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What's up with the dates?


Unify To Thrive
Why is The gifted roserade legend going to air in autumn if "Cooking Up a Sweet Story" Is going to air On Monday?


Thank you, SPPf! :)
"Cooking Up a Sweet Story" marks the end of CN's frantic spree of new episodes, and they likely won't pick up again for a few months. Fall '07 is just an estimate, but it doesn't seem too unlikely. After all, we'll only be 15 episodes behind Japan after the episode airs. Of course, this is what happens when CN rushes through a season like this. Weeks of new eps, then months of repeats.

Reign G

Roggen and Rolan
It happened in BF too. Once it picks up again it will only be new eps once a week, on Saturday morning, instead of every night. This is so they don't run out of episodes to Dub by getting too close to Japan.


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Yeah if CN kept showing episodes like they are now then they would only be 1 episode behind Japan in like 1 to 2 weeks lol.


Well-Known Member
Yeah their frantic episode showing was very concerning, I mean if they had shown maybe two episodes(for a while), saturday as opposed to four in a week, maybe we would have had more episodes dubbed (unless they have a lot dubbed they're just not showing them all)

Any reason they showed all those episodes so fast? Were they trying to catch up in some way?