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What's your battle strategy? Offensive or Defensive?

Are you more of an offensive trainer? or a defensive trainer?

  • Offensive all the way!! Sweepers rule!

    Votes: 16 64.0%
  • Tanks are number 1!! I'm the defensive guy!

    Votes: 1 4.0%
  • I use both...with a great balance of offensive and defensive Pokemons!

    Votes: 8 32.0%

  • Total voters
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Ichimaru Gin

hehe I am more of a defensive trainer...preferring to cripple down my opponent with various stat ailments and annoying them with strange and well thought strategies! (an example of this is I use a defensive Sneasel...no EVs in attack pure EV trained in HP, DEF and SP. DEF, the funny thing is it works, It even managed to sweep a Metagross, Lapras, and a Gengar with it!)

So what kind of a trainer are you? Defensive or offensive?


OFFENSIVE. I always go offensive because my pokemon team is lvl 100. I almost always OHKO any pokemon. It's fun.

Ichimaru Gin

Yeah I know what you mean. My whole party is lvl. 100 (check out my trainer card to see my party) but the fun part is I have like eight friends that like Pokemon and their party is also pure lvl. 100s! They're all pure offensive guys using OUs in their team, which is why I decided to change my style from an OU offense guy to a UU defense guy (My only OUs I think are Dragonite and Venusaur...I'm not sure though...)
I'm more balanced, leaning mostly at defensive. My Team is designed to wear the opponent down with disrupting attacks like Thunder Wave and Sleep Powder, and I wear down their forces slowly. When they're about to fall, I send out my Sweepers to finish the job. Works quite well. :D

Flying Tropius

brute force my philosophy: either kill or to be killed
I atk through strength. I use the best atk avillable if you can't OHKO an enemy it is'nt going to be good for you


<-Don't wake him up!
I like going on the offensive; I like to hit my opponent hard and quick, so it won't give them time to set up their strategy. I don't want to give them any hopes. However, just attacking 1 turn after another isn't the smart thing to do. As Orion said, you have to have diversity and strategy as well. That's is why in the Yugioh TCG, you'll never see a duelist with a deck with nothing but monsters; the deck gets mixed in with magic and trap cards as well to diversify it and create strategies; same with pokemon.
It's good to have a team that consists of:
physical sweeper
special sweeper
physical wall
special wall


Well-Known Member
DON'T $%#$ MISS, YOU $%$^ $%@$%@$!!!

I'm kinda balanced, but I lean towards just sweeping a teensy bit. I'm all for defending when the time comes though.

Having a team that covers many roles:
SSweeper(or Espyjump,I use that sometimes.)



My teams are usually balanced, but I think I'm more offensive, mainly 'cuz I use lots of speedy pokemon. And, of course, most speedy pokemon are sweepers.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
I'm all over the map
Blastoise Tank/ Special Sweeper
Fearow Physical Sweeper
Raichu Mixed Sweeper
Ninetales Annoyer
Dugtrio Physical Sweeper
Victreebel Mixed Sweeper

I tend to use attacks. However, even my sweepers use filler moves in order to protect them (or least tip some odds into my favor).


I tend to use Pokemon that function as sturdy attackers, Pokemon that have high attack/special attack and good defense, such as Gardevoir, Dragonite, Swampert and Porygon2. I also like having a jack-of-all-trades Pokemon(Dragonite) to start a battle.


I'm mainly offensive-minded. I teach my Pokemon moves that covers their weaknesses. If that's covered and I got room for more moves, then I teach it moves to hinder my opponent (like Sleep Powder) or if it can learn it, something to recover HP.
Both, mostly Defense, though. Sweepers generally kill or get killed. So what if you don't kill? YOU GET KILLED. I like Tanks because they don't die easily, and they can still inflict a lot of damage(Deoxys LG anyone?). I'm also fond of Thunder Wave, which is an excellent and widely spread Attack. Generally, I like Pokémon like......well, Gligar XD. Can sweep and survive at the same time.

The 8th Champion


**_ IS FEMALE _**
ANYthing works in-game, but in competitive/link battling I have my starmie up front (for any spikers I see), then my boah-counter marowak (my team used to get totally STOMPED by boah when there was an aerodactyl in this slot), my FLAILGOOSE (I love it! its my favourite in the team!), a hazing physical tank (still switching between skarm, weezing, and suicune), snorlax my special tank, and mcgar (which I may take out).

so, theres four sweepers and two tanks in my team. I need both.


Team Awesome
I prefer offense because it gets the battle done quicker, though I am starting to see the value of defensive moves for defense. Almost all moves I give my pokemon are offense, while I'll keep only a select few defense. I've started to like featherdance, which helps my pidgeot own battles on FireRed, and confuse ray. Otherwise, it's offense all the time.

Perfect Darkness

Offensive 100%. I always thought the defensive stuff was useless. It's not really, but I am more of an upfront fighter and will just throw myself into a battle I think I can most likely win. I'm reckless, but not stupid.



Well-Known Member
I'm more offensive w/some disrupting moves and stat bosters.
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