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whats your favirote game?

whats your favorote

  • emerald saphire ruby

    Votes: 12 85.7%
  • dash

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • leaf green fire red

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • XD gale of darknes

    Votes: 1 7.1%

  • Total voters
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FireRed, brings back memories of the original red version =)


RK9 Unit
Yeah, I like G/S/C. I like the radio tower and how you got to to Johto and Kanto. The game had alot of cool features like the night and day thing. But I like R/S/E because Team Magma/Aqua and the Secret Bases.


Thunder Trainer
Emerald, without question. Better graphics, more Pokémon, better gameplay, better music, Battle Frontier, 2 vs 2 battles, more strategy, contests....I could go on...It was R/S/E that made me love pokémon as much as I do.


greenking :D
It was Crystal, but I had it only for three days (it was stolen at school), so I would have to say Emerald, cause it brings back memories from Crystal (Animation Sprites)


celebi26 please don't double post theirs an edit button if you want to add something. READ THE RULES! i say xd. battle mountain and fronteir come close though

DreamChasing Windie

*hums Zelda tune*
Emerald by far because of the Battle Frontier. MESA LUVS DA BATTLE FRONTIER. It skyrocketed the level of gameplay and there's so much to do there...
Oh, by the way, shouldn't this be in Pokepolls?

shooting star

Leaving SPPF! G'bye!
I say ruby, sapphire and emerald. But firered and leafgreen contains a lot of fun so...
Its almost the same but, R, S and E.


Oh, hells nah!
Out of your listed I'll choose XD... but that is tied with Sapphire.

Definately Emerald above all. I could go on and on about the BF. It has had me entertained for nearly 6 months now. Not to mention secret bases, cool plotline, just loads of extra stuff to do was great.

XD is my second favourite, the attack animations are so cool. :p


yah Eevee Rocks !
I'd have to say Pokemon crystal as the battle animations are awesome.Secound favoritewould have to be pokemon emerald as it has the battle frontier.
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