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"What's This Ship Called?"

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Toran Frostbite, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

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  2. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    Oh, happy day! I guess I have a reason to go back there now. :D
  3. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    Any name suggestions for Go/Koharu (at least the latter character will receive a new name in the English dub)?
  4. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    Not yet... frankly, I think it's too early to say because they lack dub names. If I had to suggest one, I'd go with ShunkiShipping, though ("shunki" roughly translates to "spring air" in Japanese). Then I'd call the pairing of Scorbunny (Gou's) & Yamper (Koharu's) YapScurryShipping.

    Oh! I did come up with a name for Ash & Gou. How's Get-GoShipping sound? :D

    Someone suggested RawGloryShipping for Piers & Gloria over at Bulbagarden. It doesn't appear to be taken...
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  5. Kiryn

    Kiryn Well-Known Member

    If we came up with potential ship names in this thread, should we submit them to the list revival ourselves, or have you already done so?
  6. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    The best thing to do at the moment is to post any submissions you have here for the time being, so we have them datestamped for future reference. We still need to collect and process a lot of data from the last two years. If you've made any submissions to the Tumblr extension between July 2017 and November 2019, please post a list of them either here or in the Bulbagarden thread, and I'll add them as I can process them and resolve the conflicts.
  7. Kiryn

    Kiryn Well-Known Member

    I did submit ship names into the Tumblr extension, and I also made a corresponding post in this thread each time I did it. I think there was about 2 or 3 posts? So my part's already done, I guess. Hope the list wrangling goes smoothly for you!
  8. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    I wouldn't say it's strictly required, but if people could make a master list of their own submissions, it would be much appreciated!
  9. matthew11

    matthew11 8000 MMR

    Hello. I'm currently writing a fic for Leon x Sonia. I wanna know if this pair already has a given name and what that name is.
  10. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    No, there is currently no name for the pairing of Leon & Sonia. You are free to come up with your own. (...I think SeparatePathsShipping would do, but I also feel advocates/fans of ships (especially popular ones) should have the final say in determining their favorite pairings' names.)

    On that note, I have three more suggestions for pairings I've seen fics written for since the games' release:

    - BloomingOnionShipping (Allister & Milo) - Yes, I'm proposing that we name a ship after the signature Outback Steakhouse appetizer dish. I can't believe I came up with this... but I can't deny perfection. (Then again, I'm the person who suggested we call Mohn & Lusamine "MeanBeanShipping".)

    - SeaFuryShipping (Bea & Nessa) - ...Just seems fitting.

    - OutcomeShipping (Leon & Raihan) - Surprised this wasn't taken, but dang this pairing deserves a short name that's to the point.

    Some others:

    - DrivenShipping (Leon & Victor) RulerApparentShipping (Leon & Victor) - I wanted something to go with its companion ship.
    - ImpartShipping (Leon & Gloria) DethronedShipping (Leon & Gloria) - Someone coined it on AO3.
    - EndorsementShipping (Bede & Chairman Rose)
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
  11. matthew11

    matthew11 8000 MMR

    Dandy, but I'm really bad at giving names, so I won't be taking the chance. I hope someone creative will would do the honor.

    I'd give this one for Hop & either Victor or Gloria. Endorsement is a fitting word for this pairing since they're endorsed by Leon. For the sake of romantic appropriateness though, I'd pick Gloria over Victor.

    I did say I'm bad at giving names, but I'm taking a shot on this one instead:

    EdgyShipping (Gladion & Marnie) - name is based on their appearance.
  12. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    I checked. Dandy's taken.

    It's already Gladion & Silver (game).

    Here's some more suggestions:

    NepotismShipping (Bede & Hop & Marnie) - They're all relatives of people in important positions.
    DisruptShipping (Team Yell Grunt (Male) & Team Yell Grunt (Female))
    ClimbingHazardShipping (Arlo (GO) & Cliff (GO))
    SheepShipping (Mareep & Wooloo)
    JoustShipping (Escavalier & Sirfetch'd)
    CrowShipping (Corviknight & Honchkrow)
    DireWolfShipping (Zacian & Zamazenta)
    ForbiddenDragonShipping (Eternatus & Giratina)
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  13. RainbowAlipaca

    RainbowAlipaca New Member

    Hello! I'd like to submit:

    PastelGothShipping - Marnie & Lillie
  14. ZelTheWeavile

    ZelTheWeavile New Member

    If this hasn’t already been said, I’d like to suggest DoubleSweetRivalShipping (Hop x Marnie)

    Both of them are just so sweet. And while Hop is loud and energetic, Marnie is quiet and shy. I feel like these two need a ship
    Kyuu-Tales likes this.
  15. brtnvm

    brtnvm Giselle best girl

    Ash x Giselle?
  16. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    What a perfect name! It's not taken, either.

