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What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?


Nocturnal Trainer
Favorite Pokemon: Zangoose
Least Favorite Pokemon: Gligar
Favorite Type Water, Electric
Least Favorite Type Psychic
Who's your favorite Pokemon?

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
Rattata - I blame youngester Joey in HG for it

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Poison - remember it being weak in gen 1 and they usually look ugly etc...


What's the matter
Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
Azelf,Lugia or Zorua
Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
Magikarp, Feebas or Voltorb
What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Dark,Ghost or Psychic
What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Ice,Bug or Fighting


Zero Kiryuu fangirl.
Favourite: Torterra
Least Favourite: Moltres
Type: Grass
Worst Type: Fire
I is gonna get a loooot of hate mail, for hating fire types. The only fire types I even SLIGHTLY like, are the canine ones. Actually, Ninetales is my 7th favourite Pokemon. That's great, cuz me and fire types, we don't get along.


Y u mad bro?
Favorite Pokemon: Typhlosion
Least Favorite Pokemon: Remoraid
Favorite Pokemon Type: I like them all


Favorite Pokemon: Genesect
Least Favorite: Unown
Favorite Type: Hmm... I would have to say either Steel or Ghost.
Least Favorite Type: None. I like all types.
Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
Sceptile is my top favourite, and Gardevoir.
Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
Metagross. It's overliked and almost everybody uses one.
What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Grass (despite it's many weaknesses :() and Psychic
What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Rock. It has one of the most overused moves ever, Stealth Rock.


Least Favorite
All pokemon have a purpose, but i can't stand Unknowns, which don't
Favorite Type
If just one type i have to pick steel, strong against a lot but weak only to fire, fighting, and ground
Least Favorite type
I dont like the ghost type, immune to normal and fighting and weak to itself, sorta counter-productive


Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
I like many Pokemon, but I would have to pick the Pokemon that's been my favorite for the longest, for about 12 years now:

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
None that I can think of really :/
What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Ice... I don't know why... I just like ice Pokemon... Even though I usually don't use them ;)
What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Fighting. Pure fighting types, like Hitmonlee or Machop. I like mixed fighting types, but not pure ones. I'm not good at battling with them >_<
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cookies kill you

Like a boss
Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
Altaria can go F*** itself :)
What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Normal its just soo dumb


Well-Known Member
Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
Umbreon. Back during Generation 1, it was Vaporeon. But then a "Dark" type Eevee evolution was introduced and that just sealed the deal for me.

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
There really are a lot to pick from and I probably couldn't even name half of the Pokemon that exist today.

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Water. I like a lot of Water Pokemon and it's always difficult for me to pick which one I want to use this time around.

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
EDIT: I concur with Cookies Kill You. There isn't a single Normal Pokemon I like.


New Member
Favorite Poke:
Probably Darkrai, Sceptile or Eelektross
Least Favorite Poke:
Mr. Mime (because of name)
Jynx (design is so strange, and it has clothes...)
Sawk and Throh (clothes...)
Probopass (useless evolution, looks terrible)
Favorite Type:
I really like all of them, but if I had to choose, Electric or Dragon.
Least Favorite Type:
I find, once again, all to be acceptable.
Except Grass should be called Plant, and Steel should be Metal, but that's not really least favorite, just a naming issue.
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< Latest LeafGreen SR.
My favorite pokemon: typhlosion, arceus and darkrai

My least favorite pokemon: DUNSPARCE!! does anybody even know he exists??

My favorite type: Has to be dragon type...

Least favorite type: Normal type...super effective against NONE!


Oh, people know Dunsparce exists. I have a LV100 Dunsparce in my Crystal. X)

Favorite Pokemon? Has to be Weezing, Drapion, Kabutops... Most are Poison or in Water 3.

Least Favorite: Um... Chansey and Blissey. Walls are so boring!

Favorite type: Poison! And Water! And Normal! Mostly Poison though. XD

Least Favorite type: Dragon. I know it's suppose to be a legendary type but so over powered! I love Druddigon and Alteria though.
Who's your favourite Pokemon?!
Dragonite, yanmega and gyarados.
Who's your LEAST favourite Pokemon?!
Dunsparce. It´s really boring.
What's your favourite type?!
Dragon. All of dragon tipes rocks!
What's your LEAST favourite type?!
I think poison. Not have good pokémon, and sometimes is useless.


The Poke-Pimp


Favorite Pokes
-Gardevoir, Reshiram, Serperior, Lilligant
Least Favorite Pokes
-Jynx, Magikarp, Feebas
Favorite Types
-Grass :549:, Psychic ;282;
Least Favorite Type


elite wigglejiggle!?
Favorite pokemon
Wigglytuff of course, dont remember why, just always was

Least favorite pokemon
Porgyon2 because of eviolite -_-, got destroyed by one

Favorite type
Either normal because of their versatility, or water because of their diversity.

Least favorite type
Rock because they're just ugly. Sandstorm in the games wrecks everything and i dislike them in general anyways


Cursed sun...
Favorite Pokemon: Darkrai
Least Favorite pokemon: PIKACHU
Favorite Type: Dark
Least Favorite Type: Dragon