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What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?


Well-Known Member
Favorite pokemon- Noctowl -Reunicles

Worst pokemon - Snubbull he is so frieking ugly i hate him so much

Favorite type psychic flying

Least favorite Rock


Ultimate Aritist
My most favorite type is Steel. It's such an awesome deffensive typing.
And the least favorite is Fire. It's just..... sucks.......


Under construction
Favorite poke?
Hard one....... I'm gonna have to say castform, because its forms are epic.
infernape. No contest. Hideous, blaziken wannabe, and horrible defenses.


Don't Mess With Me
Favorite Pokemon: ;385; or ;492;
Least Favorite Pokemon: ;275; ;295; and basically 80% of the Gen V Pokemon.
Favorite Type: Grass, Dragon, or Ghost.
Least Favorite Type: Rock, Steel, or Fighting.


Favorite Pokemon: Eevee
Least Favorite pokemon: Corsola

Favorite type: Flying
Least favorite type: Fire

PKMN Trainer Rex

~'3'~ Swalot face
Favorites Pokemon: Nidoking, Tauros, & Charizard
Least Favorite Pokemon: Dunsparce and Ambipom

Favorite Types: Fire, Poison
Least Favorite Type : N/A


Cheese for everyone!
Favorite Pokémon: Glaceon
Least Favorite Pokémon: Probopass

Favorite Type: Ice
Least Favorite Type: Steel, although I like all of them.

Poppin Fresh

Well-Known Member
Favorite Pokemon: Cyndaquil and Tyranitar
Least Favorite: Bronzong, takes me forever to beat

Favorite types: Dark, Fighting, and Ice
Least Favorite: Normal

Kyukon FTW

Dark Type Trainer
Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
Mightyena or Ninetales. their equaly epic
Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
Grumpig or Gengar
What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Dark or ghost
What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
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Imma be


Well-Known Member
Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
Blaziken it was my first successful starter pokemon and i still have the same one from sapphire but infernape electivire and mamoswine are also on the list

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
Dunsparce it looks so stupid

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Poison all it can do is beat grass

Ace of Shades

Well-Known Member
Favorite pokemon-Purrloin/Palpitoad
Least Favorite pokemon-Klang and Klinklang
Favorite type-Dark
Least favorite-I don't know maybe Rock?

Lord Zaaron

The Brutal
Favorite Pokemon

Who's your favorite Pokemon?

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?


Wut are you saying?
Fav. pokemon: Porygon-Z
Least Fav. pokemon: Drowzee
Fav. type: Dark
least fav type: Rock


Ace Trainer Diana
What's your favorite Pokemon?

Raichu, a million times over. One of my first and most precious Pokemon from my first-ever game, plus I just find it better than Pikachu in every possible way.

What's your least favorite Pokemon?

A tie between Piplup and Pikachu. It's partially because of their anime counterparts, and partially because I have this major bias against Pokemon that aren't fully evolved for some reason. Add that to the fact they're both popular and...yeah.

What's your favorite type?

Ghost. Among my other favorite Pokemon are Chandelure and *can't spell English name* Desukaan, as well as Gengar and Drifblim. I just love how mysterious and spooky they are :D

What's your least favorite type?

A tie between poison and fighting. Those two types just take me forever to beat when I have to face them in battle. Main reason why I pretty much always have a Psychic-type in my arsenal as well.


It's about time for a new thread.

The major question of the Pokemon fandom is....

Who's your favorite Pokemon?!

I can't pick :/
But top 3 are Squirtle, Cubone, and Sneasle :]
;007; ;104; ;215;

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

Tentacool -_____-

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

Maybe fighting? I like that one a lot :p

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?



Biggest Espeon Fan
Favorite pokemon - Espeon definitely. Also i like other Eeveelutions, Salamence, Feraligatr, Sceptile and Charizard.
Favorite type - Psychic and Dark


Shelgon Rocks
Fav: Steel or Dragon
Least: Normal, its just to normal.

Super Gullwing

Team Skull Mom
Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
I never had just one favorite, but since DP, Buizel has grown on me ^^

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Grass! <3

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Used to be Fighting, until BW. Now I don't know. xD