    I concur. Yours is a fine name, too.

    I have some more to suggest:

    - BadAttitudeShipping (Bede & Gladion) - I also wanted to call this FashionDisasterShipping, but I figured I ought to save that for a Leon pairing.
    - BlueStreakShipping (Nessa & Shelly) - ...I'm not the only one who thinks they look like sisters, right?
    - SpookyKidsShipping (Allister & Acerola) - This would make such an adorable ship!
    - TilledSoilShipping (Milo & Hapu)
    - ChasingDragonsShipping (Raihan & Clair) - They can try to get acknowledged all they like, but it ain't happening.
    - SolitaryDarkShipping (Nanu & Piers) - Isn't it funny how they both don't show up to gatherings?
    - KamikakushiShipping (Bede & Gloria & Opal) - Okay, this one requires some explaining: I get crazy Spirited Away vibes from Bede, Opal, and Gloria. "Kamikakushi" is the Japanese term for "spiriting away".
    - BloomingStoneShipping (Gordie & Milo)
    - LemmeTakeASelfieShipping (Raihan & Rotomphone)
    - HyakkaRyoranShipping (Bea & Maylene)
    - CaturdayShipping (Meowth, Meowth (Alolan), Meowth (Galarian), Persian, Persian (Alolan) & Perrserker)
    - PosseShipping (Leon & Piers & Raihan)
    - PoolsideShipping (Nessa & Sonia)
    - LotusRootShipping (Milo & Nessa)
    - RiseUpShipping (Piers & Raihan)
    - GloriousGhostShipping (Allister & Gloria)
    - RawVictoryShipping (Piers & Victor)
    - BurningManShipping (Kabu & Piers)
    - BroodingShipping (Guzma & Piers)
    - BribeShipping (Chairman Rose & Giovanni)
    - EdibleShipping or ShieldExclusiveShipping (Allister & Melony) - Considering their Japanese names are "Onion" and "Melon" respectively, this was a no-brainer.
    - SuplexingBouldersShipping or SwordExclusiveShipping (Gordie & Bea)
    - BadHatShipping (Victor & Selene)
    - GymChallengeShipping (Bede, Hop, Victor, Gloria & Marnie)
    - RanglingShipping (Hop & Leon & Milo)
    - FieryPoseShipping (Kiawe & Leon)
    - RivalPalsShipping (Hau & Hop)

    By the way, Ash & Giselle is GoggleShipping.

    EDIT: It's come to my attention that "SelfieShipping" is being used for Leon & Raihan even though it's already taken. Is there any way to amend this, besides informing those using it? (Which I've gone ahead and done already.)
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  17. ZelTheWeavile

    ZelTheWeavile New Member

    LionHeartShipping - Leon x Sonia

    CrashingWaveShipping - Bea x Nessa

    SeaDragonShipping- Nessa x Raihan

    CuteDarknessShipping - Sonia x Piers

    SecretlyEvilShipping - Chairman Rose x Lysandre

    ProtectMySisterShipping - Gladion x Piers

    GhostChildShipping - Acerola x Allister

    StowOnSideShipping - Bea x Allister

    MusicalKarateShipping - Piers x Bea

    PunkDragonShipping - Raihan x Piers x Leon

    IdolSpiritShipping - Bea x Yancy (B2W2)

    RockyFistShipping - Gordie x Bea

    BigBoyShipping / PetrifiedTreeShipping - Milo x Gordie

    WaterFlowerShipping - Nessa x Milo

    ShyGuyShipping - Allister x Victor

    DeadlyRoseShipping - Rose x Oleana

    PostwickShipping - Gloria x Hop

    TrainShipping - Victor x Hop

    DressedinPinkShipping - Gloria x Bede

    EnGardeShipping - Leon x Wikstrom (XY)

    SunnyLionShipping - Leon x Solgaleo

    UnbeatableChampionShipping / CharizardFanShipping - Leon x Red

    SilentSpyShipping - Intelleon x Greninja
  18. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    Glad I wasn't the only one who considered that for Gordie & Milo...

    - WaterFlowerShipping is already Drew & Misty.

    - TrainShipping is Emmet & Ingo & Marshal.

    - BigBoyShipping is taken.

