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"What's This Ship Called?"

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Toran Frostbite, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. sanjay120

    sanjay120 ?(???)?

    The coolest part is that it works even if you skip around pages. ;D
  2. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    X3 But then you have to pay attention and know they won't show up if you do skip around, just that you'll have an option just below the reply box that says, "you have x amount of other posts quoted; would you like to post them here?" And most times, that's annoying, but it definitely comes in handy.

    So I'm trying to decide if Candice/Zoey should be called Snowflake, Snowpoint, or Fimbulwinter. D: Suggestions, preferences, anyone?
  3. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    My vote goes to Fimbulwinter. Maybe it's just because I'm a mythology nerd, but it sounds the most appropriate. It's a really cool name too.
  4. Thanks, that'll definitely come in handy...

    I like Snowflake, mostly cos I'm not too fond of naming ships after places and cos I dunno what Fimbul is and I'm too lazy to find out >.>
  5. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Fimbulwinter is an age of three consecutive years of harsh winter with no other seasons in between, which indicated the coming of Ragnarok in Norse mythology. =3
  6. Thanks for the explanation ^^ I'm still with Snowflake though.

    Croconaw and Tropius = DiagonalDialShipping? I'd rather if someone suggested something (their numbers are 159 and 357 respectively).

    Oh, and Mr. Mime and Gardevoir for BoyGirlShipping

    Edit: Did I rank just know? *le gasp*
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2008
  7. Golden Ash

    Golden Ash Advance Master

    it is called the shipping of ash and mars? and the dawn and brock?
  8. There isn't anything for Mars and Ash, I would suggest a name but I haven't seen the episode.

    As for Brock and Dawn, it's called LightrockShipper.
  9. Golden Ash

    Golden Ash Advance Master

    I think that the shipping of Mars and Jupiter should be called "FlymetothemoonShipping"

    by ue there is a part of the song that says: "let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars..."
  10. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    That'd be all well and good...except 'FlyMeToTheMoon' is taken (and considering its nature, I can shockingly say it isn't one of mine) and Jupiter/Mars is already called Sinfulshipping.
  11. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    Out of curiosity, why is it spelled differently? I just watched the episode last night, and their names were captioned as Jenaro and Ariene. oO
  12. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Out of curiosity, with actual CC or unofficial subtitles?

    Because I never trust most of the earlier names (meaning pre-Hoenn) were CC'd properly, and that's how the names were spelled originally, when the world was just guessing on how they were spelled to begin with. And I never bothered to remember to change it. Thar. *nod*
  13. Yoshi-kun

    Yoshi-kun Wandering the Forums

    I'd say official since it's the CC from the actual episode on tape. It says at the end, Captioning made possible by 4kids productions and U.S. Department of Education Captioned by The National Captioning Institute --www.ncicap.org-- , word for word, How does that sound? ^ ^
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2008
  14. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Is there any name for the following?
    Buck and Mira
    Lucas and Mira
  15. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Works for me~

    Buck/Mira is Nuclearshipping. Lucas/Mira is nameless.

    Neolithicshipping, perhaps?

    BoyGirlShipper - Mr. Mime & Gardevoir
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2008
  16. Neolithics? Sounds powerful X.X
  17. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Croconaw looks like the stereotypical caveman...as an alligator. Tropius is a dinosaur. Neolitic is a term related to the "later" stone age, basically about the time of the great mammoths. It's not entirely correct to imply, buuuut Fred Flintstone is ever in our hearts. So, hence.
  18. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    Ok though I don't know why they call it Nuclearshipping. I try to think of a name for Lucas/Mira and post later.
  19. DanChimchar

    DanChimchar Friends are Diamonds

    Harley and Marina/Crystal (From Games)
    Brendan and Crystal/Marina
    Drew and Marina/Crystal
    Harley and Vincent (Anime)
    Harley and Jimmy (Anime)
    Brendan and Marina/Crystal

    Do u no any of these and if not can u help me make some up?
  20. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Alright, make this easy on yourself. When it comes to the three GSC characters, it breaks down like this:

    game / anime / manga
    Hiro / Jimmy / Gold
    Kamon / Kamon / Silver
    Kris / Marina / Crystal​

    Yes, Kamon's listed twice.

    So what you're looking for is:

    Brendan/Kris (game)
    Brendan/Marina (anime)
    Drew/Kris? or Marina?
    Harley/Kris? or Marina?

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