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What's your deal breaker?


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The deal breaker; that one thing (or perhaps a couple things) that you absolutely cannot overlook, that makes it so a relationship (whether romantic, platonic, or even professional) cannot work out.

Do you have one? And if you do, what is it?

For me, the biggest one is obviously deception; if I can't trust a person due to them lying or deceiving, then that relationship is doomed to fail. One or two lies might be able to be overlooked, but if it's pathological lying... then it's obvious that trust can never be fully established. It applies to all types of relationships.

However, romantic relationships have a second deal breaker for me... smoking. As an asthmatic, just being around smoking makes me cough and wheeze, and can trigger an attack. Not to mention it smells horrible, so I couldn't imagine kissing someone with smoke-induced death breath. I could never make it work with a smoker...

So what is your deal breaker?

Edit: If this has been done, mods, feel free to close it. I looked and didn't see one, but I may have missed it.
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Im pretty sure i already seen a thread like this a while back but anyways i'll have to agree with ya on that. The reason why is because if i cant trust you then why bother. I bet a lot of people are going to say deception.

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Im pretty sure i already seen a thread like this a while back

Yeah, but let's be honest -- haven't most of the common discussion threads been made and re-made here a few times? Just this version of the board has been around for nine years.

As for this subject, I think I will second and say that I really need trust for a relationship.

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Yeah, but let's be honest -- haven't most of the common discussion threads been made and re-made here a few times? Just this version of the board has been around for nine years.

ikr xD but yea pretty things like theft, cheating, etc is consider decption but i need to stay on topic to avoid "spam" so lets see i'll also say hygiene. Cant have me nor my girlfriend looking, and smelling nasty xP thats a major no-no >.> then there's the *gulp* Exes. If she had bad exes that are tampering the relationship deliberately i would feel compelled as to cancel it :/ it happens people.. Life


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Leaving me for someone else before our relationship has ended. I would not tell them they can't do this but would hope they have the decency to do this, even if it is just for show


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Trust is a big breaker in relationships. If you don't trust someone, you have no point in being with or around them.

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As I have never dated before in my life, I probably don't really have a say in this, but since I do have a small list of what to expect from a boyfriend...

Agreed on trust across the board, though on my own personal list it's more-ore-less loyalty. While I am not going to automatically walk out on my husband for not being loyal to me the first time (since I believe in second chances), if he does it again afterwards, then I will. But hopefully I won't marry such a weak-hearted man. Note that I said the husband gets a second chance, since if a boyfriend does that to me, yeah, I'm breaking it off in a heartbeat. The boyfriend's gotta prove he can control himself in both thoughts and actions.

Respect is the second-biggest one. When I date someone, I expect them to respect me as a person, and thus not see me as an object or anything of the sort. He will also have to respect my personal space while dating. I don't want to be kissed, I don't want to be touched, heck, I probably won't want that "arm around the person's seat" move until I say so otherwise. (Except the kissing, I'm saving that for the wedding day.)


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Haven't dated before, but I have had "friends" that I was too dumb to realize were complete pricks!

Someone who lies, cheats, steals, is involved in crime, is arrogant, is narcissistic, is stuck-up, is an idiot, is just a raging dick, is mean to others, is racist, is xenophobic, is a radical of something, is satanic, doesn't accept my beliefs, and more that I don't feel like listing.


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I've only been in a couple serious relationships, so I'm not so sure what is a deal breaker for me.
But I do know this:

If I can't sit quietly in a room with you and not feel awkward, there's a problem. I'm a very quiet person in general, so I need to be able to chill with someone and not feel weird about it. One guy I know, REALLY nice guy! But he can't stand silences, so it makes watching a movie with him a trial because it's like, he doesn't want to stop talking!
And of course, I don't like liars. Pathological liars are my pet peeve sometimes, I can smell ******** if it's strong and some people are the worst liars.
Like, I don't care if you're boring, just be real with me and there won't be an issue.
Also, people who are all uppity about themselves and see themselves as "holier than thou". Nothing makes my blood boil faster than someone who's conceited.

EDIT: People here be hating on smoking? I'm sorry guys, but smoking is a turn-on for me. Tall, dark haired man smoking a cigarette looking all contemplative n' stuff.... mmmmmm