    There's no problem with many of these otherwise, but the order's not standardized. I'll fix that in a jiffy:

    - LionheartShipping (Leon & Sonia)
    - CrashingWaveShipping (Bea & Nessa)
    - SeaDragonShipping (Raihan & Nessa)
    - CuteDarknessShipping (Piers & Sonia)
    - SecretlyEvilShipping (Chairman Rose & Lysandre)
    - ProtectMySisterShipping (Gladion & Piers)
    - GhostChildShipping (Allister & Acerola)
    - StowOnSideShipping (Allister & Bea)
    - MusicalKarateShipping (Piers & Bea)
    - PunkDragonShipping (Leon & Piers & Raihan)
    - IdolSpiritShipping (Bea & Yancy (B2W2))
    - RockyFistShipping (Gordie & Bea)
    - PetrifiedTreeShipping (Gordie & Milo)
    - ShyGuyShipping (Allister & Victor)
    - DeadlyRoseShipping (Chairman Rose & Oleana)
    - PostwickShipping (Hop & Gloria)
    - DressedinPinkShipping (Bede & Gloria)
    - EnGardeShipping (Leon & Wikstrom (XY))
    - SunnyLionShipping (Leon & Solgaleo)
    - UnbeatableChampionShipping / CharizardFanShipping (Leon & Red)
    - SilentSpyShipping (Greninja & Inteleon)
  19. ZelTheWeavile

    ZelTheWeavile New Member

    What about WaterLily for Sonia x Milo?

    And also, thanks!
  20. Kiryn

    Kiryn Well-Known Member

    Also, just saying, but I already submitted SeaDragonShipping for Iris/Lana on 10/7/17.

    And in general, here's that master list of all the ship names I submitted in the past several years (as I've said before, I submitted them into the Tumblr extension, and then I made a corresponding post into this thread).

    Round 1:
    (submitted to tumblr on 8/28/17, and the corresponding post in this thread was made on 10/7/17 (forum page 232))
    1. OhanaShipping: Mom (Alola)/Wicke
    2. BoneClubShipping: Kahili/Plumeria
    3. PrincessAndThePauperShipping: Lillie/Plumeria
    4. ChillAndClassyShipping: Dexio/Ilima
    5. FairyBonesShipping: Mina/Plumeria
    6. AgentResearchShipping: Anabel/Burnet
    7. UltraEnergyShipping: Sun/Anabel
    8. VolcanicWaterShipping: Kiawe/Misty
    9. FlameDancerShipping: Kiawe/Serena
    10. PoiShipping: Cilan/Kiawe
    11. DragonBerryShipping: Iris/Mallow
    12. ToastedMarshmallowShipping: Clemont/Mallow
    13. SeaDragonShipping: Iris/Lana
    14. DragonShyShipping: Iris/Lillie
    15. SpicyRamenShipping: Mallow/May
    16. SpringLilyShipping: Lillie/May
    17. LemonWaterShipping: Clemont/Lana
    18. BlueLilyShipping: Lana/Lillie
    19. VolcanicEnergyShipping: Clemont/Kiawe
    20. SherbetLemonShipping: Clemont/Lillie
    21. GlowShipping: Sophocles/Lillie
    22. BubbleChicShipping: Lana/Serena
    23. OceanSpiceShipping: Mallow/Misty
    24. PoffinSpiceShipping: Dawn/Mallow
    25. LavaRockShipping: Brock/Kiawe
    26. UnwrittenShipping: Lillie/Serena

    Round 2:
    (submitted to tumblr and this thread on 1/20/19, forum page 235)
    1. SaplingShipping: Alain/Tracey
    2. StatShipping: Max/Sawyer
    3. CinnamonSugarShipping: Bonnie/Mimo
    4. SwimHatShipping: Lana/Mairin
    5. FoodieShipping: Morrison/Sophocles
    6. FumbleShipping: Cameron/Nini
    7. RoseLeagueShipping: Drew/Ritchie
    8. LeagueVictorShipping: Tobias/Virgil

    And I may as well throw these in now, as I didn't get around to submitting them before:
    1. TapuCocoaShipping: Hau/Paul
    2. ScientificTrustShipping: Ash/Clemont/Gary/Gladion
    3. ChiliSaltShipping: Chili/Harley
    4. UltraSunShipping: Elio (Sun)/Zossie
    5. UltraHeroShipping: Dulse/N
    6. BuzzyBuzzShipping: Bonnie/Elaine
    7. UltraJewelryShipping: Olivia/Soliera
    8. LaidbackShipping: Alder/Mohn
    9. UltraGhostShipping: Dulse/Acerola

    Also, idk how aware y'all are of this, but the universal name being used on tumblr for Ash/Gladion is TrustedPartnerShipping, coined by ShimaDraws; she also coined SunnyLemonShipping for Ash/Clemont/Gladion. Just figured that I should mention it. *shrugs*

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