all the research I could to make sure that they hadn't been named. And again, I don't know if I was the first to submit names for these ships or not (and I did so through the tumblr), but in any case, I thought I'd leave a record here. :)
  12. AmethystLeslie

    AmethystLeslie Well-Known Member

    This is Lily (Pokemon 7). https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lily_(Pok%C3%A9mon_7)
  13. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    Been thinking about the seaweed/algae name origins of the URS members, and I've come up with the following:

    RedAlgaeShipping - Dulce & Soliera
    SeaGrassStudyShipping - Phyco & Zossie
    EntangledMarineLilyShipping - Lillie & Zossie
    LuminescentAlgaeShipping - Lusamine & Soliera
    AlgaeNutStudyShipping - Kukui & Phyco
    RedWaterSwordShipping - Dulce & Gladion

    If anyone has better ideas, have at it. To be honest I think mine sound kind of silly.

    (By the way, is it "Dulce" or "Dulse"? People use both spellings and I'm not sure which is the correct one.)
  14. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    Bulbapedia is going with "Dulse" at the moment, though I'm not certain if it's correct or not.
  15. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    What is Lana x Lillie?
  16. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    I can't imagine it actually being unnamed, but I also can't find a name for it. Odd.
  17. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Hah that's weird o.o

    How about AlolanSnow?
  18. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    If it's actually free, it's a good name, but don't get your hopes up.
  19. Kiryn

    Kiryn Well-Known Member

    I couldn't find a name for it either, so I submitted BlueLilyShipping for Lana/Lillie at the end of August 2017, as I said in my above post. This one is #18 on that list, btw. :)

    Like I said in that post, I don't know if my submission got through either, I'm just letting a record be known for my submissions. *shrugs*
  20. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Wb Aqua instead of blue? Its very water theme

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